Like Mother Like Son: Afeni Shakur Davis Dies At 69

Afeni Shakur Davis dies at the age of 69. Afeni is the mother of late American rapper, Tupac Shakur. Afeni reportedly died of a heart attack in her Sausalito home in California on May 2.

According to police reports, Afeni was rushed to Marin General Hospital. At about 10:28 p.m, she was pronounced dead.

In a family statement, the family described her as an “embodied strength, resilience, wisdom and love. She was a pioneer for social change and was committed to building a more peaceful world.”

If you’ve ever listened to Tupac’s Dear Mama hit, this is the woman who inspired the lyrics of the song. After the brutal death of the rap star, his mother, took over the management of his businesses. She made it her new found mission to make her son’s memory in the music industry ever-green.

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In his honor, Afeni Shakur Davis embarked on several projects to immortalize her late internationally recognized superstar son.

In 2005, the black philanthropist founded the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation. She established the foundation’s center in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Afeni Shakur chose the location because it was a reminder of where Tupac first bought “his first home.”

Afeni Shakur Davis

Afeni Shakur Davis was not only a witness to her son’s consistent fallout with the American government. She herself had had her fair share of political battles long before Tupac was born.

On her arrival to New York, Shakur changed her name. She also joined the Black Panther Party where she displayed her skills as a leader and an activist. In 1969, she was arrested alongside other members. They were accused and charged with a plot to bomb some monuments in the city. Bravely, the strong character defended herself in court. In 1971, the charges were dropped. One month later, Tupac was born.

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Before her death, Shakur was the producer of a soon to be released film – All Eyez On Me. The movie scheduled to be premiered and released in November 2016 showcased the biography of her son Tupac.