Agnes Wilczynski – Bio, Net Worth and Family Facts

Agnes Wilczynski is a not too popular sales coordinator, estimator, and reality TV personality who has managed to remain on the hideout, unlike other celebrities who cling to fame. She is best recognized for her involvement in the television reality show Tanked and has helped in seeing to the growth of an organization named Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM).

Despite that, the reality television star has consciously managed to keep most of her personal details away from the public. However, here is what we were able to dig up about her.

Agnes Wilczynski’s Biography

The media personality was born as Agnes Jadwiga Wilczynski in Poland, on the 17th of May 1977. A rather reserved personality, not a lot is known about her early life as well as her educational pursuits.

As regarding her immediate family, she relocated alongside her older brother, Arthur from Poland to New York when she was about six years old. The siblings never returned to their home and have lived in New York City for over three decades and counting.

Career Achievements

While growing up, Agnes Wilczynski did several menial jobs in order to survive in New York. She first worked as a hairstylist before taking a job as a sales rep. It was while on her second job she met Wayde King who is the co-founder of the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) aquarium company. After creating a relationship with Wayde, he helped her deals in purchasing a Porsche.

No one knows exactly what happened to the car in the latter years, but there are claims that whatever happened had resulted in her participation in the television reality show, Tanked. Ever since Agnes Wilczynski joined the show, she has made several appearances and is currently the lead estimator and Sales Coordinator with ATM.

Net Worth

Of a certainty, Agnes Wilczynski has made a fortune from her position as a television reality star. Sadly, her total net worth is yet to be made public. However, some sources have claimed that her net worth falls between $5 million and $8 million, this remains only but mere speculations due to insufficient facts.


It is quite a task to tell if the Agnes Wilczynski is either married, divorced, or single. She is tight-lipped and has barely revealed anything pertaining to her personal life or facts that she was probably once married, still searching or living the best life as a single lady.

Nevertheless, there are claims insinuating that she was once married to Brett Raymer; a co-star on the television reality show Tanked. To date, no one knows the bridge of truth to this statement but an episode of the television show gave hints that this claims may likely be true. On that episode, the co-actors were said to have been married and given the titles ex’.

Also, many have claimed that it may likely be the faults of the producers of the show or they spilled the beans unintentionally. If we were to judge by the relationship of the alleged couple on the show, it is quite professional and may never give us leads to knowing the true facts. So, as it stands, there is either an atom of truth in what was revealed or the celebrities are excellent with concealing that part of their lives from the public. Moreover, Agnes and Brett’s sister, Heather King are best of friends.

Agnes Wilczynski
Agnes Wilczynski and Heather King

Heather King is also part of the show Tanked, she is quite creative as she and Agnes Wilczynski often times go overboard with creating beautiful things on the show. Moreso, Agnes on her part has often times uploaded several photos of her younger self and Heather giving us leads that the two have spent over a couple of years together as friends.

To date, Brett Raymer has only mentioned that he tried marriage twice and failed woefully in both. The identity of the first two ladies he divorced is still pretty much a mystery but he is currently engaged to Trisha Chamberlain. More so, he and Agnes Wilczynski are yet to publicly address the rumor of their togetherness as couples.

For the now, Agnes Wilczynski is most likely single, as there are no claims insinuating otherwise. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to believe that a pretty, well-calculated lady like Agnes has never been romantically involved with anyone.

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