All The Boyfriends DJ Cuppy Has Dated and Why She Is Single Now

DJ Cuppy is currently engaged to a British boxer named Ryan Taylor but before him, she dated several men, including Asa Asika, Victor Anichebe, and Sean Tizzle. She was also rumored to be romantically involved with Korede Bello, Ice Prince, Anthony Joshua, Zlatan Ibile, Broda Shaggi, and Olamide.

Florence Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy, happens to be one of the daughters of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola. There are many things to know about the DJ; she is a known Nigerian disc jockey, vocalist, socialite, and heiress, and she definitely has an eye for good-looking men, especially those in the big boys’ gang. According to records, the DJ has dated more men than we can count on our fingers, however, she claims that most of her romantic entanglements are mere speculations. The singer’s flings, hookups, and breakups involve high profile men in diverse professions like football, boxing, music, comedy, and the likes.

After she broke up with her last known boyfriend, Asa Asika of Stargaze, the DJ took to social media to berate herself for making mistakes in the past. According to the disc jockey, those mistakes are responsible for her being a single lady. However, all that is in the past now as she is now engaged and getting set to tie the knot soon.

All The Men DJ Cuppy Dated in The Past

The tale of Cuppy’s love life is not one that can be told in a hurry as it involves quite a number. Being a billionaire’s daughter, it goes without saying that she has been in a few high-profile relationships, mostly with people in the same industry as her. Cuppy shifted ground from the entertainment industry when she dated boxer Anthony Joshua and has also been an item with footballer Victor Anichebe. Below is a comprehensive list of all the men that the disc jockey has dated both rumored and real boyfriends;

1. Asa Asika

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Asika image source

Asa Asika is singer Davido’s manager and the chief executive officer of Stargaze who dated DJ Cuppy on and off between 2011 and 2019. While they lasted, the loved-up duo didn’t make any attempt to hide their dalliance from the public arena as they had no problems about displaying their affections and intimate moments publicly. The first phase of their on and off again relationship started in 2011 and they stayed as a couple for a while before breaking up. However, the embers of their love never went completely out; they were able to rekindle it into a flame with just a little effort several years later after Cuppy has gone through other men.

During the second phase of their relationship, they made a conscious effort to keep things on the low, and their dalliance endured for a couple of years before their ship finally sank, never to surface again. According to the DJ, Asika has been friends with her for over a decade, even before she launched her career as a DJ.

2. Victor Anichebe

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Anichebe image source

The period of DJ Cuppy’s relationship with Victor Anichebe is sandwiched between her on an off union with Asika. It was when they parted ways the first time around that the DJ hooked up with Anichebe who played football with the Nigerian national team as a striker; Victor is now actively playing for Beijing Enterprises. According to the disc jockey, it was good while it lasted and when they eventually parted ways in 2017, it was done amicably. Their reasons for breaking up, Cuppy said, was because of their location; playing for a Beijing club, Victor spends most of his time in China while the DJ is either in Nigeria or London.

The female DJ told BeatFM how they resolved to remain friends after parting ways, praising the former Nigerian striker for being what she described as such a great guy. After the news of their breakup broke on the internet, fans were quick to express their disappointment in the female disk jockey. In fact, they saw their relationship as the best that Cuppy ever had. News later surfaced that Victor actually dumped the singer to date a white woman whom he promptly brought home to meet his family.

3. Sean Tizzle

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Sean Tizzle image source

As early mentioned, DJ Cuppy went through a good number of men after her first break up with Asika and one of them happens to be Nigerian musician Sean Tizzle. The news about their hookup came to the fore after the Sho Lee hitmaker shared a rather suggestive post of Cuppy on his page. In the caption of the post, the singer was asking God to bless his Cupcake Ifeoluwa also known as Cuppy”. Sean Tizzle likened their relationship to that of Beyonce and Jay Z, saying that it is just him and his future Abiamo, and ended it with #Kisses.

Sean Tizzle’s post was an open confirmation of their dalliance but it would appear that the billionaire’s daughter didn’t see it in the same light, especially when the singer’s post raised a lot of speculations. Reports said Cuppy got angry about the whole thing which dented their relationship.

4. Korede Bello

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Korode image source

The Mavin wonder boy Korede Bello and DJ Cuppy were both hit by rumors of romantic entanglement in 2015. Though it all turned out false in the end, the speculations were sparked by the female DJ who took to her Twitter handle to swoon over the God Win crooner.

“Korede Bello is so adorable!” her tweet said but she laughed and added, “Don’t tell him”. However, the duo later came up to deny the speculation. Cuppy on her own part told NET that she is good friends with Korede and happy for the success he has achieved but they are not an item. Though, the Mavin signee can date any woman that takes his fancy, being equipped with enough juice and sauce to sweep any girl off her feet, he has not dated Cuppy for now.

5. Ice Prince

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Ice Prince image source

The purported relationship between the billionaire daughter and rapper Ice Prince happens to be one of those chemistry tales. While the duo worked on a song in 2014, they sure had their moments in the studio and other places. However, it would appear that fans failed to get the tease and just took their working relationship as a love story. As the speculations gained ground, both Ice Prince and Cuppy came up to debunk the romance tale, setting the record straight. They finally convinced fans that what they have together are their music and platonic friendship and it doesn’t go beyond that.

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Anthony Joshua image source

Cuppy’s relationship with boxing champion, Anthony Joshua was equally a rumor that was fueled after they vacationed in Spain together. This happened shortly after Joshua’s visit to Nigeria when he stopped at Otedola’s residence.

According to reports, the female DJ received a dollar sign diamond necklace as a gift from the boxing champion; this was later interpreted by fans as a gift of love. Though the speculations really raged for a long time, neither of the two parties cared to come up with a confirmation or a denial to date. So, we cannot categorically say if they dated or not. We simply have to shelve this in the rumor department.

7. Zlatan Ibile

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Zlatan image source

In December 2019, after Antony Joshua won the fight between him and Ruiz, Nigerian musician Zlatan jokingly told the boxing champion to leave the DJ alone for him. Adding fuel to the fire were a plethora of photos showing Zlatan Ibile having fun with the billionaire’s daughter which surfaced online; Zlatan was subsequently misquoted to have admitted his love for Dj Cuppy. Besides, the DJ’s music video for the track Gelato featured Zlatan and fans, on seeing how they were enjoying themselves in different fun videos, took it to be something serious and eventually shipped them together as an item

8. Broda Shaggi

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Shaggi image source

Media comic act, Broda Shaggi, and DJ Cuppy were spotted together too many times back in 2019; this led to people seeing them as lovers. It even convinced the female DJ’s dad, billionaire Femi Otedola. When the billionaire spotted Shaggi with his daughter during a call in which she wished him a happy birthday, Otedola referred to Shaggi as Cuppy’s new husband. The DJ’s billionaire father further poked a joke at them, asking when the wedding would be.

9. Olamide

DJ Cuppy
Cuppy and Olamide image source

The female DJ’s name has also been linked to Nigerian rapper Olamide, however, they were quick to deny ever being an item which led the speculations to die down.

Did Cuppy and Zlatan Ibile Really Date?

We cannot say for sure whether the disc Jockey really dated Nigerian musician Zlatan Ibile since everything was later dismissed as rumors. However, their purported dalliance is not the first time a rumor will develop into reality. From what we gathered from some reports in 2019, the rumors of their romantic entanglement was sparked by their work together, promoting the female Dj’s music video for the track Gelato.

Kiddwaya On Why he Cannot Date DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy
The DJ and Kiddwaya image source

During the most recent lockdown edition of the popular BBNaija reality TV show, Benue-born billionaire’s son Kiddwaya was quizzed about the women he has ever been vulnerable with by his love interest Erica. In his answer, Kiddwaya mentioned his mum, his manager, and interestingly Cuppy’s name was on the list. This conversation ensued during a private chat between the two housemates on why Kiddwaya appears to be emotionally disconnected from their tryst.

When asked if he sees himself dating the female DJ in the future, Kiddwaya responded that he sees Cuppy as a friend and confidant and wouldn’t dream about making any promiscuous move on her. He also said the DJ is someone he respects and talked about their being close with the same circle of friends; besides, their billionaire fathers Terry Waya and Femi Otedola are equally close too.

However, throughout his stay in the house, the DJ’s name was always on Kiddwaya’s lips. The reality TV star said he didn’t understand why people always think that a man cannot have a female best friend without having feelings for her. To lend credence to their best friends’ claim, DJ Cuppy was on hand to welcome Kiddwaya upon his eviction from the house. The DJ promptly shared their photo together as she welcomed her best friend back into the fold. When Kiddwaya eventually broke up with Erica after the BBnaija reality show, speculations started running rife that he hooked up with Cuppy in London.

Is DJ Cuppy Dating Anyone Now?

Going by a recent report, Florence Otedola, aka DJ Cuppy, is very much single. The DJ herself took to social media on the 2nd of January 2020 to confess how she is still a single lady and has no idea why it is so. Her last known boyfriend according to the records was Asa Asika. The Nigerian female DJ later made a post on her vlog where she subtly revealed why she has remained single into her late twenties. According to the disc jockey, her single state is a result of some mistakes she made in the past.

However, Cuppy consoled herself with the thought that she learned from those mistakes even though they cost her dearly; the DJ believes those blunders made her grow into a better version of her former self. In her own word, she expressed how proud she is and advised people not to be afraid to make one or two mistakes, especially when it has to do with relationships. This she said, helps us grow.

Cuppy’s brother Fewa Otedola also put in a word about his sister being single. Not long ago, Fewa took to Instagram, captioning one of Cuppy’s photos with the message “Sister is single/searching, who wants? It was on a light note but the message was loud and clear to both fans and the general public.

There May Be a New Mystery Man In Dj Cuppy’s Life

A little while after she has been pigeon-holed into the single ladies gang, Florence Otedola started making some current moves that prove otherwise. Moreso, she started receiving some suggestive gifts that are a clear giveaway that a man has surfaced in her life. After she shared a post about a man courting her, the billionaire’s daughter brandished a plush and classy pink handbag to go with her color preference, matching her pinky style. Though Cuppy is yet to reveal the identity of this caring dude, it has become glaring that whoever is behind the colorful handbag gift really means business with Cuppy and is ready to take a chance with her.

The man came for their second date armed with the pink bag to express his feelings. From what is perceivable, Cuppy’s mystery man is the type that loves to say it with gifts; on their very first date, he presented her with an expensive Bulgari wristwatch. He sure sounds romantic. On their own part, fans are waiting with bated breath to know who this mysterious gift-bearing man is.


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