Africa Presents Her First Ever Underwater Hotel Room

This is the latest African hotel reality – Tanzania is proud to present Africa and the world at large, with Africa’s first ever underwater hotel room. Africa sure is breaking boundaries and making a change in what she never used to be known for. This piece of beauty can only be completely loved and fully experienced by aqua friendly people. If you love the marines, then this is for you. Who says you have to travel to Dubai to have the underwater luxury experience? It is right here in Africa, Manta Resort on Pemba island, Zanzibar Tanzania; designed by Mikael Genberg with a total of 17 rooms and costs a range of $900 (Singles) – $1,500 (couple) for one night. This is the ideal getaway spot for some peace and relaxation.

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Underwater Hotel Zanzibar

The journey starts with a boat ride to the five-star hotel room which is 13 ft below the Indian Ocean. The rare African piece of wonder is predominantly made of wood, this makes it float and affords it a special kind of beauty in a wholesome view. The Manta Resort underwater hotel is partly submerged in the sea on the Zanzibar archipelago – 250m off the Pemba Coastlines. The spiffy floating construction is made up of 3 chambers with provisional step ladders to take you to the part of your choice.

Cozy Upper Deck

The sea level deck consists the seating and dinning area of the exotic apartment – a cozy and comfy furnished room; the choice of colors are incredibly lively and beautiful. That’s the chill-out zone of the suite. The wood designs, colorful cushions, and a kiss of sunlight is the typical picture of what is expected here; absolutely splendid. Right behind this feature is the restroom and shower; by the side of it is a well stocked refrigerator; so don’t you worry about the tummy, there’s no room for hunger.

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Underwater Hotel-The Manta-Upper Chamber 1

The top most chamber is a no less cozy balcony that fully reaches its potential when you desire a natural sun tan in the day, spending sometime with the stars or just in the Bruno Mars spirit, waiting to talk to the moon in the twilight. The funnest part of this platform is taking a high dive into the sea for a swim or a snorkeling experience.

The Underwater Bedroom 1

Time to sleep over the enormous natural beauty that envelops you but the fishes just wouldn’t hear that – you just have to notice them till you probably forget that the idea was to sleep in the first place. The underwater bedroom has glass walls/windows for the unlimited view of the fishes and other sea creatures. The interior decor of the room has an African touch and a homey aura. By the windows are coral beads and pieces probably from the sea and on the wall is hung a couple of art works made from African fabrics. This is the idyll spot to spend your nights with sea life and coral reefs. In two words, the bedroom has a sophisticated simplicity.

Base Level of the Hotel

For a close contact with fishes and sea corals (which normally grows around the base), here is the perfect spot, spotlights are fitted below the windows in order to attract sea creatures – squid and slugs alike. It’s nice to know that some of the reef fish that made the base of this architecture their home are protected from predators. In essence, aside being a tech-wonder, the suite also helps to preserve our natural sea population.

Manta Suite From A Bird's Eye View 1

A beautiful picture it is from a bird’s-eye view. The surrounding island is another beauty to behold – white sands, deep-sea blue color, light blue skies, emerald vegetation; you’d wish the vacation would never end. The Manta resort is one of East Africa’s finest tourist spots. The time out here automatically affords you that priceless unifying moments with nature. From the island to the hotel itself is a story best lived and not read or heard. On the angle of safety measure, a vacation here demands that you are proficient in swimming and secondly not claustrophobic; if not, should have a (professional) guide with you. Did you know that you get to have your own private butler? This is Comfort and convenience at your door step.

Video Source: BBC