Best 200 African Names and their Meanings

Africa which is the third largest continent in the world has their own cultures and beliefs which also differs among the tribes and nations in Africa. One of the easiest ways to identify the origin of every African is through the names they bear, the name of each individual that is from Africa has a way of linking to his or her African origin. Furthermore, Africans are highly religious people, this can also be noticed in the indigenous African names they bear.

Africans place high value on names and the power behind it, hence parents are very careful with the kind of names they give to their children and in some cases the child when he or she has grown can decide to go for a change of name when he or she feels the name is not good enough. In today’s article, we are going to look at different African names and their meanings. You can also see this list of 200 Unique African Girl Names.

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African Names of Nigerian Origin and their Meanings

Name Category Gender Meaning Origin
abagbe African F We begged to have this one to lift up Yoruba, Nigeria
abayomi African F She brings joy Yoruba, Nigeria
abayomi African M Born to bring me joy Yoruba, Nigeria
abebi African F We asked for her Yoruba, Nigeria
abeje African F We asked to have this child Yoruba, Nigeria
abejide African M Born during winter Yoruba, Nigeria
abeke African F We asked for her to pet her. Yoruba, Nigeria
abeni African F We asked for her Yoruba, Nigeria
abeo African F Her birth brings happiness Yoruba, Nigeria
abidemi African F Born during the father’s absence Yoruba, Nigeria
abimbola African F Born to be wealthy Yoruba, Nigeria
abiodun African M Born at the time of war Yoruba, Nigeria
abiola African M Born in honor Yoruba, Nigeria
abiona African F Born on a journey Yoruba, Nigeria
adamma African F Child of beauty Ibo, Nigeria
ade African M Royal Yoruba, Nigeria
adebayo African M He came in a joyful time Yoruba, Nigeria
adebola African F Honor is hers Yoruba, Nigeria
adedagbo African F Happiness is a crown Yoruba, Nigeria
adeleka African F Crown brings happiness Yoruba, Nigeria
adelola African F Crown brings honor Yoruba, Nigeria
adesimbo African F Noble birth Yoruba, Nigeria
adesina African F This child opens the way Yoruba, Nigeria
adesola African M The crown honored us Yoruba, Nigeria
adio African M Be righteous Yoruba, Nigeria
adisa African M One who makes himself clear Yoruba, Nigeria
aduke African F Beloved, cherished Yoruba, Nigeria
adunbi African M Born to be pleasant Yoruba, Nigeria
aina African F Difficult birth Yoruba, Nigeria
aiyetoro African F Peace on earth Yoruba, Nigeria
ajani African M The victor Yoruba, Nigeria
akanke African F To know her is to love her Yoruba, Nigeria
akanni African M Our encounter brings possession Yoruba, Nigeria
akinlabi African M We have a boy Yoruba, Nigeria
akinlana African M Valor Yoruba, Nigeria
akins African M Brave boy Yoruba, Nigeria
akono African M It is my turn Yoruba, Nigeria
alaba African F Second child born after twins Yoruba, Nigeria
alake African F One to be petted and fussed over Yoruba, Nigeria
amadi African F Rejoicing Ibo, Nigeria
amadi African M He seems destined to die at birth Benin, Nigeria
apara African M A child that comes and goes Yoruba, Nigeria
asabi African F She is of choice birth Yoruba, Nigeria
ayo African M Happiness Yoruba, Nigeria
ayobami African F I am blessed with you Yoruba, Nigeria
ayobunmi African F Joy is given to me Yoruba, Nigeria
ayodele African F Joy comes home Yoruba, Nigeria
ayofemi African F Joy likes me Yoruba, Nigeria
ayoluwa African F Joy of the people Yoruba, Nigeria
ayoola African F Joy is wealth Yoruba, Nigeria
babafemi African M My father loves me Yoruba, Nigeria
baderinwa African F Worthy of respect Yoruba, Nigeria
barika African F Successful Yoruba, Nigeria
bayo African F Joy is found Yoruba, Nigeria
bejide African F Born during a rainy season Yoruba, Nigeria
bem African M Peace Tiv, Nigeria
bolade African F Honor arrives Yoruba, Nigeria
bolanile African F Wealth of this house Yoruba, Nigeria
boseda African M Born on Sunday Tiv, Nigeria
bunmi African F My gift Yoruba, Nigeria
chijioke African M God gives talent Ibo, Nigeria
chike African M Power of God Ibo, Nigeria
chinelo African M Thought of God Ibo, Nigeria
chinua African M Blessings of God Ibo, Nigeria
chinue African F Blessing of Chi Ibo, Nigeria
chioke African M God blessing Ibo, Nigeria
dada African M Curly hair Yoruba, Nigeria
dada African F Child with curly hair Yoruba, Nigeria
dayo African F Joy arrives Yoruba, Nigeria
dumaka African M Helping hands Ibo, Nigeria
ebun African F Gift Yoruba, Nigeria
ehioze African M Jealousy is beneath me Benin, Nigeria
enomwoyi African F Graceful one Benin, Nigeria
fabayo African F A lucky birth brings joy Yoruba, Nigeria
fayola African F Walk with honor Yoruba, Nigeria
femi African F Love me Yoruba, Nigeria
fola African F Honorable Yoruba, Nigeria
folade African F She brings honor Yoruba, Nigeria
folami African F Honor and respect me Yoruba, Nigeria
folayan African F To walk with dignity Yoruba, Nigeria
foluke African F Placed in God’s care Yoruba, Nigeria
foluke African M Given to God Yoruba, Nigeria
gowon African M Rainmaker Tiv, Nigeria
hembadoon African F The winner Tiv, Nigeria
ibrahim African M Father of a multitude Hausa, Nigeria
idowu African F First child after twins Yoruba, Nigeria
ifama African F All is well Ibo, Nigeria
ife African F Love Yoruba, Nigeria
ifetayo African F Love brings happiness Yoruba, Nigeria
ikuseghan African F Peace is better than war Benin, Nigeria
imarogbe African M Child born to a good and caring family Benin, Nigeria
isoke African F A wonderful gift from God Benin, Nigeria
iverem African F Blessing and favor Tiv, Nigeria
iyapo African M Many trials Yoruba, Nigeria
izegbe African F Long-awaited child Benin, Nigeria
jaja African M Honored one Ibo, Nigeria
jelani African M Mighty Ibo, Nigeria
jumoke African M Loved by everyone Yoruba, Nigeria
jumoke African F Everyone loves the child Yoruba, Nigeria
kayode African M He brought joy Yoruba, Nigeria
kehinde African M Second born of twins Yoruba, Nigeria
kehinde African F Second of twins Yoruba, Nigeria
kokumo African F This one will not die Yoruba, Nigeria
kosoko African M No hoe to dig a grave Yoruba, Nigeria
madu African M People Ibo, Nigeria
mazi African M Sir Ibo, Nigeria
monifa African F I am lucky Yoruba, Nigeria
nayo African F She is our joy Yoruba, Nigeria
ngozi African F Blessing Ibo, Nigeria
ngozi African M Good fortune Ibo, Nigeria
nneka African F Her mother is important Ibo, Nigeria
nourbese African F Wonderful child Benin, Nigeria
nwabudike African M The son is the father’s power Ibo, Nigeria
obasi African M In honor of the supreme God Ibo, Nigeria
obataiye African M King of the world Yoruba, Nigeria
obayana African M The king warms himself at the fire Yoruba, Nigeria
obi African M Heart Ibo, Nigeria
obike African M A strong household Ibo, Nigeria
obioma African F Kind woman Ibo, Nigeria
ode African F Born along the road Benin, Nigeria
odion African M First born of twins Ibo, Nigeria
ogbonna African M The image of his father Ibo, Nigeria
okechuku African M A gift of God Ibo, Nigeria
okpara African M Fifth-born son Ibo, Nigeria
olabisi African F Joy is multiplied Yoruba, Nigeria
oladele African M We are honored at home Yoruba, Nigeria
olafemi African M Honor favors me Yoruba, Nigeria
olaniyan African M Surrounded by honor Yoruba, Nigeria
olaniyi African F There’s glory in wealth Yoruba, Nigeria
olubayo African F Greatest joy Yoruba, Nigeria
olubayo African M Rejoicing Yoruba, Nigeria
olufemi African M Wealth and honor favors me Yoruba, Nigeria
olufemi African F God loves me Yoruba, Nigeria
olufunmilayo African F God gives me joy Yoruba, Nigeria
olugbala African M Savior of the people Yoruba, Nigeria
olujimi African M God has given me this Yoruba, Nigeria
olumide African M God arrives Yoruba, Nigeria
olumiji African M My lord awakens Yoruba, Nigeria
oluremi African F God consoles me Yoruba, Nigeria
olushola African M God has blessed me Yoruba, Nigeria
oluwa African M Our lord Yoruba, Nigeria
oluyemi African M Fulfillment from God, satisfied Yoruba, Nigeria
omolara African F Born at the right time Benin, Nigeria
omorose African F Beautiful child Benin, Nigeria
omusupe African F She is the most precious thing Benin, Nigeria
oni African F Born in a sacred place Yoruba, Nigeria
osakwe African M God agrees Benin, Nigeria
osayimwese African M God made me complete Benin, Nigeria
oseye African F Happy one Benin, Nigeria
taiwo African F First born of twins Yoruba, Nigeria
taiwo African M First born of twins Yoruba, Nigeria
titilayo African F Eternal happiness Yoruba, Nigeria
uchechi African M God’s will Ibo, Nigeria
uchenna African F God’s will Ibo, Nigeria
ulu African F Second born female Ibo, Nigeria
urbi African F Princess Benin, Nigeria
yejide African F She looks like her mother Yoruba, Nigeria
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African Names of South African Origin and their Meanings

Name Category Gender Meaning Origin
ayize African M Let it happen Zulu, South Africa
dziko African F The world Nguni, South Africa
mandisa African F Sweet Xhosa, South Africa
nkosazana African F Princess Xhosa, South Africa
nomalanga African F Sunny Zulu, South Africa
nombeko African F Respect Xhosa, South Africa
nomble African F Beauty Xhosa, South Africa
paki African M Witness Xhosa, South Africa
thandiwe African M Beloved Zulu, South Africa
thandiwe African F Affectionate Xhosa, South Africa
themba African F Trusted Zulu, South Africa
themba African M Hope Xhosa, South Africa

African Names of Kenyan Origin and their Meanings

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Name Category Gender Meaning Origin
aluna African F Come here Mwera, Kenya
chiumbo African M Small, small child, small creation Mwera, Kenya
kamau African M Quiet warrior Kikuyu, Kenya
kenya American F Animal horn Hebrew
kenya Geo F Country in Africa Hebrew
kereenyaga African M Mountain of mystery Kikuyu, Kenya
njau African M Young bull Kikuyu, Kenya
thabiti African M A man Mwera, Kenya
tumaini African M Hope Mwera, Kenya
wambua African M Born during the rainy season Kamba, Kenya
wekesa African M Born during the harvest time Lechya, Kenya

African Names of Ghanaian Origin and their Meanings

Name Category Gender Meaning Origin
aba African F Born on Thursday Fante, Ghana
ababuo African F A child that keeps coming back Ewe, Ghana
abam African F Second child after twins Twi, Ghana
abeeku African M Born on Wednesday Fante, Ghana
abena African F Born on Tuesday Fante, Ghana
addae African M Morning sun Akan, Ghana
adeben African M Twelfth-born Akan, Ghana
adika African M The first child of a second husband Ewe, Ghana
adofo African M Warrior Akan, Ghana
adom African M Help from God, God’s blessing Akan, Ghana
adowa African F Born on Tuesday Akan, Ghana
adusa African M Thirteenth-born Akan, Ghana
afafa African F The first child of the second husband Ewe, Ghana
afafa African F The first child of the second husband Ewe, Ghana
afryea African F Born during happy times Ewe, Ghana
afua African F Born on Friday Ewe, Ghana
akosua African F Born on Sunday Ewe, Ghana
akua African F Born on Wednesday Ewe, Ghana
akwete African F First born of twins Ga, Ghana
akwokwo African F Younger of twins Ga, Ghana
akwtee African M Younger of twins Ga, Ghana
ama African F Born on Saturday Ewe, Ghana
anane African M Fourth son Akan, Ghana
anum African M Fifth-born Akan, Ghana
atsu African M Younger of twins Ewe, Ghana
atu African M Born on Saturday Fante, Ghana
baako African F First born Akan, Ghana
baba African F Born on Thursday Fante, Ghana
bobo African M Born on Tuesday Fante, Ghana
do African F First child after twins Ewe, Ghana
dofi African F Second child born after twins Ewe, Ghana
ebo African M Born on Tuesday Fante, Ghana
efia African F Born on Friday Fante, Ghana
enyonyam African F It is good for me Ewe, Ghana
esi African F Born on Sunday Fante, Ghana
fifi African M Born on Friday Fante, Ghana
gyasi African M Wonderful baby Akan, Ghana
jojo African M Born on Monday Fante, Ghana
kakra African F Second of twins Fante, Ghana
kodwo African M Born on Monday Twi, Ghana
kofi African M Born on Friday Twi, Ghana
kojo African M Born on Monday Akan, Ghana
kontar African M Only child Akan, Ghana
kpodo African M First born of twins Ewe, Ghana
kufuo African M The father shared the pains of birth Fante, Ghana
kukua African F Born on Wednesday Fante, Ghana
kunto African F Third born child Twi, Ghana
kwabena African M Born on Tuesday Akan, Ghana
kwakou African M Born on Wednesday Ewe, Ghana
kwasi African M Born on Sunday Akan, Ghana
lumusi African F Born face downward Ewe, Ghana
mama African F Born on Saturday Fante, Ghana
mawuli African M There is a God Ewe, Ghana
mawusi African F In the hands of God Ewe, Ghana
mensah African M Third-born son Ewe, Ghana
morowa African F Queen Akan, Ghana
nanyamka African F God’s gift Ewe, Ghana
osei African M Honorable, noble Fante, Ghana
panyin African F First born of twins Fante, Ghana
sisi African F Born on Sunday Fante, Ghana
thema African F Queen Akan, Ghana
yaa African F Born on Thursday Ewe, Ghana
yafeu African M Bold Fante, Ghana
ye African F First born of twins Ewe, Ghana
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