Who is Alicia Jay – TV Actor? Here are 5 Facts You Need To Know

There are people who can never vanish in plain sight, they enter a room and everyone there notices their presence, one of such people is the celebrity, Alicia Jay. This is a woman who has received fame for a number of peculiar reasons, many of which will be explored in this article; she also works for the Oakland-based basketball team, the Golden State Warriors as their operations manager while running a fashion and style blog. To learn about the strange and unusual existence of this woman keep reading.

Who is Alicia Jay – TV Actor?

Alicia Jay was given birth to in Oakland California on the 30th of November in 1981; she was born through a Caesarean session because of her size at birth – when Jay was born, she weighed 10 pounds. During her childhood, she was brought up with strong Christian values and she still lives her life guided by those values, as she publicly identifies as a Christian. Not much is known about her family, except that her father died from Cancer and her parents are the reason for her gigantic features with her father being 6 feet 3 inches before his death and her mother 5 feet 10 inches which is way higher than the average height for women, she however tries to keep that aspect of her life away from the public

As she grew older she continued to grow bigger and taller making her tower above other kids who were in the same age group as she was, this resulted in a childhood that was riddled with bullying. This bullying led to issues with her self-esteem and lacking self-confidence resulting in bouts of depression. But by the time she went to college, her world view expanded when she saw other women who were as tall as she was and even taller. The feeling of being the only female giant in the room was discarded and she became more comfortable in her skin knowing that she was not a singular case of extreme tallness. Her confidence blossomed which is the reason she was bold enough to be the star of a television show.

5 Facts You Need To Know

1. Giant Virgin: Alicia Jay is a devout Christian as previously mentioned, her faith does not allow for its followers to engage in pre-marital sex and most Christians are advised to avoid all sexual sins, the sexual sins are adultery, fornication, and homosexuality, in the case of Jay she is abstaining from fornication which is sex between two unmarried people.

She has stated that she is waiting to meet the right man God has ordained for her to get married to until she loses her virginity. For her, sex is a sanctified act and must only be done within the union of marriage.

2. Freakishly Tall: The average height for colored women in the United States, which is the racial demography Jay belongs to, is 5 feet 4 inches, Alicia Jay stands at a height of 6 feet 6 inches. Her height surpasses that of the average African-American male which 5 feet 9 inches. This means that in most gatherings, she is usually the tallest person in the room.

Alicia Jay and Michelle Obama
Alicia Jay and Michelle Obama (image source)

3. Fashion Blogging: Alicia Jay currently runs a fashion blog called TallSwag. The blog caters to the fashion needs of women just like Alicia who have been cursed with the gift of height and long legs. On her blog, she showcases the various ways that women who are really tall can combine clothes and still maintain a chic look.

The blog rose out of frustration, after scouring the internet in search of things to fit her tall frame. Discovering that there was a lack of fashion content targeted at tall women, Alicia decided to create her own blog with a name that fits perfectly for the kind of people she creates content for.

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4. Social Media: As a result of her blogging, Jay is an avid user of social media platforms to promote her work and to push views to her blog, however her Twitter follower count is pretty low for a blogger with less than 5,000 followers compared to her Instagram where she has over 25,000 followers. To check out her style tips you can visit her blog or Instagram page.

5. Television Show: Jay’s big break into fame was with her appearance on the TLC show My Giant Life. She has said in an interview that her decision to join the show was to help people who are like her and have been victims of bullying, to let them understand that being really tall is not an anomaly.


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