Who Is Amanda Dufner – Jason Dufner’s Ex-Wife, Is She Dating Anyone? 

Amanda Dufner is a former celebrity spouse famous for her marriage to American professional golfer Jason Dufner. It is unarguably true that Amanda’s former marriage to PGA Tour champion Dufner helped boost her popularity. Amanda and her husband once made the headlines as one of golf’s most high-profile couples but unfortunately, their marriage was shortlived after they hit a rough patch that resulted in a divorce. More so, the very attractive brunette was once speculated to be a celebrity mistress who got embroiled in a steamy affair with one of the world’s most successful golfers, Tiger Woods.

Who Is Amanda Dufner – Jason Dufner’s Ex-Wife?

Details regarding Amanda Dufner’s early life and family are not known. It is, however, known that she is from Millbrook, Alabama and was born Amanda Boyd. She attended the University of Alabama where she graduated from in 2010.

Amanda met Jason Dufner in 2009, while still an undergraduate at the University of Alabama. On the other hand, Jason was at the time, already a professional golfer with a busy life on the PGA tour. The couple who were introduced to each other by a mutual friend soon started dating and the relationship flourished into an engagement. Jason proposed to Amanda shortly after she graduated from college in July 2011, while they were on a weekend date in New York.

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By May the next year, Amanda and Jason were married at an outdoor wedding in Fountainview in Auburn. They soon became a popular golf power couple as they were often seen together on the golf course. Unfortunately, in less than three years of marriage, the couple shocked many with the news of their separation in February 2015 and finally divorce in March of the same year. Their divorce documents explained that an ‘irretrievable breakdown of the marriage’ made it impossible for the couple to continue living together. While Amanda received $2.5 million, a Mercedes SUV and the couple’s French bulldog Prince Louie as a settlement, her ex-husband Jason retained ownership of their two Alabama homes. The former couple had no children together.

Following her divorce, Amanda deleted her Instagram account which used to be popular with a huge fanbase. However, she retained her dog Prince Louie’s Instagram account where she posts pictures of herself and the dog.

Is She Dating Anyone? 

Soon after their divorce, rumours went wild that Amanda was having a steamy affair with popular golfer Tiger Woods. Amanda’s breakup with her ex-husband Jason was linked to the affair which allegedly also resulted in Wood’s separation from his then-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. It is reported that Vonn broke off the relationship with Woods after she found out he was cheating on her with another woman. The allegation linking the duo romantically together was quite unsurprising given that Amanda Dufner was regarded as a hottie and an unexpected wife spec for Jason while on the other hand, Tiger Woods who is a premier athlete in a league of his own, has had his career successes rocked with infidelity scandals such that he was once tagged a serial cheater.

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Sources claimed that though Tiger dated Lindsey for more than two years, he had a ‘thing’ for Amanda. The rumoured affair was said to have begun with just innocent flirting but later became serious. The allegations were further stoked after Amanda was seen on the golf courses when Wood played as well as when Amanda relocated to Florida and spent $675,000 from her divorce settlement to buy a 3,000-square-foot home in Jupiter, just a few miles from Woods’ Tiger’s multi-million-dollar Island Estate!

Both Amanda and Woods have since remained silent about the allegations. But Woods’ agent vehemently denied the rumours describing them as ‘unequivocally untrue’ and a ‘complete fabrication’. In fact, the speculations of a sexual relationship between Woods and Boyd were further debunked when Amanda’s ex-husband Jason and Woods were spotted practising together for a major tournament without any grudges just a few months after the bombshell reports.

Just like her ex-husband and rumoured lover, Amanda Dufner has moved on with her life. She may currently be single as she has kept details of her personal life private after the divorce and scandalous rumours. The former celebrity wife has so far not been romantically linked to anyone else and is reportedly now a licensed real estate agent.

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