200 Unique African Girl Names and their Meanings

Africa, the second largest as well as the second most populated continent in the world is made up of people of different tribes and languages. African names represents the true meaning of Africa and their beliefs.

African names are very rich in culture and most of them get their root from events or circumstances surrounding the baby at the time of birth. Others are true reflection of what the parents want the child to be or become later on in the future. Africa is a highly religious continent and this is conspicuously reflected in the names the people bear. Here, we bring you a list of well-selected African baby names for girls:

Unique African Girl Names you’ve Probably Never Come Across

African people

Exceptional African Girl Names

  1. APIYO, (the one who comes quickly) the first-born of twins.
  2. ADJOA, Monday-born.
  3. Afua, born on friday
  4. APUNDA, one who is beside herself.
  5. ARJANA, paradise.
  6. ASHANTI, of the Ashanti people.
  7. ATIENO, born in the evening (or night)
  8. AWITI, the child that has been thrown
  9. ADEDE, famous.
  10. Ama, born on a saturday
  11. ADHIAMBO, born in the evening.
  12. ADISA, I am grave, or, I speak gravely.
  13. ADONGO, second-born of twins.
  14. BOLANILE, the honor of this house.
  15. BOITUMELO, joy.
  16. BOLADE, honor arrive
  17. BABIRYE, (two people) first-born of twin girls.
  18. BAHATI, good fortune, luck.
  19. BAMIDELE, bring me home.
  20. BAPOTO, disturbance, noise.
  21. BELAKANE, concubine
  22. BLESSING, blessing.
  23. BOHLALE, wisdom.
  24. BOIPELO, proud.
  25. CHINEDU, God is my leader.
  26. CHINWE, God owns me.
  27. CHINWENDU, God owns life.
  28. CHIOMA, Good God.
  29. CHIPO, gift.
  30. CHIZOBA, may God save.
  31. CANDACE, the mistress of Chendi.
  32. CANDIS, the mistress of Chendi.
  33. CHANDAKI (חנדכי), the mistress of Chendi.
  34. CHIAMAKA, God is noble; or, the
  35. CHIBUZO, God leads.
  36. CHIDIEBERE, God is merciful.
  37. CHIDIMMA, God is good.
  38. CHIEMEKA, God has done very well.
  39. CHIKA, God is the greatest.
  40. CHINAZA, God answers (my prayer).
  41. DAYO, joy arrives.
  42. DAMBUDZO, adversity
  43. DIKELEDI, tears.
  44. Doto, the younger of twins
  45. DEDE, a jigger or a grasshopper.
  46. DUBAKU, eleventh born child.
  47. ESHE, immortal.
  48. ESI, born on Sunday.
  49. ENIOLA, she who is wealthy.
  50. Eshe, life

Lovely African Names for Girls

  1. ENITAN, one of story.
  2. ENU, second-born child.
  3. EPHIGENIA, (of pythonic descent) daughter of Iphis.
  4. FARAI, rejoice
  5. FEMI, God loves me.
  6. FOLAMI, honor me.
  7. FUMBE, slave.
  8. FUMNANYA, she who inspires love.
  9. FURAHA, joy.
  10. GUGU, a precious person.
  11. GBEMISOLA, carry me into honor.
  12. HADIYYA, gift, sacrifice.
  13. HENDAQUÉ, the mistress of Chendi.
  14. HADIYA, gift, sacrifice.
  15. HLENGIWE, savior.
  16. IDOWU, increase; born after twins.
  17. IFE, love.
  18. IFUNANYA, love.
  19. JOYCELIN, just, right.
  20. JAYDE, jade.
  21. KAMARIA, moon.
  22. KATLEGO, she with the boiling stare.
  23. KIRABO, offering; or, someone else.
  24. KUNTO, morose, ill-humored.
  25. Kesia, favourite
  26. Kya, diamond in the sky
  27. KAGISO, peaceful.
  28. Kamaria, moonlight
  29. KALISHA, sorceress.
  30. KAMADÍA, moon.
  31. LEENA, softness.
  32. LESEDI, light.
  33. LINDIWE, I watch (or guard).
  34. Lulu, a pearl
  35. LUNGILE, good, right, straight.
  36. MARJÁNI, red coral.
  37. MASIKA, born during a monsoon.
  38. MASOZI, tears.
  39. Malaika, angel
  40. Meria, rebellious
  41. MCHUMBA, sweetheart.
  42. MIREMBE, peace.
  43. MOJISOLA, I awaken wealth.
  44. Morowa, queen
  45. MONIFA, I am luck.
  46. MUDIWA, beloved.
  47. Messina, spoiler
  48. MWANAJUMA, child of Friday.
  49. NKECHI, God’s own
  50. NKEMDILIM, belongs to me (let mine be for me).

Best African Baby Girl Names

  1. NKIRUKA, Greater is what lies ahead
  2. NOSIZWE, mother of the nation.
  3. NSIA, sixth born child.
  4. NSONOWA, seventh born child.
  5. NTHANDA, star.
  6. NTOMBI, girl.
  7. NUBIA, gold.
  8. NYAH, intention, life purpose, mind.
  9. NDIDI, patience.
  10. Mosi, firstborn
  11. OLUWASEYI, God made this.
  12. OLUWATOYIN, the Christ deserves praise.
  13. ONYEKA, who is greatest?
  14. ONYEKACHUKWU, who is greater than the great God?
  15. OPEYEMI, I praise and give thanks.
  16. OSUMARE, rainbow.
  17. OGECHI, time-spirit.
  18. OLABISI, salvation increases.
  19. OLAYINKA, she brings salvation.
  20. OLUCHI, work of God.
  21. OLUFEMI, God loves me.
  22. OLUFUNMILAYO, God, give me joy.
  23. OLUFUNMILOLA, God, give me salvation.
  24. Oluwafunmilayo, God will give me joy.
  25. PATIENCE, endurance; submission.
  26. Pili,second born
  27. Poni,second daughter
  28. PAULINE, little.
  29. PENINA, red coral; or, a pearl.
  30. QELHATAT, a queen of Nubia.
  31. QHIKIZA, full-grown girl.
  32. REFILWE, we are given.
  33. REHEMA, merciful.
  34. RUDO, love.
  35. Rashida, righteous
  36. Radhiya, agreeable
  37. RUFARO, happiness.
  38. RUMBIDZAI, praise.
  39. RUTENDO, faith.
  40. RACHEAL, a ewe.
  41. RAMLA, predictor of the future.
  42. SHEENA, Jehovah’s gift (or grace).
  43. Siti, a respected woman
  44. SHUKURA, be comforted.
  45. Shani, marvellous
  46. SIMISOLA, rest in wealth.
  47. Sharik, child of God
  48. Shukura, grateful
  49. SITHEMBILE, we have much hope.
  50. Salama, peace

More Spectacular African Girls Names

  1. Siko, crying baby
  2. Saada, helpful
  3. SSANYU, the happy one.
  4. Sharifa, distinguished one
  5. SUBIRA, patience.
  6. SUZANNA, a graceful white lily
  7. SAALINGE, nothing but a peep.
  8. SALINA, has mercy; merciful
  9. SAMANYA, common, ordinary.
  10. SETHUNYA, a blossom, flower.
  11. SHANI, wonder.
  12. SHANIKA, young Nika; or, young one from the wilderness.
  13. TAMELA, she who basks in the sun.
  14. TAMIKA, a twin.
  15. TAONGA, we are grateful.
  16. TAPIWA, plunderer, ravager
  17. Tulinaqwe, God is with us
  18. TATENDA, we give thanks.
  19. TEMITOPE, thanksgiving to God.
  20. Tabia, gifted
  21. TENDAI, thankful.
  22. Tawia, born after twins
  23. THANDIWE, I give love.
  24. THEMBA, great in size; very stout.
  25. TINASHE, the Lord is with us.
  26. TAFADZWA, we are pleased.
  27. TAFARI, first-born daughter.
  28. TAMEKA, a twin.
  29. TITILAYO, ever joyful.
  30. Themba, trusted
  31. TOTIT, a female monkey.
  32. TSHOLOFELO, hope.
  33. UZOCHI, the way of God (God’s way).
  34. UZOMA, good manners or good way.
  35. UDO, peace.
  36. UNATHI, the Lord is with us.
  37. Winna, friend
  38. Waseme, let them talk
  39. WORKNESH, she is gold.
  40. YAA, born on Thursday.
  41. YAWÁ, born on Thursday.
  42. YEJIDE, image of her mother.
  43. YEWANDE, mother has returned.
  44. ZOLA, to love.
  45. ZURI, beautiful.
  46. Zarah, blossom
  47. Zainabu, beautiful
  48. Zalika, born to nobility
  49. Zina, free spirit
  50. Zawadi, gift
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