African names

Africa which is the third largest continent in the world has their own cultures and beliefs which also differs among the tribes and nations in Africa. One of the easiest ways to identify the origin of every African is through the names they bear, the name of each individual that is from Africa has a way of linking to his or her African origin. Furthermore, Africans are highly religious people, this can also be noticed in the indigenous African names they bear.

Africans place high value on names and the power behind it, hence parents are very careful with the kind of names they give to their children and in some cases the child when he or she has¬†grown can decide to go for a change of name when he or she feels the name is not good enough. In today’s article, we are going to look at different African names and their meanings. You can also see this list of 200 Unique African Girl Names.

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African Names of Nigerian Origin and their Meanings

abagbeAfricanFWe begged to have this one to lift upYoruba, Nigeria
abayomiAfricanFShe brings joyYoruba, Nigeria
abayomiAfricanMBorn to bring me joyYoruba, Nigeria
abebiAfricanFWe asked for herYoruba, Nigeria
abejeAfricanFWe asked to have this childYoruba, Nigeria
abejideAfricanMBorn during winterYoruba, Nigeria
abekeAfricanFWe asked for her to pet her.Yoruba, Nigeria
abeniAfricanFWe asked for herYoruba, Nigeria
abeoAfricanFHer birth brings happinessYoruba, Nigeria
abidemiAfricanFBorn during the father’s absenceYoruba, Nigeria
abimbolaAfricanFBorn to be wealthyYoruba, Nigeria
abiodunAfricanMBorn at the time of warYoruba, Nigeria
abiolaAfricanMBorn in honorYoruba, Nigeria
abionaAfricanFBorn on a journeyYoruba, Nigeria
adammaAfricanFChild of beautyIbo, Nigeria
adeAfricanMRoyalYoruba, Nigeria
adebayoAfricanMHe came in a joyful timeYoruba, Nigeria
adebolaAfricanFHonor is hersYoruba, Nigeria
adedagboAfricanFHappiness is a crownYoruba, Nigeria
adelekaAfricanFCrown brings happinessYoruba, Nigeria
adelolaAfricanFCrown brings honorYoruba, Nigeria
adesimboAfricanFNoble birthYoruba, Nigeria
adesinaAfricanFThis child opens the wayYoruba, Nigeria
adesolaAfricanMThe crown honored usYoruba, Nigeria
adioAfricanMBe righteousYoruba, Nigeria
adisaAfricanMOne who makes himself clearYoruba, Nigeria
adukeAfricanFBeloved, cherishedYoruba, Nigeria
adunbiAfricanMBorn to be pleasantYoruba, Nigeria
ainaAfricanFDifficult birthYoruba, Nigeria
aiyetoroAfricanFPeace on earthYoruba, Nigeria
ajaniAfricanMThe victorYoruba, Nigeria
akankeAfricanFTo know her is to love herYoruba, Nigeria
akanniAfricanMOur encounter brings possessionYoruba, Nigeria
akinlabiAfricanMWe have a boyYoruba, Nigeria
akinlanaAfricanMValorYoruba, Nigeria
akinsAfricanMBrave boyYoruba, Nigeria
akonoAfricanMIt is my turnYoruba, Nigeria
alabaAfricanFSecond child born after twinsYoruba, Nigeria
alakeAfricanFOne to be petted and fussed overYoruba, Nigeria
amadiAfricanFRejoicingIbo, Nigeria
amadiAfricanMHe seems destined to die at birthBenin, Nigeria
aparaAfricanMA child that comes and goesYoruba, Nigeria
asabiAfricanFShe is of choice birthYoruba, Nigeria
ayoAfricanMHappinessYoruba, Nigeria
ayobamiAfricanFI am blessed with youYoruba, Nigeria
ayobunmiAfricanFJoy is given to meYoruba, Nigeria
ayodeleAfricanFJoy comes homeYoruba, Nigeria
ayofemiAfricanFJoy likes meYoruba, Nigeria
ayoluwaAfricanFJoy of the peopleYoruba, Nigeria
ayoolaAfricanFJoy is wealthYoruba, Nigeria
babafemiAfricanMMy father loves meYoruba, Nigeria
baderinwaAfricanFWorthy of respectYoruba, Nigeria
barikaAfricanFSuccessfulYoruba, Nigeria
bayoAfricanFJoy is foundYoruba, Nigeria
bejideAfricanFBorn during a rainy seasonYoruba, Nigeria
bemAfricanMPeaceTiv, Nigeria
boladeAfricanFHonor arrivesYoruba, Nigeria
bolanileAfricanFWealth of this houseYoruba, Nigeria
bosedaAfricanMBorn on SundayTiv, Nigeria
bunmiAfricanFMy giftYoruba, Nigeria
chijiokeAfricanMGod gives talentIbo, Nigeria
chikeAfricanMPower of GodIbo, Nigeria
chineloAfricanMThought of GodIbo, Nigeria
chinuaAfricanMBlessings of GodIbo, Nigeria
chinueAfricanFBlessing of ChiIbo, Nigeria
chiokeAfricanMGod blessingIbo, Nigeria
dadaAfricanMCurly hairYoruba, Nigeria
dadaAfricanFChild with curly hairYoruba, Nigeria
dayoAfricanFJoy arrivesYoruba, Nigeria
dumakaAfricanMHelping handsIbo, Nigeria
ebunAfricanFGiftYoruba, Nigeria
ehiozeAfricanMJealousy is beneath meBenin, Nigeria
enomwoyiAfricanFGraceful oneBenin, Nigeria
fabayoAfricanFA lucky birth brings joyYoruba, Nigeria
fayolaAfricanFWalk with honorYoruba, Nigeria
femiAfricanFLove meYoruba, Nigeria
folaAfricanFHonorableYoruba, Nigeria
foladeAfricanFShe brings honorYoruba, Nigeria
folamiAfricanFHonor and respect meYoruba, Nigeria
folayanAfricanFTo walk with dignityYoruba, Nigeria
folukeAfricanFPlaced in God’s careYoruba, Nigeria
folukeAfricanMGiven to GodYoruba, Nigeria
gowonAfricanMRainmakerTiv, Nigeria
hembadoonAfricanFThe winnerTiv, Nigeria
ibrahimAfricanMFather of a multitudeHausa, Nigeria
idowuAfricanFFirst child after twinsYoruba, Nigeria
ifamaAfricanFAll is wellIbo, Nigeria
ifeAfricanFLoveYoruba, Nigeria
ifetayoAfricanFLove brings happinessYoruba, Nigeria
ikuseghanAfricanFPeace is better than warBenin, Nigeria
imarogbeAfricanMChild born to a good and caring familyBenin, Nigeria
isokeAfricanFA wonderful gift from GodBenin, Nigeria
iveremAfricanFBlessing and favorTiv, Nigeria
iyapoAfricanMMany trialsYoruba, Nigeria
izegbeAfricanFLong-awaited childBenin, Nigeria
jajaAfricanMHonored oneIbo, Nigeria
jelaniAfricanMMightyIbo, Nigeria
jumokeAfricanMLoved by everyoneYoruba, Nigeria
jumokeAfricanFEveryone loves the childYoruba, Nigeria
kayodeAfricanMHe brought joyYoruba, Nigeria
kehindeAfricanMSecond born of twinsYoruba, Nigeria
kehindeAfricanFSecond of twinsYoruba, Nigeria
kokumoAfricanFThis one will not dieYoruba, Nigeria
kosokoAfricanMNo hoe to dig a graveYoruba, Nigeria
maduAfricanMPeopleIbo, Nigeria
maziAfricanMSirIbo, Nigeria
monifaAfricanFI am luckyYoruba, Nigeria
nayoAfricanFShe is our joyYoruba, Nigeria
ngoziAfricanFBlessingIbo, Nigeria
ngoziAfricanMGood fortuneIbo, Nigeria
nnekaAfricanFHer mother is importantIbo, Nigeria
nourbeseAfricanFWonderful childBenin, Nigeria
nwabudikeAfricanMThe son is the father’s powerIbo, Nigeria
obasiAfricanMIn honor of the supreme GodIbo, Nigeria
obataiyeAfricanMKing of the worldYoruba, Nigeria
obayanaAfricanMThe king warms himself at the fireYoruba, Nigeria
obiAfricanMHeartIbo, Nigeria
obikeAfricanMA strong householdIbo, Nigeria
obiomaAfricanFKind womanIbo, Nigeria
odeAfricanFBorn along the roadBenin, Nigeria
odionAfricanMFirst born of twinsIbo, Nigeria
ogbonnaAfricanMThe image of his fatherIbo, Nigeria
okechukuAfricanMA gift of GodIbo, Nigeria
okparaAfricanMFifth-born sonIbo, Nigeria
olabisiAfricanFJoy is multipliedYoruba, Nigeria
oladeleAfricanMWe are honored at homeYoruba, Nigeria
olafemiAfricanMHonor favors meYoruba, Nigeria
olaniyanAfricanMSurrounded by honorYoruba, Nigeria
olaniyiAfricanFThere’s glory in wealthYoruba, Nigeria
olubayoAfricanFGreatest joyYoruba, Nigeria
olubayoAfricanMRejoicingYoruba, Nigeria
olufemiAfricanMWealth and honor favors meYoruba, Nigeria
olufemiAfricanFGod loves meYoruba, Nigeria
olufunmilayoAfricanFGod gives me joyYoruba, Nigeria
olugbalaAfricanMSavior of the peopleYoruba, Nigeria
olujimiAfricanMGod has given me thisYoruba, Nigeria
olumideAfricanMGod arrivesYoruba, Nigeria
olumijiAfricanMMy lord awakensYoruba, Nigeria
oluremiAfricanFGod consoles meYoruba, Nigeria
olusholaAfricanMGod has blessed meYoruba, Nigeria
oluwaAfricanMOur lordYoruba, Nigeria
oluyemiAfricanMFulfillment from God, satisfiedYoruba, Nigeria
omolaraAfricanFBorn at the right timeBenin, Nigeria
omoroseAfricanFBeautiful childBenin, Nigeria
omusupeAfricanFShe is the most precious thingBenin, Nigeria
oniAfricanFBorn in a sacred placeYoruba, Nigeria
osakweAfricanMGod agreesBenin, Nigeria
osayimweseAfricanMGod made me completeBenin, Nigeria
oseyeAfricanFHappy oneBenin, Nigeria
taiwoAfricanFFirst born of twinsYoruba, Nigeria
taiwoAfricanMFirst born of twinsYoruba, Nigeria
titilayoAfricanFEternal happinessYoruba, Nigeria
uchechiAfricanMGod’s willIbo, Nigeria
uchennaAfricanFGod’s willIbo, Nigeria
uluAfricanFSecond born femaleIbo, Nigeria
urbiAfricanFPrincessBenin, Nigeria
yejideAfricanFShe looks like her motherYoruba, Nigeria

African Names of South African Origin and their Meanings

ayizeAfricanMLet it happenZulu, South Africa
dzikoAfricanFThe worldNguni, South Africa
mandisaAfricanFSweetXhosa, South Africa
nkosazanaAfricanFPrincessXhosa, South Africa
nomalangaAfricanFSunnyZulu, South Africa
nombekoAfricanFRespectXhosa, South Africa
nombleAfricanFBeautyXhosa, South Africa
pakiAfricanMWitnessXhosa, South Africa
thandiweAfricanMBelovedZulu, South Africa
thandiweAfricanFAffectionateXhosa, South Africa
thembaAfricanFTrustedZulu, South Africa
thembaAfricanMHopeXhosa, South Africa
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African Names of Kenyan Origin and their Meanings

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alunaAfricanFCome hereMwera, Kenya
chiumboAfricanMSmall, small child, small creationMwera, Kenya
kamauAfricanMQuiet warriorKikuyu, Kenya
kenyaAmericanFAnimal hornHebrew
kenyaGeoFCountry in AfricaHebrew
kereenyagaAfricanMMountain of mysteryKikuyu, Kenya
njauAfricanMYoung bullKikuyu, Kenya
thabitiAfricanMA manMwera, Kenya
tumainiAfricanMHopeMwera, Kenya
wambuaAfricanMBorn during the rainy seasonKamba, Kenya
wekesaAfricanMBorn during the harvest timeLechya, Kenya

African Names of Ghanaian Origin and their Meanings

abaAfricanFBorn on ThursdayFante, Ghana
ababuoAfricanFA child that keeps coming backEwe, Ghana
abamAfricanFSecond child after twinsTwi, Ghana
abeekuAfricanMBorn on WednesdayFante, Ghana
abenaAfricanFBorn on TuesdayFante, Ghana
addaeAfricanMMorning sunAkan, Ghana
adebenAfricanMTwelfth-bornAkan, Ghana
adikaAfricanMThe first child of a second husbandEwe, Ghana
adofoAfricanMWarriorAkan, Ghana
adomAfricanMHelp from God, God’s blessingAkan, Ghana
adowaAfricanFBorn on TuesdayAkan, Ghana
adusaAfricanMThirteenth-bornAkan, Ghana
afafaAfricanFThe first child of the second husbandEwe, Ghana
afafaAfricanFThe first child of the second husbandEwe, Ghana
afryeaAfricanFBorn during happy timesEwe, Ghana
afuaAfricanFBorn on FridayEwe, Ghana
akosuaAfricanFBorn on SundayEwe, Ghana
akuaAfricanFBorn on WednesdayEwe, Ghana
akweteAfricanFFirst born of twinsGa, Ghana
akwokwoAfricanFYounger of twinsGa, Ghana
akwteeAfricanMYounger of twinsGa, Ghana
amaAfricanFBorn on SaturdayEwe, Ghana
ananeAfricanMFourth sonAkan, Ghana
anumAfricanMFifth-bornAkan, Ghana
atsuAfricanMYounger of twinsEwe, Ghana
atuAfricanMBorn on SaturdayFante, Ghana
baakoAfricanFFirst bornAkan, Ghana
babaAfricanFBorn on ThursdayFante, Ghana
boboAfricanMBorn on TuesdayFante, Ghana
doAfricanFFirst child after twinsEwe, Ghana
dofiAfricanFSecond child born after twinsEwe, Ghana
eboAfricanMBorn on TuesdayFante, Ghana
efiaAfricanFBorn on FridayFante, Ghana
enyonyamAfricanFIt is good for meEwe, Ghana
esiAfricanFBorn on SundayFante, Ghana
fifiAfricanMBorn on FridayFante, Ghana
gyasiAfricanMWonderful babyAkan, Ghana
jojoAfricanMBorn on MondayFante, Ghana
kakraAfricanFSecond of twinsFante, Ghana
kodwoAfricanMBorn on MondayTwi, Ghana
kofiAfricanMBorn on FridayTwi, Ghana
kojoAfricanMBorn on MondayAkan, Ghana
kontarAfricanMOnly childAkan, Ghana
kpodoAfricanMFirst born of twinsEwe, Ghana
kufuoAfricanMThe father shared the pains of birthFante, Ghana
kukuaAfricanFBorn on WednesdayFante, Ghana
kuntoAfricanFThird born childTwi, Ghana
kwabenaAfricanMBorn on TuesdayAkan, Ghana
kwakouAfricanMBorn on WednesdayEwe, Ghana
kwasiAfricanMBorn on SundayAkan, Ghana
lumusiAfricanFBorn face downwardEwe, Ghana
mamaAfricanFBorn on SaturdayFante, Ghana
mawuliAfricanMThere is a GodEwe, Ghana
mawusiAfricanFIn the hands of GodEwe, Ghana
mensahAfricanMThird-born sonEwe, Ghana
morowaAfricanFQueenAkan, Ghana
nanyamkaAfricanFGod’s giftEwe, Ghana
oseiAfricanMHonorable, nobleFante, Ghana
panyinAfricanFFirst born of twinsFante, Ghana
sisiAfricanFBorn on SundayFante, Ghana
themaAfricanFQueenAkan, Ghana
yaaAfricanFBorn on ThursdayEwe, Ghana
yafeuAfricanMBoldFante, Ghana
yeAfricanFFirst born of twinsEwe, Ghana
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