Ahn Hyo-seop – Inside The Life of South Korean Singer and Actor

We have seen a plethora of talented South Korean entertainers who are making waves in entertainment worldwide, notable among them is Ahn Hyo-seop, a fine blend of many talents. He is all of an actor and musician among other talents and is exploring the industry under the stable of Starhaus Entertainment’s One o One with his debut accomplished in 2015. Since then, the young entertainer has appeared in several productions which include the likes of My Father Is Strange, Still 17 and Abyss.

His skills and efforts have not gone without rewards as Ahn has bagged quite a few prestigious awards and nominations in his short period in the industry. Read on to get the full scoop.

Ahn Hyo-seop’s Age and Early Life

Being born in Seoul, South Korea makes Ahn Hyo-seop a South Korean national, however, he relocated to Canada with his parents at a very young age but eventually made the return journey to his home country as a grown-up. The famed actor has his date of birth recorded as the 17th of April 1995 which means that he still has his years in front of him. There are no details on the identities of his parents and their professions have never made it out to the public. However, it is common knowledge that the Korean native is not an only child, he was brought up alongside an older sister and an older brother, but their names are not known.

Coming to the young entertainer’s academic qualifications, information on his early education is sadly lacking, but according to his records, Ahn Hyo-seop is an alumnus of Kookmin University, from where he graduated with a major in International Business. The famed artist has proficiency in English language.

His career in the entertainment industry took-off with acting but he later branched into music in 2018. The singer is an animal lover, who has a cat as a house pet. His areas of specialties include piano, singing, dance, as well as violin.


Ahn Hyo-seop is a tall guy standing at a great height of 6 feet 2 inches which is approximately 188cm. He balances his gigantic height on a commensurate body weight recorded as 70 kg. The handsome actor cum musician sports brown hair with eyes of similar color.

Other Interesting Facts

His television series exploits

Ahn Hyo-seop
Ahn Hyo-seop on the set of Abyss image source

Since his debut in 2015, Ahn Hyo-seop has recorded a good number of productions under his belt. His first year saw the actor breathing life into the character of Park Yeon on the set of the MBC series titled Splash Splash Love. The next year being 2016, Ahn was featured in another MBC production titled One More Happy Ending, playing the role of Ahn Jung-woo. Before the end of the year, he surfaced as Choi Chul-soo in Happy Home which also came from the MBC network. That same year, he also portrayed Ji-noo in Entertainer – an SBS series.

With the advent of 2017, an MBC production popularly known as Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring cast him in the role of Park Se-gun. The actor’s other 2017 efforts include the likes of My Father Is Strange – a KBS2 program where he portrayed Park Chul-soo, and an ABS project Still 17 where he played Yoo Chan. Ahn Hyo-seop was on YoTube Red as part of the cast of Top Management, giving expression to the role of Soo-yong. The following year, he came as Cha Min on TVN series Abyss. The entertainment expert already has work mapped out for 2020 when he is scheduled to show up in the second season of SBS’ Romantic Doctor Kim as Seo Woo-jin.

Nominations and awards

In 2016, the TV series titled Happy Home saw the young actor nominated for the 35th MBC Drama Awards in the category of Best New Actor. However, Ahn Hyo-seop bagged his initial award the following year, thanks to his role in My Father is Strange, the award which came from 2nd Asia Artist Awards was under the category of Rookie Award. The 26th SBS Drama Awards recognized the actor with a couple of accolades for his stellar outing in Still 17 in 2018. First, he was a nominee for Best Character and he later won the one for Best New Actor. The young actor’s role in Abyss also saw him nominated for Best New Actor at the 12th Korea Drama Awards in 2019.

He also has variety shows stints

From the inception of his career to date, Ahn Hyo-seop has only surfaced in a couple of variety shows – he joined the second season of TVN’s Always Cantare where he had a cameo appearance. He also recorded a minor part as a cast member on the set of Celebrity Bromance – Chuseok Special.


His music career commenced in 2018 when Ahn Hyo-seop joined the group known as S.O.U.L. They proceeded to release an album of the same name with four tracks – Gravity, Get Myself With You, Me In, and Sugar Cane. He performed in I Will Show You with Z.Hera for Top Management (TV series) OST. He is also part of One O One, alongside others like Kwon DoHyun, Kwak SiYang, and Song WonSeok. Ahn is good friends with Jackson from GOT7 as both underwent training with JYP Entertainment.

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