Alexis Knief- Biography, Family, Facts about Timothy Olyphant’s Wife

Alexis Knief appeared in the limelight as she wedded her college sweetheart – the popular actor, and producer, Timothy Olyphant. Even though her union with the actor has brought her to the limelight, Knief has managed to conceal most of the basic facts about her life. However, we’ve managed to dig up on some facts that are worth knowing about the Knief and her marriage to the Hollywood star.

Alexis Knief’s Biography

Alexis Knief was born in the United States on the 1st of January, 1968 to American parents. There are no available details about her high school days, howbeit, we gathered that she was a student at the University of Southern California.

During her high school days, she met the man who would later become her husband; Timothy Olyphant. As stated by the actor, theirs was young love, they grew what they shared and decided to make it all official on a beautiful day in the month of July 1991.


Ever since their union, the two have managed to build their home and has lived as an entity for over two decades and counting. However, they have also passed through love tides. Some time ago, there were rumors of their separation; a rumor that was triggered by Timothy Olyphant who wore his wedding ring on the right hand. While most of their fans let their frogs out on the internet, the actor publicly announced that he and his wife were still one and that he just had a habit of wearing his wedding band on his right hand.  So, with this clarification, the rumor was subsequently brought to rest.

Eight years after their union, they welcomed their first child; a daughter named Grace  Katherine precisely on the 20th of June 1999. Two years later, their son Henry Olyphant came along, then, their last child, Vivian Olyphant joined the family of three in the year 2003. Currently, the family takes shelter in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Alexis and Timothy have had an amazing bonding for the past years. Timothy Olyphant tied the knot with Alexis Knief at age 23. She has supported Timothy Olyphant in his career and has worked so hard to avoid drawing much attention to her family which could, in turn, have negative effects.

Timothy Olyphant, on the other hand, has been filled with praise for his exceptional wife and have not kept it away from the public. Once in an interview, he explained how blessed he was for having a kind of love that is rare in Hollywood.

Born on the 20th of May, 1968, Knief’s husband Timothy Olyphant is an American actor and producer. He made his acting debut in an Off-Broadway theatre in 1995 in The Monogamist which earned him the Theatre World Award for his performance, and then originated David Sedaris The SantalandDiaries in 1996.

Alexis Knief
Alexis Knief and Family

Olyphant made his feature film debut in The First Wives Club-1996. He later starred in the pilot of the CBS spy series Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The actor made a guest appearance as Officer Brett Farraday in three episodes of the ABC police drama High Incident.

He came to the attention of a wider audience when he was cast as Sheriff Seth Bullock in HBO’s acclaimed western Deadwood which aired for three seasons from 2004-2006. Timothy Olyphant’s first post-Deadwood roles were the action movies, Live Free or Die Hard and Hitman both in 2007. The movies were successful with Hitman grossing over $100 million.

For his contributions to Hollywood, Timothy has been duly rewarded. He won his first award in 1996; the Theatre World Award for his outstanding debut performance in the work, The Monogamist. With his work Justified, he earned lots of awards and nominations all through 2010 and 2011.

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Facts About Timothy Olyphant’s Wife

• One might ask how well Alexis Knief take her husband’s erotic scenes in movies and it could be so amazing the reply Timothy had for such. In an interview, he revealed that his wife knows better than take his erotic movie scenes too seriously as they are merely professional and no big deal.

• She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Her decent slim figure stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

• She has done a good job keeping away from the media, the details about her professional and career life.


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