Alexa Dellanos Is a Model and Internet Sensation to Lookout For – Here Are Facts About Her

The daughter of a famed American journalist, author, television, and radio show host, Alexa Dellanos has built an impressive resume as a model and an internet sensation. The young lady has successfully crawled out from her mother’s shadows to create her own career path and is now one of the hottest properties on Instagram, literally and figuratively.

With several fashion brands hustling for her signature, as well as a jet-setting lifestyle that sees her vacationing in exotic locales, Dellanos easily has a life that most people dream of. However, beyond all the glossiness and sheer perfection of the gram, the model has faced her own share of hardships, including online trolling, stalkers, as well as the malaise of unsolicited dick pics.

She Is The Daughter Of Renowned Cuban-American Journalist, Myrka Dellanos

Alexa Dellanos hails from some pretty impressive background. Even though not much is known about her father, we do know that the man is an accomplished medical doctor named Dr. Alejandro Loynaz. On the other hand, Alexa’s mother, Myrka Dellanos, is a renowned journalist, author, television and radio show host who has made waves across the United States, as well as parts of Latin America. Myrka originally hails from Cuba but later immigrated to America. There, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Miami in 1986.

Myrka Dellanos first made a name for herself after hosting the famous news program, Primer Impacto, for about a decade, starting from the year 1992. From then onward, she worked for several television channels, including Estrella TV. Myrka has won lots of awards, including the Hispanic Leadership Award by the Heritage Council, and was named as the Person of the year by the Organisation of Ibero-American Journalist in 2003.

She has written a few books, including Succeed and Be Happy: Things I Learned Thanks To God, My Mom, and Life. She is also known for her charity work with orphaned children and victims of domestic violence. This particular trait fetched her an appointment from the Bush administration in 2004.

Alexa Dellanos and Mykra

As A Child, Alexa Endured Her Mother’s Abusive Husband

Alexa Dellanos was born on the 30th day of December in 1993. She grew up in Miami and her first few years were remarkably blissful. Things later took a different turn after her parents divorced when she was just about five years old. Her mother gained primary custody of her and they lived together. The journalist subsequently tried to find love elsewhere but often times ended with wolves in sheep’s clothing. The most disastrous case was that of a Cuban-born pharmaceutical sales rep named Ulysses Daniel Alonso.

Alonso and Alexa’s mom got married in 2008 and gave the vibe of the perfect couple; even appearing on the cover of People Español that same year. Things were however different in private as Alonso turned out to be physically abusive. It got to the level that Myrka had to report to the authorities and he was incarcerated. After Daniel, Myrka’s love life never got any better, thus, she decided to raise her daughter as a single mom while focusing on her career.

Alexa Aspired To Be A Journalist But Changed Her Mind After Discovering Instagram

Given the fact that it was just the two of them together for most of her formative years, Alexa Dellanos grew to love her mom so much that she aspired to follow her footsteps and become a journalist as well. In order to achieve these dreams, the young girl tailored her education towards that direction. She also interned at several local stations. Things then took a drastic turn after Dellanos joined Instagram and started uploading sexy and provocative pictures. These pictures caught on like wildfire and before long, her followership on the platform soared.

With increased followership came sponsorships and money, and Dellanos realized she could easily make three times her journalism salary on Instagram. She, therefore, focused on it and the results have been superb ever since. The Miami native now has about 1.9 million followers and the numbers keep on growing, thanks to steamy pictures of herself in hot lingerie, swimsuits, and bikinis which leave little to the imagination. There is also the occasional topless pics. All these are set against a background of some of the most exotic locations imaginable and this keeps fans yearning for more.

She Makes As Much As $63.500 Per Annum Off Instagram

Dellanos wasn’t blowing hot air when she said she was making three times her journalism salary on Instagram. The Miami hottie makes as much as $63,500 per year on the site – thanks to the several brands that pay her to advertise their products. These brands comprise clothing, makeup, skincare companies, restaurants, and even hotel and they cough out about $6,493 for each sponsored post.

Dellanos is, however, careful about the brands she works with and will only endorse products that she can personally use. Such a smart tactic ensures that her page is not riddled with ads. It also increases her believability amongst her fans, keeping the brands rushing after her. So far, Dellanos has represented a restaurant known as Papi Steak, as well as a makeup company known as Boxycharm.

The Model Relies On Plastic Surgery, Exercise, And Vegan Diet To Achieve Her Looks

There is no denying that what has fuelled Alexa Dellanos’ rise on Instagram is her sizzling looks. The Miami native is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs just 54 kg. Her hair color is blonde while her eye color is light brown. She then has a curvalicious body that comes encased in a 36-25-35 measurement.

Dellanos gets her sexy physique from two sources. First is the strict vegan diet that she adopted since 2014 as well as regular exercise. The model has also admitted to getting some artificial help in order to augment her looks.

Back in the year 2018, she underwent several surgeries to enhance her looks. They include breast augmentation which costs about $15,000; lip fillers of about $2,000; and a booty enhancement. Dellanos has admitted that these procedures have contributed a lot to her success. According to her, she only had about 200k followers prior to the procedures but after doing it, her followership ballooned out of control.

She Is Dating Popular Street Artist – Alec Monopoly

For about three years now, Alexa Dellanos has been going strong with famed graffiti and mural artist, Alec Monopoly. Based in Los Angeles, Monopoly is a street artist who is renowned for his art which depicts iconic figures in pop culture. His work can be found on the streets of Europe, Los Angeles, and Mexico. His patronizers also include celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, Seth Rogen, Miley Cyrus, and Snoop Dogg. Alec’s expertise has fetched him sponsorship deals with the likes of TAG Heure and he now has a net worth of about $12 million.

Dellanos and Monopoly commenced their relationship in 2017 and have remained together to date. Thanks to their respective lucrative careers, they can afford to live a jet-setting life. They are often cruising from one beautiful location to the other and showing off on Instagram.

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