Afro Pondo Hairstyles For Black Ladies

Afro Pondo hairstyle is a term used to describe a set of a variety of hairstyles in which the natural or artificial hair is packed and bonded together at the top into a bun. The hairstylist usually uses gel cream or similar hair care products to relax the hair surface to make it look shinier and glamourous. Mostly common amongst African women, and African-American women who have short hair. They are suitable for both natural and relaxed hair, whether long or short.

The hairstyle is sometimes done with a sophisticated braid dropping into a long ponytail for hair that is a bit longer, or as a bun, afro or styled with attachment weave on such as kinky curl or extension, it usually looks cool on well relaxed and conditioned hair. It is quite easier to make the hair for white women due to their natural long hair, however, women with shorter hair can also make it with the help of an attachment or hair extension.

Most worthy of note, or why most women go for this hairstyle is that it is easier and faster to achieve within a short period of time, and it involves less stress. It also gives room for creativity. The bonded hair can be turned into any style the wearer decides, could be made into a ponytail, a bun, and can be knotted. One other thing to note is that it is assumed cheap to make as well.

Latest Pondo Hairstyle For Black Women

Afro Pondo Hairstyles
Afro Pondo Hairstyles

The Pondo hairstyle, being most common amongst black women, is not generally referred to as Pondo in every region. In West Africa, Nigeria, it is called the Packing Gel Hairstyle, amongst African American Ladies it is called Black Updo Hairstyle, and generally called afro Pondo in southern Africa and amongst South African ladies.

If faced with the dilemma of which Pondo gel hairstyle to make with the structure of your face in mind, here is a guide to a list of trending hairstyles rocking the waves for Black South African women.

South African Pondo Hairstyles

Here are the most recent South African Pondo hairstyles to select from

High Bun

An ideal Pondo hairdo to make when you don’t need hair extension touching the skin surface is the high bun. Here, all the hair is pulled to the middle of the head, then packed together into a high bun. This style suits women with round faces and makes their face looks smaller.

An important feature of this hairstyle is that it is easy to make and self achievable, however, a downside to it is that it may result in hair loss mostly at the scalp of the forehead if the hair is tightly packed. This hairstyle suits all occasions and has been rocked by many famous people.

Two Bun Pondo Hairstyles

Double Bun Pondo
Double Bun Pondo

The two bun pondo or double bun pondo hairstyle is a restyling of the high bun, however, instead of having only one bun after packing the hair, the wearer has the hair knotted into a double bun.

It is believed the hair is made popular by Star Wars’ Princess Leia, a 1980s icon, a feminist hero, and a model for other adventure heroines. The two bun pondo gives the wearer a look of maturity and youthfulness at the same time and it goes well with all occasions be it formal or not. Younger girls are fond of this hairstyle.

The Bantu Knots

A popular hairstyle amongst the Zulu natives of South Africa. The Bantu knot is a hairstyle that is made by twisting a portion of the hair wrapped around itself into smaller buns thereby forming several knots. The hairstyle became even more popular globally after celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Mel B shared photos of themselves wearing the hairstyle.

When making this hairstyle, the partitioning of the hair plays a key role in how the hairstyle will look. Bantu knot hairstyle goes with all face symmetry and can be easily achieved, however, if the knots are too tight, it brings pain. To get the best result, it is advisable to make the knots with a front brush, that way, the buns are not too tight.

The Afro Bun Pondo

When in a rush to go out or just feeling lazy to make a new hairstyle, but still want to look sophisticated in your own way, the afro bun pondo might just be the style you need. The big bun is made by packing the hair from all ends to the middle of the head and holding it into an afro bun.

Very easy to make, the Afro bun is made effortlessly and costs less to achieve. Celebrities like Alicia Keys have been spotted severally with this hairstyle.

High Bun With Fringe Pondo

Hairstylists have a variety of styles to pick from when making pondo. The fun side of making pondo is that it can be combined with a variety of hairstyles like the fringe. Fringe, sometimes called bangs, are hairstyles that allow locks of hair to fall over the scalp’s frontline and give cover to the forehead.

This hairstyle gives women with pronounced foreheads the advantage of rocking the pondo hairstyle. Because the high bun brings out a full feature of the face, the fringe helps to conceal the forehead. However, ladies should be wary of making this hairstyle as it does not suit all.

Double Afro Bun

The double afro bun is another variety of the afro bun that has two large afro buns knotted opposites each other on both sides of the head. Like the afro bun, it is easy to achieve, but the double afro bun is more intentional than the single afro bun.

The double afro bun gives a simple look and suits younger women. it can also be styled in a variety of ways like adding braids that fall at the front of the hair. This hairstyle also suits all occasions.

Curly Pondo Hairstyles

Curly Pondo hairstyles sometimes referred to as gel hairstyles or styling gel hairstyles are those varieties of pondo hairstyles that are achieved by using gels or similar creams to either style or lay the hair surface to relax before packing the bun.

They are glamorous and give a classy look to almost anybody having them on. Below are some of the curly pondos making waves.

Gel Styles With Weave On

Gel With Weavon
Gel With Weavon

Most popularly used by women who go for the Pondo hairstyle, this can be achieved with the use of a weave on and be made into curls, curvy curls, long or short. Mostly suited for women with round faces. This simple hairstyle is mostly used for occasions such as wedding receptions.

Many black women do not have long hair, so to get the perfect effect of this hairstyle, artificial hair or attachment is usually added to the natural hair.

Braids With Pondo Style

Braids With Pondo
Braids With Pondo

Newer braids style are emerging under the pondo hairstyle. Popular braiding hairstyles for pondo used to be Butterfly and French braids, the latest style is the loose braids gel hairstyle. To achieve the loose braid, hair extension needs to be added to the natural hair to get pony. Braids with pondo hairstyles give a classy look and can be done for all events or occasions. It suits round faces and can be made for all ages.

Centered Parted With Afro Ponytail

Centered Parted Pondo
Centered Parted Pondo

For lovers of parted hairstyles, the gel styling allows for much expression of what one intends to achieve. Here, the parting is done at the center of the hair which gives a fuller and cute look. It suits most head shapes.

Center parted styles are simple to make and it goes well with oval faces.

Gel Styling With Bantu Knots

Gel with bantu knots
Gel with Bantu knots

This is a traditional hairstyle remodeled for modern women. The hair is bonded together in smaller knots and then styled with gel around the knots. Fine styles and designs are sometimes styled around the surfaces of the hair. It is a beautiful and classy hairstyle and can be achieved on long or short hair.

The Bantu knots hairstyle became more popular after celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce were spotted with it on their heads. It is easy to achieve and pocket-friendly.

Rubber Band Gel Hairstyle

rubber band gel hairstyles
Rubber Band Gel Hairstyles

A trending hairstyle appropriate for any age group, hair type, or hair length. All that is needed is a rubber band pack of choice used in bonding the hair and then styled with gel to give that beautiful look.

When making the style, be sure not to bond the hair too tight with the rubber bands to avoid cases of hair loss. When made with a variety of colored rubber bands, it gives the hair a colorful look. This hairstyle is more often done by kids.

Long Pondo Hairstyles

Long pondos are mostly ponytails, however, varieties are beginning to emerge as stylists are exploring newer combinations of the style. Here is a list of long pondos to try on.


This hairstyle is one of the oldest and classiest trendy pondo hairstyles amongst African women. Ponytail has birthed many varieties of pondo hairstyles and it can be self achievable. The style is made using gels to curl the hair surface while packing the hair into a bun that falls behind like a ponytail.

The ponytail is an intentional hairstyle that gives the wearer the attention it was made to draw. Ponytail pondo can be made for any kind of event, it is a common hairstyle amongst brides on their wedding day.

Afro Ponytail

Afro Ponytail
Afro Ponytail

The Afro Ponytail redefines the ponytail with the afro fall instead of a ponytail-like fall. Afro ponytail is a trending pondo hairstyle amongst South African ladies. The style suits all faces and is meant for all ages.

This hairstyle is not an easy one to make, nevertheless, it can be achieved by sewing the afro pony into the hair.

Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail
Bubble Ponytail

Best for smaller faces, the bubble pony adds volume to the face, giving a bold and attractive look. Boity Thulo, a South African celebrity has been spotted rocking this hairstyle during one of her photoshoots.

The bubble ponytail is made by bonding the ponytail into bubbles or smaller balls. it’s a shouty hairstyle as it seeks to announce the entrance of those wearing it. Bold earrings are advised to be used to balance the appearance. Alicia Keys has been spotted with this hairstyle in her music video.

Brush Ghana Braid Pondo

Best suited for persons with round or oval faces, the Ghana braids pondo sees the front hair braided into two bold braids and the rest packed into a ponytail bun that falls backward. Identified as one of the classiest pondo hairstyles, the Ghana braids pondo can be rocked for occasions such as weddings or other events. It uses fewer gel creams and could last longer.

Braids With a Gel-up Ponytail

Braids with Gel-up Pondo
Braids with Gel-up Pondo

Also known as half braid, half gel-up ponytail, this hairstyle gives you the room to braid and gel up at the same time. The downside is that it will only be perfect for people with full hair so as to ensure the hair doesn’t look scanty like hair loss.

Braids with a gel-up ponytail are made by using gel or similar packing cream to pack the front hair into a bun while braiding the back up to meet the bun and then the knotted bun falls backward like a ponytail.

Braided Pony Pondo

Unlike the normal ponytail known for being usually loose, the braided ponytail has the ponies braided and looks better if the pony is a long one. Braided ponytail pondo is one of the easiest to make pondo hairstyles and doesn’t cost much to make due to the extension or attachment being easily affordable.

Braided ponytails are classy and can be made for all kinds of events or even photoshoots.

Double Braided Ponytails

Double Braid Ponytail
Double Braid Ponytail

A single braided ponytail is lit, but a double braided ponytail is on fire. A double braided ponytail is a pondo hairstyle mostly worn by the younger age grade. This hairstyle when made will have you looking like Hailey Quinn, but with two cute braided ponies instead of one.

Double braids ponytail is mostly suited for informal occasions or events like weddings and parties.

Low Ponytail Hairstyles

Low Ponytail
Low Ponytail

This new style is now common amongst brides and bridesmaids. it brings out the face and adds confidence to your looks. This can be achieved by twisting the tail into a unique roller and letting it fall free at the ends. It is mostly preferred due to the simplicity of making the style.

This hairstyle gives much room for the stylist to experiment with new styles. Low ponytail gives you a mature look, the downside of it is that it can only be made for ladies with long natural hair.

How To Make Afro Pondo Hairstyle

Most Afro Pondo styles are very simple to make. You can make them yourself by just facing the mirror. However, there are some that are very complicated and one will need help from friends or a stylist.

Basic Materials Needed To Make Afro Pondo

  • Water
  • Hair conditioner
  • Styling Gel
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Rubber Band
  • Weavon/Attachment

Steps In Making Afro Pondo

Step 1

  • Get the pony set, if you need to add an extension for long ponies
  • Dampen the hair with water
  • Apply the hair conditioner
  • Allow hair to soften a little

Step 2

  • Apply hair cream and comb the hair
  • Apply the gel using the hands. could be done stylishly
  • Pull the hair back to the middle of the head and use a rubber band to hold it together
  • Style the hair with a brush
  • Add the extension for cases of attachments needed for long ponies


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