All You Need To Know About Pashence Marie And Her Life As A Model

There are several celebrities today who went into various professions as a result of happenstance. One among this group is Pashence Marie – a model of American origin who has worked with famed magazines like Prototype, Modelz View, B.A.D.D, Glam Jam as well as Focus Factory. She is also involved with the likes of Bikini Model – a magazine where she functions as a columnist.

Despite the fact that Pashence Maria never planned to end up in the modeling world, the celeb model has achieved a great feat which points to the fact that she was a talented lady who just needed the right opportunity to display her skills. The popular model is also a shrewd businesswoman and has had collaborations with the likes of Color Street and

Pashence Marie’s Birth Details and Family Background

It was on the 23rd of June 1986 that Pashence Marie was born in Fernandina Beach, Florida United States. Needless to mention that she is an American citizen, though her ethnicity has never come under the light of the media. The young Maria grew up under the watch of her mum Trici Marie who has always bestowed the model with unflinching support throughout her life endeavors; however, same cannot be said for her dad as his identity is not publicly known.

Additionally, it is not also known publicly whether or not Pashence Marie has a sibling or was raised as an only child. Nevertheless, Marie must have grown up in a love-filled environment, evidenced by her constant description of herself as one who loves to express what she feels, and how much growth she has achieved on the inside. Maria keeps a group of friends who are ready with their support whenever necessary.

Her Life as a Model

Pashence Marie came into the modeling career by chance, convinced to give the runway a trial by a photographer friend; she was hooked at her very first attempt and thus continued with the profession. Subsequently, Maria landed the plum chance of a contract with Bikini Team TV, for which she had to travel to places like the Philippines. After that, the model began to work with famous magazines like Flip, RHK magazine, Sultry, Prototype LA, Manic, Kandy, Factory, and loads more. The upcoming model moved to another level of fame when picked her as their Model of the Month for January 2015.

The celeb model has continued to wax stronger as the years roll by, she has posed for Black Tape Project – a firm that markets metallic body tape, and many organizations like Deep Blue, and Craig Hill Photography have featured her in their calendars. Marie was hand-picked by the Bikini Model magazine to write their column titled Sexpert Advice, thanks to her expertise and growing popularity.

Away From Modeling

In addition to walking the runway, Pashence Marie is beginning to make a name for herself as a businesswoman. The model has had associations with the likes of Color Street, whose main focus is selling nail polish strips. She leverages on the company’s official site to market her own products. Maria has also collaborated with the firm to host parties.

Other successful collaborations she has had include one with Bikini Team through which she assists in the sales of clothing and accessories via their virtual shop. You can find her photo printed on a popular T-shirt line known as I Want You. Other things the popular model sells via the online shop include tank tops, hats, wristwatches, swimsuits, bikinis, bracelets, sunglasses, gloves and many more.

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Body Statistics

Pashence Marie is not in the category of tall models with her height of 5 feet 4 inches, weighing a matching 120 lbs in body mass. Her bust stands out at 36 inches, further outlined by a slender waistline of 26 inches, and her hips are perfectly rounded at 32 inches. The famed model has a beautiful tan colored skin that does not carry any inscription in the form of a tattoo nor piercings at unusual spots.

Many are of the belief that she has gone under the knife to enhance her breasts. However, atypical of celebrities, Marie has remained mute on the rumors. However, natural or otherwise, Pashence Marie’s DD cup sized boobs are rather eye-catching and has done an excellent job in bikini pictures. She wears 6.5 for shoes and 2 US for dress size.


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