Babachir Lawal

Represented by the Secretary to Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, President Muahammadu Buhari has urged the people to remain and speak positive about Nigeria regardless of the economic recession which he says will soon come to an end.

Buhari assures Nigerians for the umpteenth time that his government is doing all they can to make the recession a thing of the past.

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The President made this plea yesterday in Abuja, during the 7th National Prayer Breakfast organised by the National Assembly with the theme: A Tree And Its Fruits: Is Yours A Blessing Or A Curse To Nigeria.

He urged the people to be positive that better days are ahead. He also requested Christian and political leaders to lead the way in speaking positively about the nation.

Buhari urged them to see the situation of the economy from a brighter point of view; seeing the opportunities and not difficulties.

Babachir Lawal said:

“As Christians and political leaders, we must strive to be the light of the world by speaking positively concerning the state of the nation.”

“These hard times we are in, require leaders who are aware of the situation to stand in the gap to see how to turn the situation around.”

“I have total faith that Nigeria will emerge from this crisis strong, united and prosperous, this will come to fruition in the lifetime of this government.”

“Also as Christians and leaders we should all thank God for the opportunity to be key player in this time of economic meltdown.”

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Lending his voice to the pleas of the President, Abu Bako stressed the need for all Nigerians especially those in leadership positions to be patriotic citizens by way of ensuring that actions taken will be for the ultimate good of the country.

He said:

“Let us behave as God-fearing persons, who have the interest of its citizen and welfare at heart and not behave as politicians.”

“When the nation seeks God’s face then the Lord will heal our land.”