Before the African continent embraced more of the idea of feminine inclusiveness, the music industry already had female icons that purely and proudly represented Africa with their vocal talents.

Africa has a growing number of female singers whose vocals and artistry have registered originality and undiluted talent.

It is not a surprise that some artistes step into the scene and before you know it, they fade off, such are not the likes of the Iconic female vocalists to be celebrated in this article.

From times past till now the industry and Africa at large have witnessed these one of a kind sensational divas; they have and keep entertaining Africa.

To make this list therefore, the artists must be African, have incredible vocals and effortlessly original. These are iconic figures whose core African essence has engaged and entertained Africa over time; they are Africa’s own Afrocentric sensational divas of all time.

13. Ego


A one time lead vocalist for Lagbaja’s Crooner band. In 2007 she left the band and 3 years later she debuted her solo album and subsequently started her solo career. Ego Ogbaro is one of those singers who always knew they were innately gifted in music.

According to the talented vocalist, she knew she could sing and appreciated music but never imagined it would serve as her source of livelihood. Her vocals in Lagbaja’s Never Far Away, amongst others remain a stunner of all time.

12. Asa


Bukola Elemide, another afrocentric diva in dreadlocks, professionally known as Asa which in her Yoruba tribe means Eagle. For real we can say she isn’t living far from the height and qualities of an eagle.

The soul singer made a debut in the music industry in a vibrantly unique style, the typical nerd girl next door. Her Fire On The Mountain album was a masterpiece, little did we know that what was ahead was much more.

Sometimes she sounds spiritual, philosophical, or simply playful; but in all, her lyrics are always thoughtful enough to provoke a positive change in the society.

Asa is diversely unique and is practically in charge of her style and brand. With a blend of English and her native language, the France born songstress efficiently relates to her people and the world in general. Asa is one Afrocentric diva to listen to.

11. Chidimma


Sometimes the winners of reality shows are just as popular as the duration of the show; but Chidimma is still in the successful business of justifying her crown as the winner of the third season of MTN Project Fame West Africa.

The 24-year-old is one of the leading ladies in the industry. For her originality in music she has earned herself several reputable awards. Her songs are usually themed around everyday life or a simply fun-loving experience.

10. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade1

Yemi is the modern Afro-pop sensation of the 21st century. She made her first entry into the music world by emerging the winner of the Nigerian Peak Talent Hunt Show in 2009.

In 2013 Yemi graced the music world with Johnny, a fun song that has earned her quite a number of collaborations and performances. Yemi is that performer that wholly and authentically exudes core African-ness by way of vocals, lyrics, costume and performance(dance).

Together with other trail blazers like Nigerian soul performer Bez, they made the theme song for the UNESCO World Book Capital 2014.