Airtel Tariff Plans, Their Benefits and How To Migrate From One To Another

Bharti Airtel International B.V., which is doing business under the name Airtel Africa, is actually a holding company as well as a subsidiary of the popular Indian telecommunications company, Bharti Airtel. Over the years, Airtel Africa has been able to provide telecommunication services to over 10 African countries including Nigeria.

The company is also notable for its ability to evolve with the kind of tariff plans it offers. They have been able to cater to all the needs of their teeming customer base- in Nigeria and beyond by providing very interesting packages.

Active Tariff Plans On Airtel 

Airtel is loved by its users because of the wide range of tariff plans that are available to both prepaid and post-paid users. This variety of plans also come with unique features to meet the call and data needs of customers. So, all a customer needs to know is what each plan offers and he will only be a few clicks away from enjoying the respective benefits the plans offer.

Available Plans

  1. SmartCONNECT
  2. SmartTRYBE
  3. SmartTALK 2.0
  4. Smart Premier Bundle
  5. SmartTRYBE Junior
  6. SmartVALUE


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This tariff plan is a default plan which offers bonuses on both your data purchase and airtime recharge. The main aim of this tariff is to reward Airtel users with the best data and call offers as long as they recharge with as low as N50 for data and N100 for data. The benefits you can enjoy for any recharge you make are:

  • For data, the customer gets a 100% data bonus on all data subscriptions whereas calls attract a bonus worth 8X the amount of airtime recharged.
  • Even when the bonus airtime or data expires, the main account does not
  • In most cases, customers can make use of these bonuses ( that is data bonuses) up to 30 days

However, this plan’s constraint is its limitation to only new prepaid Airtel users and it lasts for a maximum period of 90 days after which the bonuses will cease. There are also no provisions to rollover bonuses that remain unused during their expiration.

Steps To Activate SmartCONNECT

To enjoy this offer you will have to become an Airtel user by following the steps below:

  • Buy a new Airtel SIM
  • Register the SIM using your personal details at any nearby Airtel registration point.
  • Insert the Airtel SIM in your phone and recharge with as low as N100 to get mouth-watering rewards.


Below are some frequent questions asked about SmartCONNECT and their respective answers:

  1. Can International Calls Be Made From The 8X Recharge Bonus? – International calls will be charged to your main balance and not the bonus account.

2. How Much Will I Be Charged For Calls & Data As A SmartCONNECT User After 90 Days?– When the 90 days bonus period elapses, you will be charged normal prices for all your data and call recharge.

3. Which Codes Can I Use To Check My Balance? Customers of this plan can easily check their main balance by dialing *123#. Then to check bonus balances use the following:

  • Dial *123*1#  for bonus data bundle balance
  • Dial *123*2# for bonus voice bundle balance
  • Dial *140# for your total data balance


Airtel SmartTRYBE is considered one of the cheapest tariff plans as it gives its subscribers more value at a lesser cost. It is actually considered the best tariff plan for students as it makes it quite easy for students on campus to gain access to data at a very minimal cost.

Other benefits of this plan include:

  • Cost-effective rates for night browsing and watching videos
  • Charges 11k/s for calls to every network
  • For N500 subscribers to this plan can enjoy 1.5GB which will last for 7 days and for N25 you will get 250 MB valid from 12 midnight to 5 a.m

However, the setbacks that come with this tariff plan include the inability to roll over your night data bonus once it is 4:59 a.m. More so, you can only enjoy the campus benefit within the campus premises as it cannot be accessed anywhere outside the campus.

FAQs About SmartTRYBE

Some frequently asked questions and their answers are given below:

  1. Is it possible to buy multiple bundles of the 250MB night browsing plan? That is not possible as the night bundle can be purchase once during the night.

2. What is the fastest way to check my campus data balance? You can easily access your campus balance by dialing the USSD code *140#.

3. Will I continue to enjoy the benefits of SmartTRYBE on another plan? No. SmartTRYBE benefits are exclusive for subscribers to the plan.

SmartTALK 2.0

SmartTalk is an airtel tariff plan which offers its subscribers very cost-effective flat rates. The plan actually allows users to call all networks within Nigeria at a flat rate of 11k/sec after a daily access fee of N7 has been charged on your first call for that day.

Subscribers to this plan can also use as low as N500 to purchase 1.5GB data which will last for 7 days. However, this plan is not accessible to all Airtel users. Postpaid lines and all staff prepaid lines cannot opt in to this plan.

FAQs About SmartTalk 2.0

Here are some frequently asked questions and their respective answers:

  1. Would the N7 flat rate be a daily deduction from my account – even if I do not make a call? No, the flat rate of N7 will only be deducted when you make calls.
  2. Are SmartTALK 2.0 users eligible for 5X bonus? No, the 5X bonus scheme is not applicable to this plan.
  3. What rates are available on SmartTALK 2.0? This plan offers the cheapest flat rates which include:

· N7 on the first call of the day

· Local Calls are charged at 11k/sec

· International calls are charged at standard network rate

· PAYU data at 5k/sec

Smart Premier Bundle

Smart Premier Bundle is a plan which offers packages designed to give unlimited Data, SMS, as well as voice, calls for both local and international calls. This bundle is divided into  Smart Premier Bundle Platinum and Smart Premier Bundle Platinum Plus. However, on both platforms, the difference is slight as flat rates for calls, data, and SMS are charged.

Other benefits of this plan include:

  • Validity period that lasts for 30 days
  • Up to 7 international countries you can call at 11k/sec and they include: US, China, UK, Canada, Malaysia, India, and Spain
  • Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) is charged for as low as 1k/kilobyte
  • Unused bundles within 30 days can be carried over

However, in spite of its cheap rate for international calls, users of this plan would have to pay extra charges when they want to roam their line.

FAQs About Smart Premier Bundle

Some questions usually asked about Smart Premier bundle include:

      1. What will happens after 30 days if I do not exhaust my Smart Premier Bundle? This package does not work on the basis of ‘use it or lose it’ so no need to fret. If you have any unused bundle at the end of 30days, it can be carried over.
      2. How often can I change my preferred international location? Your preferred international destination can be changed as many times as you want.
      3. How do I check my balances on Smart Premier? There are several codes you can use to check data balances and other information as an Airtel Smart Premier user. They are:
Detail Code
To check all-inclusive bundle minutes and validity *123*192#
To check all-inclusive bundle SMS and validity *123*194#
To check all-inclusive bundle data and validity *123*195#
To change your desired international destination *228*1# or *470#

SmartTRYBE Junior

This plan is best for kids at the basic and secondary school level as it helps them to enjoy various learning materials that come in 3D once the app is downloaded. In addition to the interactive learning environment, SmartTRYBE Junior comes with, kids can also enjoy free SMS and calls to their Mum and Dad.

More so, 10% bonus airtime will be transferred to the kid’s line each time the parents recharge as well as 100% bonus data on any purchase above 200MB. However, the amazing offers this plan gives is only available to prepaid airtel subscribers

FAQs About SmartTRYBE Junior

Some common question asked about SmartTRYBE Junior include:

  1. What rates will I be charged when I subscribe to the Airtel SmartTRYBE Jr package?  As a user of this plan, the following rates will be charged to your account:

Voice calls @ 1st min – 40k/sec

Subsequent calls will be charged at:

Airtel to every other network- 20k/sec

Parents, Family & Friends -11k/sec

SMS to Parents, Family & Friends will be charged @ N2/SMS

2. What kind of educational packages are available for kids using SmartTRYBE Jr? 

This plan provides a wide range of data bundle price schedule to accommodate any need and they are as follows:

Bundle Cost Duration
Daily Lite N50 1 Day
Weekly N300 7 Days
Monthly Lite N700 30 Days
Monthly Full N1,000 30 Days
Quarterly N2,500 90 Days
Annual N10,000 1 Year

3. Is it possible to change my registered Family and Friends (FAF) numbers and Parents’ numbers? If an Airtel SmartTRYBE Jr user wants a parent number change or FAF number change it is obtainable. All the person needs to do is to dial *317*3*1*Number# for parent number change or dial *317*2*Number# to update the FAF list. add another FAF. However, after the initial addition to the FAF list, a charge of N20 per change will be required for subsequent ones.


The Airtel SmartValue tariff plan charges a flat rate of 15k/sec for calls to all networks. The added advantage to this is that users are not charged any access fee as the flat rate is applied from the initial call for each day.

The plan is available to all new and existing prepaid users. Postpaid users cannot make use of this plan. More so, after the initial migration into this plan, if you opt-out and wish to migrate back you will be charged N100 for subsequent migration within the same month.

FAQs About SmartValue

Here are some frequently asked questions about the SmartValue tariff plan:

  1. How can I opt into the Airtel SmartValue plan? To get started on this plan intended users can easily do so by dialing *314#

2. Are all categories of prepaid lines allowed to use this plan? No. Staff prepaid lines like postpaid lines are not permitted to opt into the SmartValue plan.

3. Where can I access all the information I may need about this plan? Subscribers to this plan as well as intended users can get the required information they may need about this plan from the Airtel website, retail outlets, online platforms, or by dialing  141 or 121.

Can Airtel Users Migrate From One Tariff Plan To Another?

No matter the Airtel plan you are using, it is possible to migrate to any plan of your choice. There is also no specific time frame to use a tariff before switching however, though initial transfers are usually free or at a low cost, the same does not apply to subsequent transfers as you would be charged a transfer fee after the first transfer.  The steps to go about the process for each plan’s migration are outlined below:

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartConnect

Since this plan is a default plan for all Airtel subscribers, intended users of this plan can begin to enjoy the benefit it offers by:

  1. Buying a new Airtel SIM card
  2. Register it at an authorized Airtel registration point
  3. Insert the SIM card into your phone
  4. Recharge the SIM and enjoy all available SmartConnect offers

How To Migrate To SmartTRYBE

Migrating to Airtel SmartTRYBE is a very simple process that can be done by dialing *312#. Another quick way to get on board on this tariff plan is by sending YES to 312 and for those who are on or near campus, they can simply dial, *312*1# or send CAMPUS to 312.

How to Migrate to Airtel SmartTalk2.0

To switch over to become an Airtel SmartTALK 2.0 user can be done by, simply dialing *315#. A message with YES as its content can also be sent to 315 to access this plan.

How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Premier Bundle

Migrating to the Smart Premier bundle involves dialing the USSD code, *318# or you can send YES to 318 to activate the plan.

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior

This fun learning package for kids can be accessed by dialing *317# on your Airtel line. One can also choose to activate this tariff plan by sending YES to 317 using their Airtel line.

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartValue

To migrate to the Airtel SmartValue plan, simply dial *314# or you can send YES to 314 using your airtel line.

Which Tariff Is The Cheapest On The Airtel Network?

Airtel provides a wide range of plans to meet the needs of its users both in terms of calls and data usage. Therefore the cheapest tariff depends on the needs of the customer and not on the available tariffs. For a customer who wants cheap calls, the SmartConnect, SmartTRYBE, or SmartValue plans would be more appropriate while someone seeking a large volume of data for educational purposes will prefer, SmartTRYBE Junior.

How Can I Check The Current Airtel Tariff Plan I Am On?

To check the tariff plan that you are using simply dial the USSD code, *121*3*5#. You can also dial *121# then choose the Manage My Account option by clicking on 3 this will direct you to the next page where you will choose My Tariff Plan by clicking on 5. Your current plan will be displayed on your phone’s screen afterward.

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