Africans Share What They Would Say To Their Parents If They Could Talk Back With #HowToughAmIBlackEdition

On Twitter, what’s trending is the hashtag #HowToughAmIBlackEdition.

With this hashtag, black people are showing how tough they wish they are by chronicling the tough things they have ever done.

While the average person in the world will tell about how they lifted a 50-ton truck and carried it for a 5-mile distance, or how they walked on LEGOs without flinching, the hashtag shows nothing of that. Instead, it tells in an ironical way what some black individuals would do if they were “tough”.

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The tweets are posted in a dialogue manner that makes it more humorous and down to earth.

It’s not news that African parents took the “spare the rod and spoil the child” Bible verse seriously. In fact, the average African parent would rather beat a child for wrong-doing than any kind of punishment.

Lilian from the tweet below has experienced that awkward moment mid-beatings when you try blocking the slaps/floggings and said African parent believes you want to fight.

Every African child had to go out only with the consent of their parents or guardian, sometimes our speeches had to be planned weeks prior to the date we want to go out because we always feared their answer would be “no”.

This is probably African mothers’ favourite; calling their kids to pass the remote that just happens to be sitting right next to them.

How about when you have something planned and your parents decide they would rather have you stay home and babysit your siblings? Of course, we won’t answer like Taya, except we want the whoopings of our life.

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No, just no. No African lived to tell the story of how a comeback like this ended.

Remember when we were kids and we got money gifts from relatives and our parents usually said to give them to keep it in a “bank”, we knew we were never seeing that money again.

However, bringing that up in a situation like this can be summed up in the #HowToughAmIBlackEdition tweet after the one below.

In Summary:

Kwame Opam is right, no African parent is going to stand by and watch their kid talk to them like that — we can only wish.

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