Active Telkom USSD Codes and the Issues You Can Use Them to Solve

All telecommunication companies have unique USSD codes that serve different purposes, and Telkom, being the fourth largest network operator in South Africa, has created USSD codes that will make transactions easier and faster for its customers. Telkom USSD codes are essential in helping customers subscribe to certain services or solving problems when they arise – and this is very important.

The good thing about USSD codes is that they work on any type of mobile phone, unlike mobile apps that only work on smartphones. Some mobile apps do not even work on an older version of smartphones. Thus, USSD codes the best way to offer quick and efficient services to millions of subscribers.

What is the Master USSD Code for Telkom?

As a Telkom subscriber, you should know most, if not all, of the USSD codes as they will come in handy during emergencies and urgent moments. You can use the USSD codes to purchase airtime, data, check balance, or even cancel a subscription.

However, there is a particular USSD code that serves more than one purpose. Inputting this USSD code on your phone presents you with a range of services you can carry out on your phone. USSD codes, like this, capable of serving more than one purpose and contain several services, are known as Master USSD codes. Every telecom company has one, and Telkom is not exempt.

The master USSD code for Telkom is *180#. With this USSD code, you can carry out the following activities:

Purchasing Data on Telkom

With the master USSD code, *180#, you can purchase any data plan you desire on the Telkom service. Simply:

  • Dial *180# on your phone using your Telkom line
  • Choose the ‘Bundle Purchase’ option
  • Proceed to choose your preferred data plan

Remember to have airtime on your phone before dialing the USSD code to subscribe. This option is available for prepaid customers.

Sending Airtime to another Telkom User

Another thing you can use the master USSD code for is to transfer airtime to another Telkom subscriber. From time to time, we have family members or friends that need airtime whilst we have enough to share. With the master USSD code, we can quickly transfer a certain amount to them to help them. To do this:

  • Dial *180# on your Telkom line
  • Select the ‘transfer airtime’ option
  • Follow the prompts until the transaction is successful

Purchasing SMS Bundles

Data bundles are not the only kind of bundles you can purchase using the Telkom master USSD code. You can also buy any SMS bundle of your choice as you deem fit. Dial the *180# code from your phone and hit the ‘bundle purchase’ option before selecting the SMS bundle of your choice.

Changing Tariff

You can also change from one tariff plan to another using the master USSD code. If you wish to migrate from one tariff plan to another for whatever reason, dial *180# and follow the prompt to choose the tariff plan you desire.

Other Telkom USSD Codes and Their Uses

Telkom USSD Codes
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The master USSD code is probably the most important and used code for customers. However, other USSD codes serve essential purposes and without which customers cannot complete certain activities. The activities one can do and the Telkom USSD codes for achieving them are:

Checking Telkom Balance (*188#)

As a Telkom subscriber, you desire to know how much is currently in your account for different reasons. Maybe you want to subscribe to a data plan, make a phone call, or seek to transfer airtime to family or friends. You can do so quickly and efficiently with *188#. Dial the USSD code from your Telkom line, and your account balance will appear on your screen within seconds.

Alternatively, you can dial *100# to check your account balance as it achieves the same result.

Loading Airtime on your Line

Not every customer will purchase airtime online. Some customers seek to top up their accounts by buying voucher cards. You load the airtime on the card using the following USSD code – *188*voucher card number#.

Ensure to verify that the card you purchased is a valid one and is unused. You will get an error code if you seek to load a used voucher card. Trying over three times might get your Telkom line locked.

Please Call Me (*140#)

There are certain situations where you do not have enough airtime to call or even send a short message. Still, you need to talk to a particular person. In this case, you can send them a ‘Please call me’ message without any charge using the USSD code *140#.

This code gives you access to the ‘Call Me’ menu. You can also send the ‘please call me’ message directly to the number by dialing *140*contact’s number you wish to call you#.

Checking Your Telkom Number (*1#)

If you want to know what your Telkom number is, there is a USSD code that helps with that. Dial *1# from your Telkom line and your Telkom number will pop up on the screen. You can now proceed to save the number somewhere safe.

Checking Your IMSI Number (*2#)

If you would like to check your International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number on your phone, the USSD code for this is *2#. Simply dial that code from your Telkom line, and the number will pop up on your screen.

As a Telkom user, it is essential to memorize and familiarize one’s self with these codes. They are useful in conducting and completing daily transactions and activities. The codes are short and pretty easy to know. Alternatively, you can save them in your Google Note or any other app you use in keeping vital information.

What to do when a Telkom USSD Code Does not Work

Although the USSD codes are pretty reliable and effective, they are heavily reliant on network availability and as such, they can occasionally fail to function. When a USSD code fails to work, and you have an urgent transaction to perform, it is advisable to try and contact customer care by calling the number and speaking to an agent.

The customer care number for Telkom is 180. It is toll-free when you call from a Telkom line, i.e. you do not incur any charges when you call the number. However, you can call 081180 from a non-Telkom line to connect to the customer agent. Note that the call from a non-Telkom line is not toll-free as you will be charged.

If you have a modern smartphone, you can also log in to the Telkom SA website for customer care service. Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Telkom customer centre shop to lodge your complaint and get your issue resolved.



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