Age and Biography of Galaletsang Koffman From The River

Galaletsang Koffman is fast becoming a household name in South Africa. The 26 year old talented youngster is an actress and model who has been involved in quite a few projects in her career. Her role as Beauty on the TV show, The River, shot her to prominence and has remained her best-known work to date. She is also notable for depicting Musa on Thula’s Vine, but there’s much more to know about the South African actress beyond her job in the showbiz industry. For one, she was not raised in the city.

Profile Summary Of Galaletsang Koffman

  • Full Name: Galaletsang Koffman
  • Date of Birth: March 4, 1995
  • Age: 26
  • Place of Birth: Pretoria, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Education: AFDA Cape Town
  • Parents: N/A
  • Occupation: Actress, Model
  • Years Active: 2015-present
  • Net Worth: $950,000 (est.)

Galaletsang Koffman Was Born In Pretoria But Grew Up In Makapanstad

While her place of birth is given as Pretoria, South Africa, Galaletsang was actually raised in Makapanstad, a village in the North West. The actress confirmed this in an interview when she stated that she was born in Legae hospital, Pretoria on the 4th March of 1995. However, she didn’t say why she was eventually raised in Makapanstand, which may be because her parents were not together.

Galaletsang is the first child of her mother and the middle child of her dad. In all, she has six siblings, all brothers, but we can’t say if they all grew up in the same home as it appears her father was in another relationship. It is also not known if any of her siblings are in the spotlight like her. Galaletsang doesn’t talk about her father often unlike her grandmother, her aunt, and her mother who she says inspires her the most.

Acting For Her Began In Primary School

Galaletsang Koffman is one of those entertainers who knew what they wanted to do right from childhood. This is why she started acting in her primary school, taking part in school plays. Going over to high school, her passion for the arts persisted and she continued to make the most of it by taking up drama as a course. At this stage, Galaletsang began taking her acting career seriously and had her mind made up on the career path to follow.

To further boost her chances in the competitive entertainment industry, Ms, Koffman chose to study at AFDA, formerly known as Africa Film Drama Art, which is described as a school for the creative economy. Subsequently, she received her first degree; a BA in live performance at AFDA. She also went for her postgrad in the same prestigious institution and still has dreams of furthering her education beyond that.

Galaletsang Began Her Career As A Promo Girl

The story behind the successful actress you see today started as a promo girl. Galaletsang was doing this job while in school. She recalled the first real job that she got paid to do was when she did promotions for JIK. She and other people were recruited to hand brochures to people at a taxi rank and equally tell them to buy the product. It wasn’t the job she dreamed of but she had to do it at the time to keep things going while she was preparing herself for the bigger picture.

In 2015, the young lady made her official debut as an actress on the set of The Road. She played the role of Lefentse on the TV show before appearing as Sbosh in the LoveLife production, Foxy Chix. At this stage in her life, Galaletsang Koffman was beginning to take her acting career seriously, studying the craft in school to equip herself.

The Actress Became Famous For Her Role in The River

Among all the projects Galaletsang Koffman has embarked on as an actress, her role as Beauty in The River TV show is the most prominent. Beauty is a young aspiring beautician who is often misunderstood. She already owns a salon and the young entrepreneur is always about living life to the fullest and taking advantage of every opportunity that will bring money.

Though she plays the role well enough, Galaletsang has made it clear that her real-life personality and story are quite different from Beauty. For one, she is privileged to be educated and can speak good English while Beauty doesn’t have such privileges. The actress shares the screen on The River with industry veteran Sandi Dlathu.

Before The River, Galaletsang had done quite a few works on both the big screen and the small screen. However, she is more focused on movies than TV series. In all, she has been in four mainstream TV shows, including The Road and Isithembiso. In 2019, she made an appearance in the short drama Woooye & Collie and the film Uye & Kholi the same year.

She Has Accrued A Reasonable Net Worth and Recognition

As of 2021, estimates on her net worth portray the figure around $950,000 and $1 million. The fortune was majorly accumulated through her acting career and other endeavors the hard-working actress has embarked on.

With her stunning features, the 26-year-old has also ventured into modeling, taking advantage of her fame as an actress. She currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa, where her career has the right platform to thrive.

Galaletsang Koffman was nominated for best actress for her role as Mmabatho in the film Lucky. For now, there is no record of any award won by her but her career is still in the budding stage and she still has her years in front of her.

<strong>Highlights Of Her Major Acting Works</strong>

  • Thula’s Vine (TV Series) as Musa – 2017
  • The River (TV Series)  as Beauty – 2018
  • Uye & Kholi (Short) as Kholi – 2019

Who is Galaletsang Dating?

Galaletsang has not stayed so long in the movie industry but she is fast gaining fans. The actress already has thousands of followers on her Instagram where she gives her fans insights into her life, although she hardly posts anything about her love life on social media. However, there are tidbits about her being in a relationship with a photographer named Thapelo Mabotja but nothing has been confirmed by the actress.

She is close friends with fellow actress Keke Mphuthi and they often hang out together and look out for themselves.

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