Alicia Shearer – Biography, Family, Facts About Big Chief’s Ex- Wife

Lovers of fast cars would certainly be familiar with the name Justin Shearer who is best known by the moniker ‘Big Chief’. His popularity stems from the fact that he is America’s most famous street racer and a reality television personality. His popularity is perhaps the reason his wife Alicia Shearer became a person of interest to the media and his fans at large. Alicia is a respiratory therapist who before her association with the racer, was very much unknown. She became even more popular after it came to light that she and the fan favorite Big Chief were going their separate ways after a good number of years as husband and wife.

Although they are no longer an item, many people still want to know what Alicia is up to and every detail about her. So here, we bring you every detail there is to know about the bio, marriage, and divorce of the Big Chief’s ex-wife.

Alicia Shearer – Biography

Being a person who treasures her privacy, not much has been revealed about the childhood and early life of Alicia Shearer. It is common knowledge that she was born on August 18, 1980, in Oklahoma City but also spent a part of her childhood in Louisville, Kentucky where her family moved to. She is of American nationality and white ethnicity. Alicia attended the Oklahoma City Community College where she studied respiratory care.

After school, she channeled her mind towards advancing her career in her course of study which led her into working at Integris Southwest Medical Centre and later at Integris and ISMC as she pushed forward in her career. Alicia Shearer keeps her personal life and family history away from the media even after being married to the sensational street racer.


The love story of Alicia Shearer and Big Chief has been a very engaging one for their fans. The duo met as teenagers at a full-service gas station where Big Chief worked then as an attendant. Justin who was just 18 at the time said he felt something strange the moment he first set his eyes on Alicia, and he knew she was special. From that day on, the duo got talking and then began dating after some time. Following a long period of dating, they eventually got married on the 29th of September 2006. Their union produced two sons, Covil Shearer and Corbin Shearer.

Alicia Shearer
Alicia, husband and kids

What seemed to be a blissful marriage between Alicia Shearer and Big Chief turned sour in 2017 when rumors began to spread about the couple’s plan to go separate ways. Although they tried all they could to conceal the truth about the rift that had developed in their marriage and threatening to tear them apart, it later leaked out to the public. The actual reason behind the divorce is still unknown, but speculations are that the iconic street racer was cheating on Alicia with a lady named Jacklyn Braasch who is a professional street racer and a rider.

Jacklyn joined the organization (Car Chix) in 2014 after participating in Car Chix women of motorsports contest and making it as one of the top 12 finalists of the contest which has had a total of 398 participants in the race.

It is still not clear if Big Chief truly cheated or if that is why the marriage packed up. None of the parties involved has been very forthcoming with details of what truly transpired. Nevertheless, they have both moved on with their lives.

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Other Facts About Big Chief’s Ex-Wife

Alicia Shearer’s Net Worth and Salary

Being the ex-wife to the sensational street car racer Justin Shearer whose net worth is pegged at above $1 million, there is no doubt that Alicia made a tidy sum herself as she was well into the business with her husband especially the reality TV shows.

Interestingly, while she was embroiled in her husband’s affairs, Alicia did not abandon her career as a respiratory therapist which she has equally been earning from. As a respiratory specialist, Alicia Shearer earns an annual salary of over $55, 000. Her exact net worth still remains unknown.

Body Stats

Alicia Shearer has a nice height and weight which is obvious from the many pictures she posts on her Instagram page. She has however kept the exact figures of her height and weight away from the public.


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