All Active MTN Ghana Call and Data Bundles

There are two major call bundles for MTN Ghana, and they usually come with data incentives. These two bundles also have sub-bundles. We will look at both bundles and their sub-bundles, the shortcodes for subscription, and how much they cost. You will also learn the pros and cons of both bundles to determine the best option for you.


There are six sub-bundles under this package. The super saver bundle caters to a wide range of customers. The customers range from low spending individuals seeking to purchase minimal talking time that lasts a week to high brows clients that seek to purchase talk time that will last for a month.


The major advantage of super saver is its wide range of offers as there is something for everyone. It means you do not have to overshoot your budget as there is a sub-bundle plan for you within the overall bundle.


  • The disadvantage of this MTN Ghana Call Bundle is that there is no daily plan for subscribers. It means the least plan is a weekly one, and you cannot sub to a daily plan on the super saver.
  • It can also be expensive, as the highest sub-bundle costs 100 cedis per month. That can be pricey for the average customer who wishes to run a monthly plan.


50 minutes to all networks + 100mb data for 7 days *138#-4-1 GH 5
100 minutes to all networks + 300mb data for 7 days *138#-4-2 GH 10
300 minutes to all networks + 700mb data for 7 days *138#-4-3 GH 20
500 minutes to all networks + 1gb data for 30 days *138#-4-4 GH 30
700 minutes to all networks + 1.5gb data for 30 days *138#-4-5 GH 50
1500 minutes to all networks + 4gb data for 30 days *138#-4-6 GH 100


The MTN Mashup is a call + data bundle that is available to MTN Ghana Pulse subscribers. It allows subscribers to mash their voice and data plans to a comfortable and affordable level. The MTN Mashup is available to prepaid customers on MTN Ghana.

There are three offers on MTN Mashup, depending on price levels. These are Daily Mashup, Weekly Mashup, and Monthly Mashup. Each of these offers also has its pros and cons. Below is a table of the plans, their shortcodes, benefits, and price.

Daily Mashup a.       25mins + 25mb – *567#-1-1

b.      20mins + 30mb – *567#-1-2

c.       15mins +35mb – *567#-1-3

GH 1 Free WhatsApp and Wikipedia
Weekly Mashup a.       125mins + 125mb – *567#-2-1

b.      100mins + 150mb – *567#-2-2

c.       50mins + 200mb – *567#-2-3

GH 5 Free WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Wikipedia
Monthly Mashup a.       250mins + 250mb – *567#-3-1

b.      200mins + 300mb – *567#-3-2

c.       150mins + 350mb – *567#-3-3

GH 10 Free WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & free calls to all MTN lines every Monday


  • MTN Mashup is very cheap and cost-effective.
  • It caters to a wider ranger of customers, including those who seek daily plans
  • Offers free access to apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook across every plan.


  • It does not offer near quality volume in talk time or data to be sustainable.
  • You have to constantly re-subscribe as talk time and/or data might run out faster, depending on usage.


Numerous individuals have friends, family, and even business associates in other countries. It is vital to keep in touch with these people, and one way is to converse on the phone. Ideally, you want your service provider to provide you with a great rate that helps you accomplish this.

MTN Ghana has put together international call bundles called International Direct Dialing (IDD) packages. These packages cater differently to various locations, and you have to make your choice depending on the location of the person you wish to call.

The MTN Ghana IDD code is *138*3#. Here is how to select the package that suits the location you are calling:

  • Launch your call/phone app
  • Enter *138*3# and dial
  • If you are calling China, India, Canada, US, and the UK (fixed lines), press 1.
  • If you wish to call France, Germany and Spain, press 2.

It is important to note that the Ghs 2, Ghs 5, and Ghs 10 packages are available to both options 1 and 2. If you desire to check your IDD package account balance, dial *138*3*9#.

There is not much information available on the types of packages. As a result, we cannot determine their advantages or disadvantages. Just select the package tailored to the location of the person or people you wish to call.


MTN Ghana Call and Data Bundles
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Everyone using a smartphone in 2020 needs to have data on their phone before accessing the internet unless you are on Wi-Fi. If you are an avid social media user or work heavily on your phone or laptop, you likely consume plenty of data. With the new law on data and airtime expiration, most MTN Ghana data bundles now go without expiry, meaning easy rollover and longer usage.


It exists for the average data user who wants data on his phone and does not have a targeted usage. Suppose you are an average user of data and just enjoy the occasional casual browsing on your phone. In that case, the MTN basic bundle is for you.

An advantage of the basic package is that it has an eclectic range of offers, i.e., it has small and large data packages. Simply put, there is a plan for everyone. A disadvantage of this plan is there is no reasonable middle ground. It moves from very cheap to very expensive pretty quickly compared to other data bundles. Below is a table of packages under it:

23mb *138#-1-1-1-1-1 50 pesewas
46mb *138#-1-1-1-2-1 1 cedi
461mb *138#-1-1-1-3-1 3 cedis
943mb *138#-1-1-2-1-1 10 cedis
12gb *138#-1-1-3-1-1 120 cedis
205gb *138#-1-1-3-1-2-1 399dis


The MTN midnight bundle is for nocturnal beings that enjoy browsing in the dead of night. It is a special bundle created to appeal to internet surfers who want to take advantage of the extra-fast internet speed usually observed in the midnight hours.

Unlike other data bundles, the midnight package cannot be used at any time of the day and only spans from 12 am – 5 am daily. A big advantage of this bundle is that you get huge data at very low prices. The major letdown is that you are under pressure to exhaust that data before the expiry time is up as there is no rollover option. There are two midnight packages:

  • 1 cedi for 2.79gb (*138#1-1-4-1-1-1)
  • 3 cedis for 5.33gb (*138#1-1-4-2-1-1)


Another MTN Ghana data bundle aimed at people that use data services when most are sleeping. However, unlike the midnight package, the Kokrokoo bundle is for individuals that love to use the internet at the crack of dawn.

The early risers that begin their days before a lot of people will love this bundle. Once again, you are getting much data with this MTN Ghana Data Bundle at a very low price and it also comes with 20 minutes of call time. But you have just 4 hours to exhaust the data as the Kokrokoo bundle kicks in at 4 am and expires at 8 am.

To subscribe, Dial *138#-1-1-5-1-1-1 at 1.09 cedis for 400mb and 20 mins of talk time.


Lovers of social media apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp will love this data bundle. It is specifically created to cater to the needs of social media enthusiasts. While you cannot access other things on your phone, you can surf your favourite social media platforms at will.

A big advantage of this bundle is that you can enter the amount of data you want to buy without choosing any of the fixed data bundles already provided. The disadvantage is that you cannot access any other thing with the internet on your phone asides the social media platforms.

To subscribe: Dial *138#1 to get started.


This MTN Ghana Data Bundle is for the data big boys and girls. The ones that consume a high volume of data and make use of the MTN Turbonet broadband service. You need to be an owner of the Turbonet broadband device before you can subscribe to this bundle.

A major pro of this bundle is that it has no expiry date, and data can be used for as long as the user desires until they decide to rollover. It is also cost-effective in the long run.

An obvious con is that it is quite expensive and not easily accessible to the average data and internet user. Another disadvantage of this MTN Ghana Data Bundle is despite its price, it does not come with a call time package.

There are seven packages under this bundle, and here they are, along with their codes and prices:

5GB *5057#1-1-1-1 20 cedis
10GB *5057#1-2-1-1 40 cedis
20GB *5057#1-3-1-1 75 cedis
45GB *5057#1-4-1-1 120 cedis
90GB *5057#1-5-1-1-1 175 cedis
225GB *5057#1-5-2-1-1 240 cedis
550GB *5057#1-5-3-1-1 395 cedis
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