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Al Cowlings has made name in both sports and the entertainment industry in his capacity as a footballer and an actor. He became part of the National Football League following his drafting as the fifth overall by the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the 1970 NFL draft and have since played with other notable teams like Houston Oilers, Seattle Seahawk, Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers. Cowlings has also recorded success in the acting field with productions like 1st & Ten: The Championship to his credit. He made the headlines when he helped his friend O.J Simpson to flee from the police after both his (O.J Simpson’s) wife and her friend were found dead.

Al Cowlings’ Biography

Allen Cedric “A.C.” Cowlings or Al Cowlings as he is popularly called was born in San Francisco, California on the 16th of June 1947, but his formative years were spent in Potrero Hill neighborhood of the city. There are no details on the identity of his parents and siblings, but he was part of several activities in his neighborhood and joined the Superiors Social Club as a member, always present at their gatherings which were usually held at Booker T. Washington Community Center.

Unlike his personal life, Cowlings’ academic records are public knowledge, he joined Galileo Academy of Science and Technology formerly called Galileo High School and participated in their football team. Upon his high school graduation, the young linebacker proceeded to the City College of San Francisco, where he honed his skills in football. He later went to the University of Southern California and was named to the All-American defensive team after he completed senior year.

While Al Cowlings was still in his senior year, he played on the Trojans’ defensive line in a leadership role and was instrumental to the team’s undefeated stint in the seasons of 1969. The Trojans eventually earned the nickname, “The Wild Bunch” – an epic western movie that came to light that same year.

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Apart from the OJ Simpson case that brought him a lot of publicity, Cowlings is a private individual who likes to keep his personal affairs under lock and key. However, he made a revelation in 2016 that he had been married to Marion T. LaHood – a magazine model for over two decades. Their marriage which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada was a quiet affair and the records said that the duo obtained a marriage license on the 30th of July 1993 and tied the connubial knot the following day.

However, the present status of their relationship is quite unclear since Al Cowlings lives in Santa Barbra while Marion is a resident of Hawthorne California.

Childhood and Family Life

Information on the former footballer’s family life is sadly lacking, his parent’s identities have never been revealed and no knows whether he is an only child or has other siblings. However, he spent a greater part of his childhood as a student of Galileo High School where he excelled in football.

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Al Cowlings’ Career Achievements

His football career preceded his acting profession, after he was drafted in the first round of the NFL 1970 draft by the Buffalo Bills as the fifth overall, he went on to play a total of 13 games (starting 12) in his first season with the Bills. Al Cowlings started all the 14 games he was featured in at the 1971 seasons and repeated same stats in the following year.

He was traded to Houston Oilers after the 1971 seasons and he came out with a record of 28 games in two seasons. The football star was with the Rams in the regular season where he recorded just five games and later in the year, his playoff debut was made in a winning match against the St Louis Cardinals. The Rams made Al Cowlings’ contract available to the Seattle Seahawks which he joined in 1976. However, he was bought back by the Rams after he played a lone match with the Seahawks. He went on to play a total of 14 games with the Rams in 1977 following which he had a hiatus for one whole year. Cowlings came back in 1979 for the concluding season of his football career for the team of the San Francisco 49ers, playing in 12 matches.

While he was still active in the field of football, Al Cowlings appeared in a 1974 documentary titled O.J. Simpson: Juice on the Loose and another one called 30 for 30 in 2010. However, his acting debut was achieved on the set of Bubba Until It Hurts – a 1985 sports video, featuring Bubba Smith, Vince Cannon as well as Bill Bumiller.

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1st & Ten: The Championship, an HBO sitcom began featuring him as Coach Nabors – his debut episode was titled A Family Affair and he appeared in 11 other episodes before leaving the show in 1989. He was part of the crew of The Last Boy Scout where he served in his capacity as a technical advisor in 1991; his major role was in an advisory capacity as he made notable contributions in the shooting of the football scenes. Al Cowlings was also part of the sports drama titled Ruby working as a football coordinator in 1993.

According to a Fox News report in 2012, the former football star was said to be working as a handbag sales rep. A couple of years later, one of his former teammates revealed to USA Today that Cowlings had been working under the founder of Public Storage – B. Wayne Hughes. However, reports from his friend Joe Kolkowitz to USA Today revealed that the ex-footballer retired since late 2012, but Radar Online reported that he has a job as a personal trainer in Santa Barbara.

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