Aja Volkman

Aja Volkman is an American rock musician – precisely a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. She is popular as the lead vocalist of the 3-person alternative rock band, Nico Vega. Adding to Volkman’s popularity is her marital relationship with fellow rock musician and leader of Imagine Dragons band, Dan Reynolds. Despite being in the entertainment business together, Aja Volkman has managed to build a strong relationship and career with her husband amidst all odds. The couple came close to divorce a few years ago but ended up reigniting their love for each other.

Aja Volkman’s Bio

Aja Volkman was born on 4th March, 1987. She was born to James Volkman and his wife, Rogene Manas in the Oregon City of Eugene, United States.

Volkman also grew up in Eugene where she attended the South Eugene High School, finishing in 2005. Having a mother who was a professional artist, Aja developed a passion for music from a tender age, beginning to write her own songs while at South Eugene.

Music Career

The same year she finished from high school (2005), Aja Volkman moved to Los Angeles where she started a solo music career, hoping to form a band subsequently. Within the same period, one of her performances caught the eye of Mike Peña who requested that she collaborates with him and guitarist, Rich Koehler.

The trio (still in 2005), formed a band which they called “Nico Vega” after Mike Pena’s mother. Mike, however, left Nico Vega in 2007 and ventured into acting, with Dan Epand replacing him as the band’s drummer. Following the establishment of Nico Vega, Aja Volkman together with the band independently released several Extended Plays. Some of their EPs include Chooseyourwordspoorly (2006), No Child Left Behind (2007), and Fury Oh Fury (2013).

In 2009, the band signed with the now defunct label, MySpace Records who released their debut album, Nico Vega same year. Several years after their first album, Volkman embarked on several tours with Nico Vega, performing alongside numerous bands including Manic Street Preachers, Metric, Imagine Dragons, Neon Tress, Blondie, and so on. They also performed at music festivals.

In 2014, Nico Vega came up with their second album titled, Lead To Light. Two years after their second album, Nico Vega disbanded indefinitely. Aja who made the announcement on the band’s official Facebook page on 6th June, 2016, had already started a solo project earlier in 2015. She later released her album titled Sandy on May 18, 2017. Nico Vega eventually re-banded soon after, releasing a new single titled “Little Operator” on April 6, 2018.

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Meet Aja Volkman’s Spouse, and Sister

Aja Volkman with spouse, Dan Reynolds image source

Aja Volkman married Dan Reynolds on 5th March 2011. She met her husband about a year earlier (in 2010) when his band, Imagine Dragons opened for hers, Nico Vega at a music concert in Las Vegas. Reynolds had asked her after the event to help him develop some demos he had at hand then. From thence, they became friends and started collaborating. The two later formed Egyptian, an independent music duo through which they released a digital eponymous Extended Play comprising four tracks.

With Reynolds, Volkman has three daughters. She welcomed their first, Arrow Eve Reynolds on 18th August 2012. About five years later, precisely on 28th March 2017, Aja gave birth to a set of twins named Gia James and Roco Rae.

Divorce Attempt

In April 2018, Aja Volkman’s seven-year-old marriage came to the verge of a divorce. Her husband, Dan Reynolds was the first to share news of their separation, with Volkman confirming it the next day.

Their intention however, never materialized as the duo later reconciled whatever their differences were and continued their marital life. On releasing Imagine Dragons’ “Bad Liar” in November of same year, Reynolds revealed that his wife actually helped him in writing the song and that they have rebuilt their relationship. Volkman soon after, conceived her fourth child, a son who is due in October 2019. Reynolds has also hinted to People that he may be their last!

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Facts About Dan Reynolds Wife

1. Aja Volkman’s marriage to Dan Reynolds took place at the backyard of the latter’s parents’ home in Las Vegas. Volkman eventually converted to Mormonism (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) during the marriage solemnization.

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2. Her husband’s constant music tours put a strain on their marital relationship over the years, causing them to part ways in April 2018. The separation however, did not last as they gave their marriage a second shot a few months later, with Volkman officially announcing their reconciliation in January 2019.

3. Aja is a few months older than her husband, Dan Reynolds who was born on July 14, 1987. She is, however, several inches shorter than Reynolds, standing at 1.61 meters as against Reynolds’ towering height of 1.93 meters!

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