Who Exactly is Alahna Ly and What is She Famous For?

Alahna Ly is a YouTube and social media star whose content is predominately song covers. The practice of song covers is as old as the music industry itself, with people remaking the songs written and performed by another musician. Covering songs has proven to be a viable way for people to display their talents, which in turn has given them a certain degree of fame and even wealth. For some musicians, performing covers is their gateway to having a career in music and Alahna Ly happens to be one of such.

Who Exactly is Alahna Ly?

She was born in the county of Royal Oak, located in Michigan. Her birth took place on the 11th of March in 2000 and she spent all of her childhood in Royal Oak. There is very limited information on her family, especially her parents but she has once revealed that she has a sister. From the way she looks, it is clear that Alahna Ly is of Asian heritage. The same goes for her educational background as she has not said anything about her high school or if she has any plans for college.

One of the most noticeable things about Alahna Ly is her smallish stature, she is 4 ft 10 inches tall, just shy of 5 feet and has a very petite body which she shows off constantly on her social media pages. She is also fond of making fun of how short she is and there are videos on her Instagram account that show this.

What is Alahna Ly Famous For?

As a child Alahna Ly has an interest in dancing and singing, this affinity was encouraged by her parents who felt she could make something of the skills she has. The first step Alahna Ly took to building a career as a musician and dancer was partaking in competitions in school where the skills she possessed were celebrated. It is not clear if she won any of these competitions but by the time she was sixteen, she started uploading covers of songs to her Soundcloud account.

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The first cover she uploaded was of the Byson Tiller song Don’t. She uploaded this cover in 2016 and got more than thirty thousand listens on the piece. But her biggest cover is that of the Rihanna song, Stay. The cover of Stay was released the following year and that got more than forty-five thousand listens. Alahna Ly does not put up her covers on just Soundcloud; she also posts them on her Facebook page, as well as her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her Instagram account is where she has the most followers with the 1.3 million people she has following her. The content she puts up on her Instagram page is not just limited to covers of songs. She is also known to post very alluring pictures and videos.

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Instagram is also where she shows off her skills as a dancer; Alahna Ly has put up different videos where she dances to songs with just her stomach, showing that she is a belly dancer. Her dancing has been really impressive and exposed her to a larger number of people. In 2017, Chris Peso, a YouTube star, did a reaction video to the videos of her belly dancing which she had put up on her TikTok account. Her TikTok account has been another source of fame for her.

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Alahna Ly does not have a YouTube channel, although there are many YouTube channels named after her, she does not own any of them. Alahna has covered songs by Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Ariana Grande, who she shares a striking resemblance with, among many other musicians. This social media star is more comfortable doing covers of songs by her favorite artists.

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Her covers and dancing are not all she is known for, when Alahna Ly started to get famous for the covers she put up on Soundcloud and Instagram, she took to making her own songs. By 2017, she released some of these songs, and they are The Gold, So What’s Up and Erase Me Out of Your Phone, all of which can be found on her Soundcloud account where she has more than 3000 followers.

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