Afton Smith – Bio, Kids and What Led To Her Divorce From Brendan Fraser

Afton Smith is an American film and television actress who became topnotch after she got married to Brendan Fraser; a Canadian-American actor. She nursed dreams of becoming a superstar in Hollywood as a child and made her debut in the film Less Than Zero way back in 1987. Consequently, she got other roles and played excellently well including her mega role in the movie George Of The Jungle where she starred alongside her husband Brendan.

As time went on, she played a good wife until April 2008 when she backed out of her marriage after having had three sons. Questions have been raised about her divorce and we are about to tell you how it all started including details about her person. So Read on!

Afton Smith’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Afton Smith was born on the 3rd day in the month of Christmas 1967 in Northport, Long Island, New York. Due to her place of birth, she holds an American nationality and is of a white heritage. There are neither records indicating that the actress went to school nor are there records that she was homeschooled. Being a very private person, she has also withheld information regarding her childhood background and family.

Being on the big screens in Hollywood is not easily attained but Afton Smith had nursed the dream of being a Hollywood superstar for a while and strategically pursued it. She made her debut in the film Less Than Zero (1987) but she didn’t get any other roles until after four years, in 1991 when she starred in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. Her role in the movie took her to stardom and opened the door to a lot of other roles. After that, she played an excellent role in the romantic comedy-drama film, Reality Bites (1994) then, she appeared in the movie George of the Jungle (1997) which sealed her a public recognition.

She worked the movie George of the Jungle with her husband after which she retired from acting. This meant that her career as an actress can only boast of four movies. On leaving the path of an actress, she published a book titled Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado, published in 2004.

Meet Her Ex-Husband and Kids

Afton Smith met her better half Brendan Fraser at the filming of the movie Reality Bites. They were introduced by the producer of the movie Winona Ryder at a barbecue. The chemistry between them was instant and they started dating. Although she is a year older than Fraser, the two were born on the same day but in different years.

They dated for four years and finally got engaged sometime in the month of October 1997. Almost a year later, precisely in September 1998, they took their vows at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.

Afton Smith
Afton Smith and Ex-husband; Brendan Fraser.

Consequently, they had their first son, Griffin Arthur Fraser on September 17, 2002, their second son, Holden Fletcher Fraser came along on August 16, 2004, and they crowned it all with their third son, Leland Francis Fraser who came to be on May 2, 2006.

The Real Reson Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser Divorced

It looked like all was going well for Smith and Fraser as they were prone to massive PDA, but their fans never knew that behind the curtains, a lot of things were out of place. Exactly one year and seven months after their last son was born, Brendan made a public announcement that they had decided to quit the marriage.

Their separation was not easily attained as it involved a lot of drama. First Brendan intended to separate from her without taking due responsibilities, however, the court seeing how buoyant the actor was, gave a standing order that he pays her $900,000 of annual alimony and settles her with $50,000 monthly in alimony and an additional $300,000 a year for child support.

After a while, Brendan appealed to the court to reduce the stipulated amounts indicating that he was no longer active on the screens and he was also having health issues. He backed these reasons with a detailed document containing expenditures made concerning his health.

On Afton Smith’s part, she believed her husband was lying as he recently hit a jackpot in a movie role before their divorce. She further buttressed her points stipulating that her ex-husband was hiding his assets. The court later saw reasons with Brendan and finally reduced the alimony.

The divorce caused a lot of chaos especially among their individual fans and has also earned Afton the nickname gold digger by the host of fans who supported Brendan. A few others stood in support of Afton’s claim that Brendan could be hiding his assets.

The reasons behind their divorce have been linked to Brendan’s affair with fellow actress Maria Bello who become close to after they filming a movie together in China. As expected, fans have been on the lookout to know the status of the rumour but until date, the rumour has not been confirmed. Afton Smith has not been seen with anyone since the divorce, she has also been busy with mommy duties.

What Is Her Net Worth Now?

Prior to the divorce with her husband, some records have it that she was estimated to be worth $3 million in early 2018. Other records have their doubts, insinuating that her worth should be more than that especially based on the fact that she earns a whopping $900,000 annually in alimony.


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