Could Adult Entertainment Help Zimbabwe’s Flailing Economy? This Music Promoter Thinks So

Adult entertainment is not something that very many people admit to enjoying, but given the fact that it generates a good fraction of income the world over, there is no doubt that it has its patrons.

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An award winning music promoter in Zimbabwe, Biggie Chinoperekwei thinks that adult entertainment is the key to boosting the country’s flailing economy. He is the owner of Harare’s popular strip-tease joint, Private Lounge, which recently opened another branch in Bulawayo.

The music promoter spoke to The Standard Style last week, sharing his views that the Zimbabwean government should play an active role in pushing for adult entertainment given its potential to boost the tourism sector.

The tourism sector in Zimbabwe accounts for more than 10% of the country’s GDP and 20% of export revenues, according to a World bank report.

That same report (The World Economic Forum: The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015) also notes that the tourism sector in Zimbabwe operated well below its potential and ranked in bottom quartile of a recent study on tourism.

Chinoperekwei therefore states his aim in this suggestion as a need to contribute towards the growth of the tourism sector through show business, which can only be achieved if they provided the needs of the patrons.

He said;

“It is high time that people appreciated that there is a new wave in the showbiz circuit, things are changing and as players in the industry, we have to look at different initiatives. We are trying to deliver the best to our patrons so as to meet their demands.”

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Expounding on his point, he also said that the tendency has been to focus solely “on the arrival of tourists in the country, ignoring their potential spending at night, which probably could be of great significance towards our tourism sector”.

He hinges his certainty on the idea on the fact that despite a lack of support from relevant institutions, they have been able to meet current demands by the entertainment industry and have therefore continued to receive needed endorsements from all areas. On this note, he said;

“If you look at our adult entertainment joint — Private Lounge — it has already proved that indeed, it can be a major contributor to the tourism sector, as evidenced by it being voted the most outstanding stand by the major players of the tourism sector at the recently-held Sanganai/Hlanganani World Tourism Travel Expo in Bulawayo,”

He said the tourism sector could play a vital role in the long-term development of Zimbabwe and truly, since Private Lounge opened its doors three years ago, it has often attracted a full house. There is however the fact that the adult entertainment and specifically strip tease business is a controversial subject.

It is practically impossible for the joints to thrive if some of the women involved do not overstep the boundaries of decency, as defined by the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act or even more importantly by the still conservative nationals of Zimbabwe.