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Journalism has always served as a great means of passing out information to a large group of people all at once, through the use of mass media means such as the television, radio and more recently social media. At the forefront of this occupation are journalists who serve as mouthpieces for the information that needs to be conveyed. One of such people is Adrienne Bankert, who has had a career in journalism that started from the lower ranks until she grew into the media big wig she is today. Bankert’s career has spanned over a decade and counting, it appears that she is not slowing down with her achievements.

To learn more about the career progression of Adrienne Bankert as well as to know about her life, keep reading.

Adrienne Bankert’s Biography & Age

Adrienne Bankert was born on the 6th of May, 1979; she was born in Sacramento, California. Her childhood was spent in Sheridan California and is the first of her parents’ seven children, with her two sisters and four brothers.

Her high school education was at Wheatland Union High school located in Wheatland, California where she excelled in her studies. After high school, she enrolled at the University of Southern California where she took classes in Communication and Media Studies.


Adrienne Bankert’s career in journalism and mass communication began in 2004; right after her graduation from the University of Southern California. The first job she had to do was Traffic Reporting for KCRA-TV; she anchored the show Traffic Pulse and was required to give updates on traffic flow in the Sacramento area. She worked there for two years before she left in 2006 to work at Hearst Television, at Hearst she was given the higher ranking job of host and was also required to anchor and report the news.

While at Hearst her portfolio grew exponentially, as she had the opportunity to cover major news events like earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan in 2011, as well as wildfires in California of that same year. Two of her much bigger roles were the covering of the news of the kidnapped Jaycee Dugardchild and the governorship race of 2010. She was at Hearst Television for four years and her next place of employment was at KTVT, for this she had to relocate to Dallas.

At KYVT, Adrienne Bankert was once more promoted and required to do more work than she was doing at the previous station she worked. This involved her anchoring and hosting the 11 O’clock morning and night news. The landmark of her career while at the station was the covering of the Ebola outbreak that occurred in the United States.

KTVT was not her resting point, her career continued to maintain an upward trajectory with her relocating to Los Angeles and taking up the position of reporter and anchor in the television station, KABC. Now she works at a different channel although still in Los Angeles, and the station in ABC News where she hosts the prime time morning show, Good Morning America and World News Now.

Adrienne Bankert
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Adrienne Bankert did not only cover important news and but had the opportunity to interview major celebrities, one of who was the media magnate Oprah Winfrey. Some of the other celebrities she has interviewed are Owen Wilson, Tim Brown and D.L Hughley. Adrienne Bankert’s work is not limited to news studios, but she has lent her talents to charities and socio-political movements, all in a bid to give back to her immediate society.

Adrienne Bankert’s Parents  

This journalist is much more interested in covering the stories of other people’s lives and as a result, Bankert has kept information about her parents away from the public. The names and identities of her parents are not known and the same goes for other members of her immediate family.

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If Married, Who Is Her Husband?

Adrienne Bankert’s is a very visible figure in the world of journalism and this has made her a person that is easily recognizable, especially with all the major news stories she has covered. Regardless of this, Bankert has found a way to maintain a certain degree of privacy and another area of her life she has kept hidden is her marriage. There is currently no information available about her love life.

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