22-Year-Old Agnes Ng’ang’a Built A Multi-Million Business In Six Months

Agnes Ng’ang’a is one of Kenya’s fastest rising entrepreneurs. Although she grew up in a low-income home, the 22 year old didn’t see that as an obstacle to achieving her dreams.

Ng’ang’a is the CEO of International Brand Solutions (IBS), a research marketing company which helps in re-branding businesses to meet demand and its target audience.

Agnes Ng’ang’a grew up in Kwangware slums on the outskirts of Nairobi’s city center. She started out selling pencils and eggs in primary school to her classmates. After her primary education, she got a scholarship to study in Ngara Girls High School in Nairobi, Kenya.

Selling pencils gave Ng’ang’a an insight to being an entrepreneur. Although her parents divorced at a young age, she remained undeterred in achieving her dreams.

Ng’ang’a’s IBS which is worth 6 million Kenyan Shillings has so far worked for  Instyle, Sufuria.com, Atlas, Cake-city and Plumbing Doctors with big hopes of working with bigger companies in Kenya such as Safaricom and Airtel.

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Ng’ang’a says one of the setbacks of her company involves getting companies to agree to a rebrand as some of them are usually unwilling to. Also the time span given to her team to complete their task is usually below what she would recommend, hence putting a strain on their ability to complete the work.

She also admits that her age sometimes poses a challenge, as she’s deemed too young.

“There is no law prohibiting youth from becoming billionaires at a young age, stereotyping of wealth associated to the youth should stop, beauty aside – who said that a woman cannot climb up a ladder without connections from a godfather?” she said.

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Girl Empowerment

She now plans to start a girl empowerment scheme to mentor girls who wish to be a part of the business because according to her, “the current generation of girls are not well groomed for the future.”

She wants girls to give as much attention as they give to beauty and fame to their education and advancing their career.