Airtel Data Plans, Their Bundle Prices and Subscriptions Codes

With so much to do on the internet, one ought not to run out of data. Thus the need for subscribing to the most active data plan. As one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Nigeria, Airtel offers competitive data plans and bonuses compared to other networks like MTN and Etisalat, Glo and 9Mobile.

Airtel data can be used on smartphones such as Android, Blackberry and iPhone, the data bundles can also be used to browse and download items on PCs, Smart TVs, and Tablets. Talking about data bundles, Airtel is known to have one of the cheapest and fastest internet data services in Nigeria. Their bundles include:

  • Daily/weekly
  • Monthly,
  • Mega plans,
  • Android bundle
  • Social plans,
  • Router Plans
  • Instagram bundles,
  • Top up bundles,
  • Pay As You Use option

Whatever your data needs are, Airtel is sure to have a plan for you. This fast, affordable and reliable internet experience will keep you connected anytime anywhere thanks to the magical *141# code. Let’s take an in-depth look at the various Airtel bundles and their subscription codes.

This low-cost data bundle is no less efficient than the rest and if you are a light data user, you are sure to enjoy this bundle for your internet surfing. This category of data bundle, however, expires between 24 hours and a maximum of 7 days, depending on the package you choose. For example, you can choose to either buy a 1GB data plan at N300 and use it for a period of 24 hours, or buy a 350MB data plan that will last for 7 days. The good thing is, this data plan is auto-renewable so you can rollover your unused data.

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
40MB N50 *141*50# 1 day
100MB N100 *141*100# 1 day
200MB N200 *141*200# 3 days
1GB N300 *141*354# 1 day
350MB N300 *141*300# 7 days
750MB N500 *141*500# 14 days
1GB N500 *141*502# 7 days
1.5GB N500 *141*505# 7days
2GB N500 *141*504# 2 days
6GB N1500 *141*1504# 7 days

This data plan gives you an unlimited data bundle plan for complete 30 days valid from the day you subscribed. With this data bundle, you are sure to enjoy long hours and days surfing the internet. Check out the packages under this category

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
1.5GB N1000 *141*1000# 30 days
2GB N1200 *141*1200# 30 days
3GB N1500 *141*1500# 30 days
4.5GB N2000 *141*2000# 30 days
6GB N2,500 *141*2500# 30 days
10GB N3000 *141*3000# 30 days
11GB N4000 *141*4000# 30 days

This plan is no much different from the monthly plan. It also offers 30 days validity except for the 400GB, 500GB, and 1TB which offer 90 days, 120 days, and 1year validity, respectively. It offers a bigger data bundle for customers who are heavy users.

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
20GB N5000 *141*5000# 30 days
25GB N8000 *141*8000# 30 days
3GB N1500 *141*1500# 30 days
40GB N10,000 *141*10000# 30 day
75GB N15,000 *141*15000# 30 day
120GB N20,000 *141*20000# 30 days
200GB N30,000 *141*30000# 30 days
280GB N36000 *141*360000# 30 days
400GB N50,000 *141*50000# 90 days
500GB N60,000 *141*60000# 120 days
1TB N100,000 *141*100000# 365 days

Android Bundle

The Android bundle can be used in modems, MiFi, Android, iPhones, and other internet-enabled devices that allow SIMS. Dial *223# or *140# to know the balance of your Android Bundle.

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
1GB N1000 *496# 30 days
3.5GB N2000 *437# 30 days
5GB N2,500 *437*1# 30 days
7GB N3,500 *438# 30 day
9GB N4,000 *438*1# 30 day

Social Plans

Airtel Social plan is meant to power social apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, and facebook ONLY. The available options are as follows;

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
20MB N25 *948*4# 1 day
40MB N50 *991*4# 1 day
200MB N100 *688*3# 5 days
700MB N300 *688*1# 25 days

This plan will only give you access to Instagram for a period of 24hours, check out the available options below;

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
250MB N100 *141*105# 1 day
1GB N200 *141*205# 1 day

This is a branch of Social plan that offers you internet access to use the Facebook, and WhatsApp applications on your device. The available options and their respective subscription codes are;

Bundle Name Bundle Price Duration Activation Code Auto-renewal Opt-out Code
FB+WA Daily 100MB N25 1 day *141*254# *141*254*1#
FB+WA Weekly 200MB N50 7 days *141*54# *141*54*1#
FB+WA Monthly 500MB N100 30 days *141*104# *141*104*1#

These plans give access to Opera mini browser and news app only. This means that you cannot access any social media app with it.

Bundle Name Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
Opera Bundle Daily 25MB N20 *141*253# 1 day
Opera Bundle Weekly 100MB N50 *141*53# 7 days
Opera Bundle Monthly 300MB N100 *141*103# 30 days

This plan is only available for existing customers on Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0 and Smart Talk 2.0

Airtel Router bundles are special data plans designed for routers to deliver a superfast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage. The bundles are locked to Airtel Router on 4G network, meaning that the data cannot be used outside of Airtel 4G coverage area.

Visit any Airtel showroom to buy an Airtel 4G Router @N25,000 and get 100GB data for 30days. Other benefits you will enjoy include:

  • 100GB data free valid for 30days.
  • Free 10GB monthly for 6 months upon recharge of N10,000 bundles and above.
  • Connects up to 32 wifi-enabled devices at once.
  • The router now includes WPS push button for ease of connection.
Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
15GB N5000 *370# on your smartphone 30 days
25GB N8000 *370# on your smartphone 30 days
40GB N10,000 *370# on your smartphone 30 days
75GB N15000 *370# on your smartphone 30 day
120GB N20,000 *370# on your smartphone 30 day
200GB N30,000 *370# on your smartphone 30 days
280GB N36,000 *370# on your smartphone 30 days
400GB N50,000 *370# on your smartphone 90 days
500GB N60,000 *370# on your smartphone 120 days
1TB N100,000 *370# on your smartphone 365 days

Top Up Bundles are data plans that allow postpaid customers to stay connected for the rest of the month after their monthly Data bundle is exhausted

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Duration
1GB N500 *141*11*9# Month End
2GB N1000 *141*11*10# Month End
4GB N2000 *141*11*11# Month End
10GB N5000 *141*11*12# Month End


You can still stay connected online, even without a data bundle. Airtel PAYU allows you to surf the net for a minimal fee of N3/MB. To use Airtel PAYU, just dial *400#

Other Airtel Data Plans You Can Enjoy

Airtel Data Plans, Their Bundle Prices and Subscriptions Codes

Airtel Binge Plan

These plans are meant to cater to your heavy data needs like video streaming, online courses, and other downloads.
The Binge plans and their respective subscription codes are as follows;

  • #300 Binge Plan costs N300, and the subscription code is *141*354#
  • #500 Binge plan costs N500, and the subscription code is *141*504#
  • #1500 Binge plan costs N1500, and the subscription code is *141*1504#


The Free Surf Plan gives you a reduced browsing rate on a Pay as you Go level. This plan can also offer you up to 160 MB for FREE when you use up to 160MB. The charge rate on this plan starts from 1Kobo/Kilobyte. To subscribe to the FREE SURF plan, dial *400#.

What is the Cheapest Airtel Data Plan?

Airtel data plans are not only cheap, but they are also unlimited. The daily and weekly bundle is, however, considered the cheapest as it targets customers with a lower internet budget.

Best Airtel Data Plans to Use

The Airtel monthly data plan is mostly considered the best of all the data bundles offered by the telecommunication network. Next to it is the mega bundle which is meant to offer better data deals to larger bodies like companies and firms.

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