Alexis Maas – Bio, Family Life, Facts About Johnny Carson’s Ex-Wife

Alexis Maas landed in the spotlight after marrying famous American television personality, Johnny Carson who was most popular for his NBC late night talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson which he hosted for three decades (1962-1992).

Following Carson’s death in 2005, many have been wondering what has become of his latest wife. Here we bring you everything you’d love to know about Alexis Maas, Johnny Carson’s former wife.

Alexis Maas Bio

Alexis Maas was born in 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Other information on her background including her exact birth date, parents and siblings are not available.

Prior to marrying Johnny Carson, Alexis was completely obscure to the media and so whatever transpired during her pre-Carson days has remained a mystery. She has not yet discussed her education and career with the media. However, some sources hold that she worked as a stockbroker before meeting and marrying Carson.

In 2012, Alexis Maas featured in Johnny Carson: King of Late Night, a documentary film which chronicled the life and career of Johnny Carson.

Family Life

Alexis Maas met Johnny Carson in the late 1980s. Johnny reportedly spotted Alexis as she strolled past his Malibu beach mansion with an empty glass of wine. He had offered to refill her glass and the rest became history! After dating for a few years, Maas and Carson exchanged marital vows on the 20th of June, 1987. They had a court marriage which was solemnized by Superior Court Judge William P in Malibu, California, with only a few friends and relatives in attendance. After the event, the couple flew off to the Mediterranean for a reportedly $6.5 million honeymoon.

Alexis Maas’ marriage to Johnny Carson came to an end in 2005 when the later died of a severe heart attack, precisely on January 23 of the same year, aged 79. Alexis and Johnny lived together for 18 years without any publicized controversy. Their union was apparently a blissful one characterized by a lavish lifestyle and frequent globetrotting.

Alexis Maas with husband, Johnny Carson at an event image source

Following Carson’s death, Maas has remained single, with no romantic link to any man. Although she had no child with him, she is a stepmother to Carson’s two surviving sons.

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Facts About Johnny Carson’s Ex-Wife

1. Alexis was Johnny Carson’s fourth wife

Prior to marrying Alex Maas, Johnny Carson had three marriages. His first marriage was with Joan Morrill “Jody” Wolcott. The duo tied the knot in October 1949. The union was, however, fraught with issues, especially extra-marital affairs by both parties. Johnny and Jody eventually divorced in May 1963. The union produced three boys – Christopher, Richard and Cory Carson. Richard however, died on June 20, 1991, in a car accident which occurred while he was photographing.

Carson went ahead and married another woman, Joanne Copeland in August of the same year. The union also ended in divorce nine years later, precisely in June 1972. As was the case after his first, Carson also remarried the same year. He tied the knot with Joanne Holland on September 30, 1972. Thirteen years later, in August 1985, Johnny also parted ways with his third wife via a divorce.

Having possibly learned from his previous mistakes, Johnny decided to take a little break before jumping into another marriage. Considering the success of his marriage with Alexis, his two-year wait was worth the while!

2. Marriage to Alexis was Johnny’s happiest and most lasting union

Johnny Carson’s first three marriages lasted for 14, 9 and 13 years respectively, as against his marriage to Alexis which lasted for 18 years. From the look of things, it would have lasted more than that had Carson not died.

3. The wide age gap!

Alexis Maas was 35 years old when she married Johnny Carson who was then 61. That’s a whopping 26-year difference! The wide age gap between the two caused a loud stir across the media back then, but the lovebirds went ahead with their union unperturbed.

4. Net Worth and philanthropy

Alexis Maas reportedly has an inherited net worth of $300 million. She, however, donated over half of it ($156 million) to the Johnny Carson Foundation.

5. She maintains a low key lifestyle after widowhood

Since after her husband’s death, Alexis Maas has kept her life away from the cameras. Maas had always preferred a private lifestyle and so after her object of fame passed on, she recoiled into her shell.


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