Amanda Elise Lee Bio And Family Life of The Personal Trainer And Instagram Model

In this time and age fame can be gotten in a number of ways that no one considered possible in the past, every day more and more stars are rising from the internet enclave of social media with people bringing in money into the coffers for the content they put out. Entertainment has never been more instant and in the wake of this, we have people who are called internet stars, some of these internet stars rise out of Instagram, Amanda Elise Lee is one of such people who have received recognition for the content she puts up on Instagram. She works as a personal trainer and a fitness enthusiast which is what makes up most of her Instagram feed.

Amanda Elise Lee’s Bio

Lee was born on the 13th of December in Canada in 1986, to a woman who worked as a fitness instructor; it is safe to say that the career path that Lee is currently on can be traced to the work her mother took up to take care of the family, which was made up of five children, Lee is the second of the five.

During her years as a teenager, Amanda Elise Lee was very thin; as a result of her size she bore the brunt of a lot of jokes and was a victim of bullying, this created a huge sense of self-awareness about the way she looked, the years her self-awareness increased was while she was in high school. This was what prompted her to take up exercising, by spending hours at the gym to build muscle and become bigger in a healthy way.

Her tertiary education was at Sarah Lawrence College; in her time there, she took classes in Dance, Modern Dance as well as physical training and trained on how to become an instructor of Pilates. This was the groundwork she had to do before she created her Instagram page.

Amanda Elise Lee’s Career

As Amanda started to see progress from her workouts and exercising she started to put up videos of her routine on social media sites Facebook and Instagram, with the help of her mother. Her follower count steadily increased but it was still a small number not significant enough to make her star or give the fame she currently enjoyed. Nonetheless, she persisted and posted her videos and tips on how to lead a healthy life.

It is believed that the turnaround in the fitness instructor’s life and career came with the comment of a dancer on how she has a nice body and in a short while her followers entered into the hundred thousand. With the increment in followers, so did her income increase.

Sports brands that were aware of the reach she has with her the traffic her posts generated on her Instagram, asked that she use their sportswear in her videos while she worked out to promote their merchandise. She also works with brands that create products that help with fitness, two of such brands in the energy drink brand, Bangenergy and the tea company Happytea. Her Facebook also experienced immense growth and she makes equally as much from her Facebook account as well.

Amanda Elise Lee does not only model sportswear, thanks to her workouts she has a nice bod, the type that fashion brands like to use to promote their clothes, this is also another avenue for her income flow.

The fitness enthusiast has her work out days split in two, one half is called heavy day and the other is the lighter day. The heavy day work out is for resistance training where she works out her lower body, by doing lunges and squats with weights; the light day is for cardio and to work her core, on these days she does jumping jacks, burpees, and any other cardio targeted workout. For Amanda Elsie Lee, working out was an avenue to build her self-confidence but now it is not just for her self-confidence but for the propagating of a healthy lifestyle as she tells her many followers on social media.

This Instagram model currently has a follower count of over 12 million on Instagram and over 500,000 thousand on Facebook.

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Family Life of The Personal Trainer And Instagram Model

When it comes to personal life, Amanda Elise Lee has been successful at keeping her private life away from the media. However, there’s a bit of information about her immediate family available. While information about her father is not available, it is known that her mother is a fitness instructor as previously mentioned. Amanda has four other siblings – she is the second of five children. However, her siblings’ names are not available to media at the moment.

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