Africa’s First Solar And Kinetic-Powered Pitch Unveiled In Lagos

Africa, the sun continent doesn’t seem to be lagging behind on Solar-powered inventions.

In December 2015, a solar-powered pitch which also uses kinetic energy from the movements of the players was unveiled in Lagos, Nigeria. the exhibit of this new innovation is based on a collaboration between; Multinational energy company, Shell; international African music star, Akon ; and Pavegen a pioneering UK-based technological company.

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solar powered pitch

The project is a derivative of Shell’s #MakeTheFuture campaign which seeks to use bright technological ideas submitted to them for the betterment of local and unprivileged communities.

Pavegen, who are known for their advanced kinetic technology convert the energy created from the players footsteps to electricity through the tiles  that are installed beneath the turf.

kemball cook , akon , and kids

“Each tile produces up to 7 watts of power per footstep,” says Pavegen founder Lauren Kemball-Cook in an interview with FRI. “If you had 8 people continuously walking over the tiles you could produce up to 56 watts of power continuously.” In combination with the use of solar-panels, this proves a real formidable innovation.

The pitch is situated at the federal College Of Education in Yaba, Lagos. The school’s provost, Dr. Sijibomi O. Olusanya made a statement supporting the installation of the pitch and the immense benefits it brings to the community. He said,

“We have more than 10,000 student teachers, who will benefit from this innovative solution to light our football pitch.

“They will be the next generation of teachers across Nigeria and can use their first-hand experience of this pitch to inspire their pupils that they too can work towards developing bright energy ideas that could make a real difference to their community, Nigeria or even the world.

“Not only our students, but also the community that surrounds us will all get to benefit from this pitch for years to come.”

akon on the solar and kinetic powered pitch

We are proud of everyone involved in this project, especially Akon who has  been committed to the distribution of renewable energy in Africa through his Akon Lighting Africa Initiative.