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Not everyone who started from the streets has attained the heights where Alex Aiono is currently. His story could be referred to as the perfect definition of rising from Grass to Grace. He came into the limelight after he started out as a YouTuber, singer, and producer. One fascinating thing about the young YouTuber is his ability to play different musical instruments for which reason he has gathered fiercely a large number of subscribers on YouTube with lots of views. Many have been inquisitive about his love life and biography if you’re one of them, this article contains all the gist about him and many more tidbits.

Alex Aiono’s Background, Age & Ethnicity

Alex Aiono was born on February 16, 1996, to his American parents Martin and Heather Aiono in Arizona, the United States of America. He has three sisters; Sidney, Hallie, and Taylor, thus making him the only male child in the family. Alex had a humble beginning and this has taught him to be responsible.

His father is of Samoan and Maori descent while his mom is a European American. Due to his mixed background, the Youtuber could be referred to be of a Polynesian and white descent. Alex, though young has lived a very private life and has been said to be a very shy and reserved person. Details about his educational life are yet to be known, though records have it that he chose to be homeschooled in his 9th grade because he dreaded wearing uniforms.

Alex is also skilled in the use of different musical instruments; he plays the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. This could practically give us a link to why he has a good ear for music and has found a lot of success in that line.


Alex Aiono picked interest in music at a very tender age, he wrote his first song at the age of four and also performed on the streets of Santa Monica. All through this period, the Youtuber had his cool and was grooming himself behind the scenes until 2013, he decided to hit the screen and released his first debut single Doesn’t Get Better on March 15. By May, he made a debut EP titled Young & Foolish. The EP was a collaboration with the R&B king John Legend who also co-wrote the song.

On the release of the song, Alex gave his gratitude to Legend, mentioning him to be one of his biggest inspirations. He has further written two songs with him viz Alexmas released on November 20, 2015, and Does it Feel Like Falling released on November 17, 2017.

Kudos were given to Alex Aiono after he did a cover for Rihanna‘s song Needed Me which made him more famous. He then decided to embrace music and explore it the more by recreating popular songs with his own beats in a very creative way ever. Alex also created a Mashup of the song One Dance sang by Drake and Hasta El Amanecer sang by Nicky Jam which hit over 50 million views on his YouTube Channel. Aiono further worked with Conor Maynard and recorded the song titled Off which was uploaded on Conor’s Youtube Channel hitting over 88 Million Views.

In early 2017, the Youtuber signed a contract with Interscope Records which has links to Universal Music Group and released his single titled Work In The Middle. The song was produced by Axident; a Norweigh singer and producer who lives in Los Angeles and Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II, a songwriter and record producer based in New York.

Alex’s videos on Youtube has seen over five million YouTube subscribers with millions of views in the short time he launched his career. His interest in acting became a reality after he was offered a role in the television series “Royal Crush” which started in 2014. He was also featured in the series “Guidance and Lovesick.” in addition to this, he starred as one of the voices in the movie “The LEGO Batman.”

Does He Have a Girlfriend or is He Gay?

Alex Aiono and Meg
Alex Aiono and Meg DeAngelis

The young lad fell in love with Meg DeAngelis (sometime in 2014) who is also a Youtuber. The duo at the time collaborated on some of their Youtube videos and really seemed perfect for each other. Contrariwise, sometime around 2016, however, they separated just after two years of being together.

After their separation, Alex Aiono’s fans on Twitter questioned why they broke and even asked if he was gay. The Youtube whizzkid responded that he is as straight as it sounds and in fact has “mad love for every one of them.”

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Though Alex has been seen with several other girls since then, he friend zoned all. A lot of fans had taken interest in his relationship with Sabrina Carpenters (a fellow YouTuber who he has worked with) and wish they could make it a love affair. Nevertheless, the relationship between them is entirely formal for now.

Height & Other Body Measurements

Alex Aiono is young, handsome, and talented. To maintain his physique, he spends a good amount of time ripping his body to perfection. At 5 feet 9 inches, the star will definitely stand out wherever he is, he has however successfully withheld his how much he weighs from the public though we all know he is not a fat person. He has both brown eyes and hairs and measures 43-15-33 for his chest, Biceps, and waist respectively.


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