200 Unique African Baby Names and their Meanings

In Africa, names mean a lot, and it is believed that the name given to a child can influence both the child and the family. Africa is made up of ethnic groups with different languages and beliefs, hence their choices of names differ.

Traditional African given names often reflect the circumstances at the time of the birth of the Child. Typical African names such as Ogechukwu “God’s time”, Esi “Sunday”, Khamisi “Thursday”, Mwanajuma “Friday”, Uka “also means Sunday, and Wekesa “harvest time” refer to the time or day when the child was born. Other names reflect the birth order of the newborn, for example Okpala “first male Child”, Kunto “third born”, Ada “First female Child”, Nsonowa “seventh born”, and Wasswa “first of twins”. Some names describe the parents’ reaction to the birth (such as Anuli, Kayode, Gwandoya, Abeni and Monifa) while others are reflections of the desired characteristics of the new-born (like Yejide, Dada, Chiumbo and Zuberi).

Although as a result of colonisation by foreign countries, lots of African baby names are now of European origin, in this article, we’ve decided to publish a collection of Unique African baby names you’ve probably never heard of before.

List of African Baby Boy Names and Meanings

Addo: Ghana name meaning “king of the road”. Boy name

Ade Meaning: “Royal one”. Boy name

Adjatay: Cameroon name meaning “prince.”

Adofo: Akan of Ghana name meaning “one who loves”. Boy name

Adom meaning “help from God” or “God’s blessing”.  Boy name

Adonis Meaning: God of peace and love. Boy name

Adrian: A name used for the nobility class of the Betsileo people of central Madagascar. Boy name

Adwin: Akan of Ghana word meaning “artist” or “thinker”. Boy name

Abasi: Swahili name meaning “stern”.

Abayomi: Of uncertain African origin. Means “born to bring me joy”.

Abdalla Meaning: “servant of God”. Boy name

Abdelahi Meaning unknown.

Abdi: Muslim name, popular in Somalia, meaning “my servant”.

Abdikarim meaning “slave of God”. Boy name,

Abdimelech meaning “servant to kings”. Could be shortened to ABDI or MELECH.

Abdiraxman meaning “servant of the Mercifully Gracious”.

Abebe: Ethiopia name meaning “he has flowered/flourished/grown”.

Ajani Meaning: Victorious.

Akello Meaning: “I have brought” or “bring forth”.

Akia meaning “first-born”.

Akilah Meaning: intelligent one who reasons.

Dofi Meaning “the second child after twins.” Unisex

Doto Meaning “the younger of twins.”

Dumaka Meaning “helping hand.” male

Effiom Meaning crocodile. male

Elimu Meaning knowledge. male

Erasto Meaning man of peace. male

Eshe Meaning “life.”

Essien Meaning sixth-born son

Faizah meaning “victorious”

Jomo meaning farmer. male

Kosey meaning lion. male

Rudo Meaning “love.” male

Onani Meaning quick look. male

Paki Meaning”witness.” male

Ohin Meaning chief. male

Mosi Meaning “first.” A name given to the firstborn.

Moswen Meaning light in color. male

Jawara meaning peace and love. male

Mamello: South African name meaning(“patience”) – Boy

Tumelo: South African name meaning(“belief”) – Boy

Uuka: South African name meaning(“arise”) – Boy

Aban: Kenyan name meaning(“clear”) – Boy

Aasir: Kenyan name meaning(“captivating”) – Boy

Zarif: Kenyan name meaning(“elegant”) – Boy

Upton: Egyptian name meaning(“high village”) – Boy

Maahes: Egyptian name meaning(“lion”) – Boy

Kafele: Egyptian name meaning(“would die for”) – Boy

Baby 1 - African baby names

List of African Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Adanech: meaning “she has rescued them.”Girl name

Adanna: Ibo of Nigeria female name meaning “father’s daughter.”Girl name

Adeola: Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “crown of honor.”Girl name

Adetoun: Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “princess”. Girl name, African baby names

Adhiambo: Luo of Kenya name for females born after sunset. Girl name

Adina: Amharic of Ethiopia word sometimes used as a female name, meaning “she has saved.” Girl name

Adisa: Ashanti of Ghana name meaning “one who will teach us.”

Adjoa Meaning: peace; for females born on Monday.

Adowa Meaning: noble. Girl name,

Afafa: Ewe of Ghana female name for the firstborn child of a second husband. Girl name

Afework: Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning “one who speaks only of pleasant things; one who does not speak of bad or evil things”.

Abeba: Ethiopian female name meaning “flower.”

Abebi: Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “we asked and got her” or “we asked for her and she came to us.”

Abena: Akan of Ghana name for females born on Tuesday.

Abrihet meaning “she has made it light, she emanates light.”

Acacia Meaning: “thorny.”

Achan: Dinka of south Sudan name for a female child in the first pair of twins.

Ada: Ibo of Nigeria name for firstborn females.

Adamma: Ibo of Nigeria female name meaning “beautiful child” or “queenly.”

Adan: Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning “a large bat”. Also, the Spanish equivalent of Adam.

Afia: Akan of Ghana name for females born on Friday.

Afra Meaning: “peaceful ruler”

Afua Meaning: born on Friday.

Afya Meaning: Swahili female name (also spelled AFIYA) and Kiswahili word meaning “health”. Afya Bora means “good health.”

Agbenyaga meaning “life is precious.”(Could be shortened to NYAGA.)

Ahmadou: West African name; Meaning unknown.

Aja Meaning: High Priestess of Mecca.

Dalila Meaning “gentleness is her soul.”

Dalili meaning “sign.” This name reflects the parents’ ..

Kya Meaning diamond in the sky -girl

Kyah meaning a form of Kya -girl

Lulu meaning “a pearl.” -girl

Malaika meaning angel -girl

Kesia meaning favorite -girl

Kia meaning season’s beginning -girl

Kiah meaning a form of Kia -girl

Kisha meaning a form of Keisha -girl

Kulwa meaning “the first of twins”. -girl

Keasha meaning a form of Keisha -girl

Keisha meaning favorite -girl

Halima meaning “gentle.” Halima was the woman who cared.

Halla meaning  unexpected gift

Halle meaninga form of Halla

Imena meaning dream

Jaha meaning “dignified.”

Jamila meaning “beautiful.”

Jira meaning related by blood- girl

Meria Meaning rebellious -girl

Meriah Meaning a form of Meria-girl

Messina Meaning spoiler -girl

Morowa Meaning “queen.” -girl

Mwanawa Meaning “first-born of my children.”-girl

Nanyamka Meaning “God’s gift.” -girl

Nomalanga Meaning”sunny”. -girl

Pili Meaning “second.” A name given to a second born -girl

Poni Meaning second daughter -girl

Radhiya Meaning “agreeable.” -girl

Rashida Meaning “righteous.” -girl

Raziya Meaning “Agreeable.” -girl

Reta Meaning shaken -girl

Saad Meaning”helpful.” -girl

SalA Meaning “peace.” -girl

Salma Meaning”safe,” it is a name for a healthy baby-girl

Sanura Meaning A child named Snura is quick and intelligent girl

Senwe Meaning dry as a grain stalk-girl

Shakima Meaning beautiful one -girl

Shani Meaning marvelous.” -girl

Sharifa Meaning “distinguished one.” -girl

Sharik Meaning child of God -girl

Shukura Meaning “I am grateful.” -girl

Siko Meaning crying baby -girl

Siti Meaning a “respected woman.”-girl

Tabia Meaning “Gifted.” -girl

Tawia Meaning after twins -girl

Thema Meaning queen -girl

Themba Meaning “trusted.”-girl

Tulinagwe Meaning “God is with us.”-girl

Ulan Meaning first-born twin -male

Waseme Meaning “let them talk.”-girl

Winna Meaning friend -girl

Zahra Meaning “blossom.”-girl

Zainabu Meaning “beautiful.”-girl

Zalika Meaning “born to nobility.”-girl

Zawadi Meaning “gift.” -girl

Zina Meaning secret spirit-girl

Zuwena Meaning “good.”

Zuleng – South African name meaning (“put in rain”)- Girl

ZuLefu – South African name meaning(“sickness”)- Girl

Naledi – South African name meaning(“star”) -Girl

Imani – Kenyan name meaning (“faith”) -Girl

Numa – Kenyan name meaning(“beautiful”) – Girl

Maluum – Kenyan name meaning(“special”) -Girl

Ayana – Ethiopian name meaning(“beautiful flower”) – Girl

Aamina – Ethiopian name meaning(“safe”) – Girl

Gabra – Ethiopian name meaning(“gift of offering”) – Girl

Amare – Ethiopian name meaning(“handsome”) – Girl

Berhanu – Ethiopian name meaning(“light”) – Girl

Dawit – Ethiopian name meaning(“beloved”) – Girl

Isis – Egyptian name meaning(“supreme goddess of the stars”) – Girl

Nailah – Egyptian name meaning(“successful”) – Girl

Kanika – Egyptian name meaning(“black”) – girl

Aailyah  – Tanzanian name meaning(“of the highest”) -Girl

Khadijah – Tanzanian name meaning (“born prematurely”) – Girl

Abasi – Tanzanian name meaning (“stern”) – Girl

Hamisi – Tanzanian name meaning(“born on Thursday”) – Girl

Darweshi – Tanzanian name meaning(“holy”) – Girl

Fatima – Fatima was a daughter of the Prophet Muh..

Getachew meaning your teacher

Geteye meaning his teacher

Gogo meaning like a grandparent

Hadiya meaning “gift.”

Hala – a form of Halla

Kamaria meaning “moonlight.” -girl

Kami meaning a short form of Kamila, Kamilah- girl

Kamie meaning a form of Kami -girl

Kamilah meaning perfect – girl

Kesi meaning “born at a time of father’s troubles.” – girl

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