Ali Saunders and Madison Bumgarner
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Madison Bumgarner is a well-known personality especially to fans of baseball game although the same cannot be said for his wife, Ali Saunders. For those who know her, she is seen as stylish and fashionable. In fact, Ali is one of the most beautiful WAGs of Major League Baseball (MLB) players. She and Madison got married in 2010 in a lowkey ceremony and have since then lived a very private life.

Due to how private Ali and her husband are, not much is known about their relationship and Ali as a person in particular. What we have been able to unearth, however, is quite interesting and intriguing. Kindly read on to learn about the life of this dashing woman who captured the heart of the iconic and successful baseball star.

Here Are 6 fun And Interesting Things You Should Know About Madison Bumgarner’s Wife, Ali Saunders

1. Ali Saunders and her husband went to the same high school

There is no shortage of movies with happy endings for high school sweethearts. This is, however, not the reality that we see around us as most high school relationships end up going anywhere. However, the norm was not the case of Ali Saunders and Madison Bumgarner, however, as they not only met and dated in high school, they still went ahead and got married to each other even after one of them attained stardom. Ali met her then-future husband at South Caldwell High School in Hudson where they hit it off and started the relationship that will eventually result in their tying the knot.

2. They had odd dress choices for their marriage

Ali Saunders and her husband, Madison Bumgarner, can definitely not be accused of being adventurous and spontaneous. Such allegations could have come as a result of their getting married early but considering what each wore for the wedding, such allegations will not hold much water. On the fateful day that they got married, Ali dressed up in a simple pink gown while her husband, Madison, wore jeans. Whereas most men would have worn a tuxedo and women, a white, gorgeous gown, they were both willing to go against convention and just go simple. If that doesn’t show a sense of adventure, we wonder what does.

3. She got married quite early

Yes, we mentioned this already but then, we did not mention at what age they got married. Prepare to have your mind blown away as they got married when Madison was just 20 years of age. Which is all the more impressive considering the fact that not much has been heard in the way of grumbling and/or discontent from either partner since they got married. This leads us to the conclusion that this is a match made in heaven for how many people got married that early in life and then maintained it without much hullaballoo and upheaval.

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4. Ali Saunders is a talented fashion designer

While Ali is not a superstar like her husband, she is definitely glowing in her own right at least to those who patronize her. The beautiful and dashing lady has won several applauses from those she designed their outfit all of whom have nothing but good things to say about her.

5. She is a trained lifeguard

According to reports, Ali Saunders was at one time a lifeguard for the city of Lenoir.

6. She is a very active woman

Ali Saunders and her husband, Madison, maintain a very strong connection with their roots seeing as they usually leave San Francisco – where Madison plays – for North Carolina when it is off-season to explore the joys of outdoor living on a farm. He especially seems to have an affinity for the outdoors with several of her escapades documented on social media. Ali Saunders is also very humane having saved many animals from what would have been certain death.

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It cannot be denied that the woman, Ali Saunders, is one with a heart of gold and that her husband, Madison is lucky to have her as his wife. They keep their lives off the public eye and this seems to be working well for them. We can only wish them many more years of happiness and love in each other’s arms.

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