African Boy Names

Africa is a vast continent with a large number of diverse tribes and ethnic groups and as such, has a wealthy bank of baby name inspiration.

You might be wondering, what’s so special about a name? The issue of names and naming in Africa is always taken very seriously as it is believed that a person’s name goes a long way to chart the course of his or her life.

Africans have this ideology that there is some kind of vital force in everything. And when a name is given to a child, it is to equip the child with all the vital force necessary for him/her to succeed in dealing with any problem or to make a positive impact in the society.

Asides that, a name links you to a past- to your history, tradition, and cultural celebration. It is so fundamental that even if you want to look back and see where you came from and dig into your roots or lineage, you must first begin with your name.

African names go very much beyond the individuals to whom they are given. It is connected to many centuries of history that contributes to shaping and defining the true personality of the African people. It tells stories of communities, paints pictures of glory and greatness, and has the power to keep in memory victories of the past and promise prosperity for the future. They are usually passed from one generation to another in a bid to restore, maintain or create a sense of honour.

One of the things that are relatively common about traditional African names is that the grandparent or older person usually is the one that would choose the name.

Whatever traditional African name a baby is given, is largely influenced by several factors including the day, time or season a baby is born, how the baby looks, and the circumstances surrounding the birth.

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A child’s name could also be dependent on the order of birth, especially when they are twins. Here, a person does not need to explain whether they are the eldest or youngest of their siblings because their names tell that much. For instance, the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria refer to the first twin as Taiwo (first to see the world) and the second as Kehinde (came after). Similarly, the Kalenjins in Kenya call the firstborn Yator (first to open the way) and the last born Towett (last).

Parents in some African countries usually name their children after famous political figures, with the hope that they would one day become as successful as the people after whom they are named. The Luos people of Kenya are particularly known for this. Also, many parents express their religious beliefs through the names they give to their children. Across the length and breadth of the continent, many local names have religious connections. Among the Igbo and Yoruba tribes in Nigeria, a name that begins or ends with Chi, Chukwu or Oluwa has some kind of reference to the supreme God.

It is common in Africa to see people bearing more than one name- for example, a name from their tribe, a religious/faith-based name, and a name arising from the day, or time of day they were born.

In some parts of the continent, a person is named as soon as the umbilical cord falls off while a child in some other parts earns a name after seven days. In some cases, a person is given one name and then, at eleven or twelve, would get an adult name.

So there are variations of names and methods of naming but one thing that is relatively common is that African names have meanings.

Meanwhile, in Africa, the male child is revered more than the female child, it is the dream of every man to have at least a male child in his lifetime, someone that can carry on with the family lineage.

There is this belief that the female child will eventually get married into another family while the male stays back and takes over from the father. Africans take names seriously, and the male names are quite different from the female.

Here is a list of African boy names that will suit your baby boy.

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Selected African Boy Names

1) Adelaja

2) Adetokunbo

3) Adigun

4) Adom

5) Adunbi

6) Afework

7) Afram

8) Agyeman

9) Abasi

10) Abeeku

11) Abejide

12) Abidugun

13) Abiola

14) Abudakar

15) Achinike

16) Addae

17) Addi

18) Ade

19) Adebayo

20) Adegoke

21) Bagenda

22) Bahemuka

23) Baingana

24) Bakari promise

25) Balondemu

26) Bandele

27) Banga

28) Bategeka

29) Bayana

30) Berhanua

31) Birtuka

32) Birungi

33) Babafemi

34) Babatunji

35) Badru

36) Badu

37) Chioke

38) Chitundu

39) Chukwudi

40) Chi

41) Chijoke

42) Chinan

43) Coffie

44) Commie

45) Daudi

46) Dawit

47) Dayo

48) Deg

49) Dembe

50) Dulana

51) Danladi

52) Dulani

53) Dumaka

54) Elewa

55) Enani

56) Ekundayo

57) Essien

58) Ewansiha

59) Fariji

60) Fenuku

61) Fanta

62) Fethee

63) Fynn

64) Ganya

65) Gezan

66) Gonza

67) Gainde

68) Galabba

69) Goredenna

70) Gyasi

71) Gowon

72) Hamadi

73) Hanif

74) Haoniyao

75) Habib

76) Haruna

77) Haji

78) Hakim

79) Idi

80) Idogbe

81) Ilom

82) Imasu

83) Ipyana

84) Iroagbulam

85) Issa

86) Itembe

87) Ifeanyi

88) Iben

89) isioma

90) Ibru

91) Jaman

92) Jata

93) Jibade

94) Jima

95) Jideofor

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96) Jide

97) Jabulani

98) Jafari

99) Jimiyu

100) Juma

101) Kave

102) Kayin

103) Kayonga

104) Keanjaho

105) Kelile

106) Kemi

107) Kesse

108) Kokayi

109) Kovan

110) Kpodo

111) Kudzai

112) Kuende

113) Kwabena

114) Kabiito

115) Kabonero

116) Kakyomya

117) Kami

118) Maskini

119) Mawalawde

120) Mazi

121) Mbwana

122) Mekonnen

123) Merille

124) Miruts

125) Mugisa

126) Muhairwe

127) Mukasa

128) Mulumba

129) Musisi

130) Musoke

131) Muwanga

132) Mwaka

133) Mwake

134) Natukundo

135) Nikusubila

136) Njere

137) Nkrumah

138) Nnamdi

139) Nando

140) Nnaemeka

141) Nsubuga

142) Nuwamanya

143) Nyakoojo

144) Nakisisa

145) Nangila

146) Nangwaya

147) Nassor

148) Obadele

149) Oban

150) Obaseki

151) Obinna

152) Obaseki

153) Olu

154) Remi

155) Raheed

156) Rabiu

157) Semanda

158) Shomari

159) Simba

160) Sisay

161) Sisi

162) Siwazuri

163) Sono

164) Sowande

165) Sultan

166) Thenga

167) Tian

168) Tichawonna

169) Tombe

170) Tongo

171) Teruworq

172) Tukesiga

173) Tusuubira

174) Tyehimba

175) Tajiri

176) Tapy

177) Tefere

178) Teka

179) Ugo

180) Uba

181) Umaru

182) Udoka

183) Umija

184) Wanniya

185) Wasswa

186) Waloga

187) Weke

188) Yanapay

189) Yohannas

190) Yahcay

191) Yorkoo

192) Yusuf

193) Zewde

194) Zinyeza

195) Zira

196) Ziwa

197) Zoputan

198) Zula

199) Zulan

200) Zawadi

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