Africa's Largest Medical Research Centre

Godwin Maduka, a Nigerian-American billionaire is set launch Africa’s largest medical research centre.

Dr. Godwin Maduka is a brilliant and well-read personality – he obtained degrees in chemistry, pharmacy and medicine from prestigious institutions around the world.

The Harvard graduate is the founder of the Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center.

Earlier in the year, Dr Maduka was all over the media for his intimidating philanthropy. The medical/health enthusiast self-sponsored several multi-million naira project in his home town, Umuchukwu, Orumba South Local Government Area in Anambra State.

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The most striking of his generosity was providing shelter for about 100 widows and less privileged natives.

Now the billionaire and social observer is taking his kind heart to the health and education department. Dr Maduka has already started the construction of what will be Africa’s largest medical research centre; still in his home town.

The 15-storey complex is expected to be equipped with ultra-modern medical facilities. The structure will also help in the clinical training of medical students and serve as a support system for medical research and academics.

Nigerian media reports that the proposed Africa’s largest medical research centre will serve as Anambra state University College of Medicine on a temporal bases.

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“I am living the American dream and I’m doing all I can through philanthropy to help the people where I came from live a better life. It is so small that almost everybody there is either related by blood or marriage.” Dr. Godwin Maduka

Some of the philanthropic projects of Dr Maduka includes: 100 motorbike donation to the less privileged and the unemployed; renovation of the post office and police facilities; establishment of schools, a hospital; religious buildings(church); the grant of scholarships to University students within and outside Nigeria; amongst others.