Who Is Alexandra Krosney and What Is The Truth About Her Ejection From Last Man Standing?

The story of Alexandra Krosney is a curious one. A talented actress who can’t seem to catch a break. A veteran actress who has the filmography of a newbie. A beautiful and elegant woman that cannot hold on to lead roles. For a very long time, people have been wondering what could be responsible for this occurrence. There have been several speculations with nothing concrete confirmed.

Although getting roles have been hard to come by for her, she refuses to quit. She continues to put her best foot forward in the hope that something big will come through soon. At this point, the world is crossing its fingers in unison with the actress.

Alexandra Krosney is a Los Angeles Native

Actresses and most public figures tend to have at least some sort of private information out in the media. That is not the case when it comes to Alexandra Krosney. Born on the 28th of January 1988, there is virtually nothing about her family and educational background. She was christened Alexandra Benjamin Krosney and grew up in Los Angeles, the second-most populous city in the United States of America.

Details of who her parents are and their names are unknown. We also don’t know if Alexandra is an only child or has siblings. Although it is clear that Alexandra Krosney is an educated woman, the details of her educational history are not available. Both her high school and college alma maters remain undisclosed.


She Ventured into Acting At a Very Young Age

For other personalities in the movie industry, they originally had other plans different from acting. They had other career ambitions and only turned to acting as a second option when those primary plans failed. For others, they stumbled upon acting and didn’t know they possessed the talent until serendipity occurred.

Then, there are people like Alexandra Krosney that had a clear ambition from their childhood. By the age of six, Krosney developed a deep affinity for acting. She made up her mind to pursue it as a career from then on. Before she ever stepped into Hollywood, she was already featured in independent films, theatrical plays and did a bit of modeling.

Her Acting Malaise Began at a Very Early Age as Well

Alexandra Krosney’s acting career is famous for never quite taking off. She would have never guessed this to be the case when she got her first TV role in 2002 at the tender age of 14. When she got cast as Cricket on the show The Grubbs, she must have thought it was the beginning of something great.

The Grubbs was a planned comedy show that revolved around a 13-year old boy raised by unimpressive and dimwitted parents. Meant to premiere on Fox, it never saw daylight. Its pilot episode underwent screening and received overwhelmingly negative remarks. Fox executives initially reduced their order of episodes, but they went one step further and pulled the plug on the whole thing. As a result, Krosney lost what would be her first acting gig at a tender age.

She had a similarly painful experience 12 years later when she lost her role and got replaced by Aly Michalka on iZombie. Cast initially as Peyton, the main character’s best friend, The CW Network decided to recast the part, and it led to Krosney once again losing a potentially massive opportunity. This, however, was not the highest-profile role loss to happen to her. That had happened three years earlier, and will we discuss it later in the article.

Krosney’s Filmography Consists of Numerous Small TV Roles

Alexandra Krosney has made a career out of appearing in minor roles on TV shows. After the tragic cancellation of The Grubbs in 2002, she found her first role in the police procedural drama Without a Trace. After appearing in one episode, she made an appearance on Family Affair in the same yearThus, she began her nomadic career as a TV actress without quite nailing down a permanent role.

A quick rundown of her appearances in multiple TV shows includes ER (One Episode – 2004), Grounded for Life, Crossing Jordan, Strong Medicine (One episode each – 2005), NCIS, Bones (One episode each – 2006), Numbers, Without a Trace (One episode each – 2007), Cory in the House, and Criminal Minds (One episode each – 2008).

Alexandra Krosney Had Yet Another False Dawn in 2009

After years of appearing in minor roles on multiple shows, it looked like her break had arrived in 2009. She got the chance to appear on the very successful show, Lost. Her character, Ellie, was expected to play a more significant role than she eventually did.

After making an appearance on season five’s Jughead episode, showrunners decided her character would not be returning. Fans of the show clamored for her character to return and receive larger screentime, but these calls went unheeded. As a result, she was limited to just a single episode appearance before the show ended in 2010.

Alexandra Krosney
Alexandra in Lost: image source

In the same year, she appeared in three more shows, including CBS’ crime procedural CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, ABC’s sitcom Surviving Suburbia, and USA Network’s detective-comedy Psych. The following year brought her roles on NBC’s supernatural drama, Medium and CW’s action series Nikita.

She Has Also Had a Couple of Roles as a Voice Actor

Although she has primarily been a TV series actress for most of her career, Alexandra Krosney has appeared on the screen in other capacities. She made her film debut on the Disney Channel original movie, Read It and Weep, in 2006. Based on the novel How My Private, Personal Journey Became a Bestseller, Krosney played the role of Harmony, one of the main characters’ three best friends.

In 2007, she starred in two TV films playing Tina and Diana on Shredderman Rules and The Last Day of Summer, respectively. In 2013, she played the role of Lillie in the short film The Pinhole Effect. She appeared in two movies in 2015, with the first being Barely Lethal, featuring Hailliee Seinfeld, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jessica Alba. The second was a minor role in the film Funny Woman. Her last film appearance came in the 2016 short film Twenty-Three Pints.

Alexandra Krosney has also expanded her repertoire to include voice roles. Her debut voice performance came in Hub Network’s animated transformer series Transformers: Prime. Her character, Sierra, appeared for three episodes over two years from 2010-2012. She also had a voice role on the three-part animated series, Rainbow Brite, launched by Feeln. Voicing the character Stormy/Canary Yellow, she once again appeared in three episodes.

Her Sudden Departure from Last Man Standing Caused Uproar Among Fans

Alexandra Krosney got the most prominent role of her career when she got cast on the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing. Cast in a lead role for the first time, it signaled an upturn in fortune for her career after playing so many minor roles. Fans of the show positively received her character, a single mother and eldest daughter named Kristin Baxter. It, therefore, was shocking when news broke that she was leaving the show, and Amanda Fuller would replace her.

Alexandra Krosney
Alexandra Krosney in Last Man Standing: image source

Initial reasons given for her departure was that it presented an opportunity for the show to reshape and rework the family dynamics and present new creative plots. It further emerged that showrunners felt Amanda Fuller was older and more fitting for the role.

News of her replacement did not sit well with the fans, and it led to online protests. A Facebook page named ‘Bring Back Alexandra Krosney’ was created, aimed at getting her back on the show. Sadly, it did not work, as the show continued without her.

Alexandra Krosney Hasn’t Found Much Success Since LMS

After she departed from Last Man Standing, Krosney reverted to playing minor roles on TV series. She appeared on Emily Owens, M.D as Liz Barnes, played Ms. Jens on the period crime drama Aquarius. She appeared as herself on the web series Keith Broke His Leg. Her appearance on Keith Broke His Leg in 2015 was her last appearance in any TV show to date.

In 2015, she faced yet another disappointment. She got cast in the lead role on MTV’s Zach Braff-directed pilot Self-Promotion. She looked set for a new chapter in career, and things looked positive. Unfortunately, the pilot went unsold. As a result, the producers shelved the project and another opportunity passed her by, suggesting the third time is not always the charm.

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