Airtel Customer Care Number or Code and The Services They Can Help You With In Nigeria

Telecommunication providers are quite acquainted with the challenges that come with their line of business, especially when it has to do with network or data issues. A good number of these companies, including the very popular Airtel, have customer care units that operate round the clock. The services of the customer care units can be accessed online or at their offices and retail shops. More so, Airtel provides its users with a self-care portal to enhance their experience while using their network.

Airtel Customer Care Numbers

Even though Airtel is one of the major telecommunication providers in Nigeria, it is not exempted from the usual challenges associated with its kind of business that range from network issues to data problems and other diverse customer complaints. In a bid to cater to the needs of its customers, Airtel has created various platforms customers can be attended to. These customer care contact numbers and codes are:

  1. Dial 111 or 121 – If you are an Airtel prepaid subscriber, you can call any of these numbers to speak with a customer care agent.
  2. Dial +234 0802 150 0111 – Prepaid non-Airtel subscribers can simply call this number to speak to an agent.
  3. Dial 131 – Postpaid Airtel users can reach a customer care agent with this number.
  4. Dial +234 0802 150 0131 – For Postpaid non-Airtel users to contact the Airtel customer care unit.

N.B: While Airtel subscribers (both prepaid users and postpaid users), can call any of the customer care numbers for free, the same does not apply for non-Airtel subscribers who wish to speak to a customer service agent. The calls they make from their non-Airtel sim cards will be charged at standard call rates.

When is The Best Time To Call the Airtel Customer Care Unit?

It is common for subscribers of any telecommunication network to encounter some sort of waiting time when they call the customer care unit. This not entirely the fault of the customer care agent as they tend to have a lot on their hands and attending to numerous persons at the same time can be quite tedious.

While some people would prefer to call customer care agents in the morning, some might opt for late-night hours citing that by then, the customer care agents would be able to attend to them promptly. However, this is not the norm as you might still experience long waiting hours at night too. For Airtel customer care, the same applies but be rest assured that no matter the waiting time involved someone would definitely pick up and attend to you.

Other Ways You Can Reach Airtel Customer Care Unit

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Apart from the numerous call lines that Airtel prepaid, postpaid and non-Airtel subscribers can use to contact its customer care unit, the telecommunication service provider has also devised several alternative means to reach their customer care unit.

1. Via Email

An alternative way which is also a very reliable way to reach an Airtel customer care agent is by email. Both Airtel and non-Airtel subscribers can use the email address, [email protected] to send a message to an Airtel customer care agent and they should be assured that the response to their message will be sent within a few minutes.

2. Visiting Airtel Offices

Airtel users who are close to any of their offices or Airtel retail stores can easily sort the issue they have by visiting the nearest Airtel office or retail store. While they are there, an Airtel customer representative will be available to attend to them. For customers close to the Banana Island axis, you can easily visit the Airtel head office located at Plot L2 Banana Island, Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Via Social Media

Nowadays, it is common to find that most companies have various social media pages on which they interact with their customers. Airtel Nigeria is not left out on this trend as they can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter amongst others. Therefore, customers who have any inquiries to make or complaints to lodge can easily do so on any of these social media platforms. This method is also ranked as very reliable as you can reach a customer care agent 24/7.

Can Airtel Customer Care Be Reached Via Live Chat?

Live chat is one of the quick ways many telecommunication providers have turned to attend to their customers. The platform makes it very easy for customers to send in their inquiries and complaints via a dialogue box that is usually found on the company’s website pages. However, Airtel is yet to include this means as one of the ways for its customers to reach the customer care unit.

The Different Issues Airtel Customer Service Can Help You Fix

As one of the popular telecommunication service providers, Airtel aims at ensuring that its subscribers have the best experience using the network and this gave rise to the creation of the customer service unit. This section of the company caters to the diverse needs of customers which are highlighted below:

  1. Activation or Deactivation of SMS Based services billed on your Airtel line.
  2. Activation or Deactivation of notifications being sent to your Airtel line.
  3. How to locate the nearest Airtel retail outlet in your vicinity.
  4. How to subscribe to any data bundle.
  5. Which tariff plan to use in order to make cheap calls to other networks within Nigeria.
  6. How to enjoy any voice bonus you might have earned.
  7. How to get double recharge offers.
  8. How to deactivate your existing data bundle.
  9. The best way to use your social data bundle to surf the internet.
  10. Easy and quick ways to configure your Airtel line for data.

Issues That Can Be Sorted Out On The Airtel Self-care Portal

For Airtel subscribers who do not want to go through customer care agents to get their issues sorted out, they can easily log in to the Airtel self-care portal to fix any problem they have. Some of the issues the portal can help you with include:

  1. To view your data balances, usage, and expiration date.
  2. Buy or borrow both data and airtime with ease.
  3. To opt-in or out of any service of your choice.
  4. Block your line or pack your line.
  5. Swapping of SIM.
  6. View and pay postpaid bills.
  7. To see your loyalty status and withdraw the rewards.
  8. Gift data to family and friends with ease.
  9. Configure your internet settings.
  10. Log any complaint you may have.
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