Amadou Gillen Won The Lottery, But You Won’t Believe What He Did Next

Amadou Gillen is the 46 year old pub worker who landed £4 million on a lottery scratchcard during his shift at the pub, but what he did next surprised a whole lot of people.

Gillen had bought two scratchcards during a break from work in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. On the first card which he scratched in the staff area, he won £10, but the second card was for £4 million and made him a millionaire.

Despite this news that would make a lot of people go crazy with joy, Amadou Gillen simply went right back to finish his shift in the kitchen and kept quiet about it until the end of the day.

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The man who is a father of two and works for Wetherspoon in the town for five years following an apprenticeship with McDonald’s, said he was “screaming and dancing inside…I think my shift finished at 11.30pm or midnight, so it was almost four hours that I kept it quiet”.

Actually it was not till the following week that he finally told his two daughters aged 20 and 22.

Amadou Gillen

He spoke during a National Lottery news conference, revealing that he had booked a trip to his home country of Gambia to visit family and afterwards looked to change his rented one-bedroom flat for a four-bedroom house.

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He also shared his plans to use the money which he received on Tuesday to complete his driving test and buy his first car;

“I have never started lessons. I have had my provisional driving licence since 2009 but I have never been able to afford to have a car or lessons…At the moment I just want to get a simple Peugeot and then I will get a BMW X6. I want to start an intensive course by next week.”

We just wonder how he was able to contain himself for so long, hopefully that is a good sign as to how he will handle this new found wealth in the long run.