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While many in the journalism field hardly ever find fame, Adriana Cohen did and is basking in the light of all she has achieved. She is a columnist, Radio host, commentator, and TV personality who has a good wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of journalism which she has, in turn, used to make a huge impact on her readers and listeners alike. For her excellence in what she does best, she is currently a writer for Boston Herald. Since she kicked off her career, she has written hundreds of columns on diverse topics of interest a majority of which often find their ways to the front pages of the most prestigious magazines; that’s how much people love what she has to say.

This beauty with brains has dominated the media world with her honest and blunt updates on events impacting the world, especially when it concerns politics in the United States of America. She holds back no truth and that is why she possesses a huge fan-base on all her social media handles. But beyond her inciting analysis of events, there is a lot to be known about her and we have gathered all the facts you need to know her better here.

Adriana Cohen’s Biography

Adriana Cohen has kept her early life away from the media for reasons best known to her. But from all indications, she is of American nationality and is based in Concord, Massachusetts. Details of her upbringing and where she had her early education is not available either, but she attended the prestigious Montclair State University in New Jersey where she acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government. To further equip herself and brush up her skills for the dreams she had about her journalism career, Adriana Cohen went ahead to study French language and Literature from L’Universite de Nice in France (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis).

After graduation, a young Cohen proceeded towards fulfilling her dreams and landed several jobs related to the field she intended to conquer. However, she came into the first measure of the limelight in 2010 when she took up the position of a senior finance committee member on Senator Scott Brown’s campaign team. She was recorded to have done the excellent job of helping the senator raise a total of $42 million which went a long way in sustaining and pushing his campaign forward.

By 2012, she moved on to a new challenge as the lead GOP political analyst for CBS radio. This was an excellent opportunity which gave her the much-needed platform to cover and report the 2012 presidential and Vice-presidential debates, the election night as well as the ‘Talk the Vote’ series for CBS. As much as her work was appreciated here, Adriana Cohen had bigger dreams and by the next year, she moved to join Boston Herald as a columnist.

Her unique prowess in journalism saw her earn her own ‘The Adriana Cohen Show’ on the radio which soon gained fame for being honest and factual. The success of her own show had invitations flowing in from other hosts. Among these many other shows are The O’Reilly Factor and Making Money with Charles Payne.

Since joining the Boston Herald in 2013, Adriana has covered the midterm elections, the 2016 US presidential elections, gubernatorial elections, Senate and mayoral races. Since then, she has had the privilege to interview politicians around the US including President Donald Trump. In February 2017, the White House invited Adriana to join the Daily Press Briefing.

Family And Husband

Adriana Cohen
Adriana Cohen and Teddy

Beyond the many successes she has achieved as a journalist, Adriana Cohen has also had a good run in her personal life. The political commentator got married to a software entrepreneur in 1998. Even though she has not revealed his name and further details about their private lives, it is apparent that the union has been going on blissfully as there has not been any rumour of discord between the couple. The union has also seen the birth of two children.

Adriana Cohen is very active on the social network – Instagram where she often uploads pictures of her happy family. She constantly advocates for spending as much time as possible with family and loved ones because children grow up really fast. The family has a black hairy dog by the name Teddy, which she showed off during the national pet day celebration via her Twitter account.

Net Worth

The Television personality and columnist’s earnings have not been disclosed, but it is apparent that she makes a tidy sum from her many endeavours. Even though her net worth has not been made known, at her height in the journalism career, she is surely living well.

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Other Facts About Adriana Cohen


In spite of her many endeavours in the field of journalism, Adriana Cohen makes out time to be charitable to the society, especially through volunteering at a homeless shelter where she caters to the less privileged.

TV Appearances

In her capacity as the Boston Herald columnist and political commentator, Adriana Cohen has made many appearances on News shows and Morning shows too. Some of such shows are Fox and Friends (2014), Cavuto on Business (2014), Your World with Neil Cavuto (2014- 2015), Low Dubbs Tonight (2016, FOX NEWS), FBN Risk & Reward, FBN Mornings and lots more.


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