A South African Engineer has invented a super car in his Limpopo village. The lover of sports cars says the slick red ride took him 3-years and over $13, 000 (R200, 000) to build.

Moses Ngobeni is a husband and a father of three. At a younger age, he had always nursed the idea of building a car. That engineering dream had directed his path up until his recent social media fame. 41-year old Moses who works as an electrical technician in Mpumalanga seems to be sharing a sentimental attachment with this cool ride. It is believed that the car has never moved beyond Moses’ village.

Eventually in the process of legally registering the automobile, the world got to see his wonderful creation. Moses who seemed to be having a sentimental attachment to the car had to tow the beautifully painted red car to a police station in Venda. The driver of the truck could not hide his amazement, hence he took pictures of it and shared them on social media. Impressively, the pictures generated countless positive comments, shares and likes.

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Moses Ngobeni said;

“Within an hour of those pictures going online I received several calls from strangers including journalists who asked for interviews, but I turned them down because the car was not finished yet.”

By 1994, Moses had started making sketches and by 2013 he was assembling the car. He obtained the motor parts and accessories via importation. Some he locally sourced and others were gotten from already made cars. The front lights for instance were removed from an Audi TT car model.

The 2-seater automobile is powered by a 2-litre BMW engine. It has a maximum speed of 250km per hour. Moses designed the exterior with local metal sheets. The super car also has a computer screen and airbags; plus protective aerodynamic features for emergency braking.

Of all amateur car inventions in Africa, this seems to be the only tech-friendly and most polished version. For instance the electronic system of this super car is connected to the inventor’s mobile phone.

This ‘virtually’ completed super car was a dream of his as a 19-year old engineer. He says the next will be a helicopter.

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