Akiko Matsuura
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Akiko Matsuura is a vibrant musician who always thrills her audience with her various erratic displays on stage. She is so multi-talented that she has perfectly combined her talents as a singer and drummer to become a sensational musician. Currently, a member of the rock band, Pre where she serves as a vocal music artist, Akiko has also played with several other bands which include The Big Pink and Comanechi.

She actually began her music career with Comanechii as a singer before joining The Big Pink as a drummer. Aside from being a popular musician, Matsuura is also known as the ex-girlfriend of the celebrated English actor, Charlie Heaton who became a movie star by featuring in the TV series, Stranger Things. Below are more facts about the vibrant and talented musician which you never knew.

Akiko Matsuura Biography

The famous music artist was born in Osaka, Japan in the year 1994. She is reportedly the only child of her parents who were owners of a barbecue restaurant back in their native town, Osaka. Akiko Matsuura has not revealed much information about her personal details which made her date of birth, parents’ identities and educational achievements not to be known.

Aside from these, however, we know that right from her young age, the dextrous singer indicated a special interest in music and arts which prompted her to briefly study Arts before putting a start to her music career. Learn more interesting facts about the music artist below.

Facts About Charlie Heaton’s Ex-Girlfriend

1. Akiko Matsuura’s Music Career Achievements

Matsuura began her music career after getting acquainted with Simon Petrovich with whom he teamed up to form a rock band called Comanechi. They released their first album titled ‘Crime of Love’. After years of unsuccessful endeavors, Matsuura became a member of another musical band, The Big Pink while still serving as Comanechi’s singer.

In the course of time, there was a rift in Comanechi which led to the separation of the duo in 2013. However, the skilled music artist continued serving as the drummer of The Big Pink rock band after the separation of Comanechi, before she finally joined Pre, an English rock band. Matsuura has grown to be their fans’ favorite artist following her wonderful displays and energetic moves when performing as a vocalist on the stage.

She has also added a peculiar vibe to the band through her numerous dives during stage performances and also her unique dressing style which is mostly in underwears.  Furthermore, Akiko Matsuura aspires to release a single in the near future as she is currently working towards achieving the goal. Aside from her musical career, the talented drummer is reported to have been running a project named Sperm Javelin.

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2. Her Net Worth

Following her participation in three different bands as a drummer and singer, Akiko Matsuura has garnered an impressive net worth from her music career over the years which is estimated at $1 million. With her aspiration of releasing her single in the future, the skilled musician will obviously be worth more than she is today if the work becomes a hit.

3. Her Relationship With Charlie Heaton

Akiko Matsuura
Akiko Matsuura and Charlie Heaton

Akiko Matsuura first came in contact with the English actor, Charlie Heaton who is famously known as the star of the TV series, Stranger Things, when he became a member of the rock band – Comanechi as a drummer. After meeting at a friend’s party, the pair started a romantic relationship. They dated for years before heading their separate ways as Heaton is currently in a love affair with Natalie Dyer, his co-star in Stranger Things. Matsuura has not disclosed any information regarding her present relationship status.

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4. She Has A Son

The vocalist of Pre rock band is reported to have welcomed a child from her love affair with Charlie Heaton in 2004. They, however, decided to keep the information away from the media until it came to light in October 2017. Akiko Matsuura along with her son, Archie resides in London.

Although the famous actor is usually engaged with his acting career, he often spends quality time with his son and despite the fact that they got separated, Matsuura and Heaton still work together in raising their son.

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5. Matsuura’s Obsession With Barbecue

Having that her parents owned a barbecue restaurant back in their hometown, Osaka, Matsuura became obsessed with barbecues. It was her love for barbecue that got her connected to Simon Petrovich who also has a special likeness for barbecue.

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