Step by Step On How Amanda Head Went From a Musician To A Political Pundit and Facts About Her Husband

Watching Amanda Head work as a political commentator, you would find it difficult to accept that she has not been doing this for decades. A true natural, it seems she was tailor-made for the position. The reality though is that she made the transition a few years ago.

After starting in the glittery world of Hollywood and showbiz, she made the steep plunge into the world of politics. Initially starting as a singer, model, and actress, she sought more personal fulfillment and eventually decided to fulfill her political desires. She is currently blowing away viewers as an unapologetic and hard-hitting political commentator.

Amanda’s Rise to Fame Began When She Won The Miss Auburn University Beauty Pageant

Amanda Head had a very potent right-wing background. That much has been very evident in her professional and personal lives. Her political leanings do not come as much of a surprise. She was born and raised in Alabama, a state notorious for its mainly Conservative population. She graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

While Amanda was in the University, she got her first introduction to the spotlight. She became the first freshman to win the Miss Auburn University beauty pageant.

Amanda Head
Amanda with her parents after her pageant victory: image source

Her star power was obvious and having gotten a taste of it; she wanted more. With a minor in music, Amanda decided to move to Los Angeles after graduation. Her dream was to chase a career in music and film.

Gaining Clout as The Lead Singer of Stash

After settling in Los Angeles, California, Amanda Head forged a decent career as a singer. She performed in numerous venues as a classical singer. Some of these venues include Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood Bowl, and the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.

She spent time performing around the country, especially the Southeast and New York. Some of her performances covered musical plays and operas. This background in classical music only strengthened her singing ability. In turn, she became a performer with a stronger, flexible, and diverse range that helped her transition into other genres.

To put her newfound skill to work, Amanda Head tried her hands at the pop genre. She found relative success as the lead singer of an electro-pop group named Stash. The band’s first single charted at number 36 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40. The group gained worldwide recognition and fame for two hit singles: Don’t Tear Me Down and Strip Me Bare. 

Her Passion for a Better Society Drove Her Into Politics

While competing in the Miss Auburn University pageantry as a freshman, she advocated for music as a means of therapy for a range of people. These included students with learning disabilities, mental issues, and the elderly. It was one of the early displays of a lifetime passion and desire to help the masses.

Amanda Head always hoped to combine this passion and her strong right-wing beliefs into a political career. However, her music career and its commitments proved to be a formidable restraint.

From 2006 to 2016, the peak of her musical career, she was bound by contracts that forbade her from speaking out publicly about her political beliefs. Tired of her inability to speak her truth, Amanda had a deep introspection, which eventually led to a difficult and significant decision.

In January 2016, after great thought and deliberation, she made the brave decision to swap the entertainment world for the political clime. The youths have been her major driving force. According to Amanda, she had grown weary of her generation’s apathy over the state of the country and its immediate and long-term future. She wanted and needed to make a tangible difference.

Amanda Head Began Her Political Commentary Career with a Blog

Her first foray into this new world was to create a video blog called The Hollywood Conservative. With the connections she had made in her time in Hollywood, it was not long before she built a fan base with a significant presence. Her followers consisted of disgruntled citizens disillusioned with the leaders ruling the country.

The Hollywood Conservative began airing on the 30th of March 2016. The development came on the heels of an offer to host her own show by Philadelphia’s Conservative Commandos Radio. Shortly after the show launched, it was picked up by another network, Red State Talk Radio WFYL AM1180. This marked Amanda Head’s journey as a political commentator.

Amanda Head
Amanda Head has been featuring on several conservative programs: image source

Amongst her other roles on the political scene include serving as a guest and occasional fill-in host on Talkers Top 100 The John Cardillo Show on Miami’s AM880. Also a regular guest on BBC and CBC, she has been seen on the cable TV show, America Trends, which airs weekly on Mondays.

As a conservative, Amanda Head has found support from right-wing believers and aficionados. Her vocal and often passionate condemnation of liberals is usually well received by conservatives. They believe she echoes most of their thoughts and is their trusted spokesperson. Conversely, she receives a lot of criticism from democrats. Accusations often leveled against her range from twisting narratives to suit her claims to bias criticism of American leaders. Left-wing followers have differing beliefs from what Amanda Head mostly espouses, and they often let her know.

Her social media platforms are often inundated with mixed bags of responses. While there is support from fellow conservatives, frequent criticism and abuse from liberals also persist. Her writing and presentation abilities, however, receive widespread praise, and her articles frequently receive rave reviews.

The Political Commentator Has a Husband Named Ryan

According to recent reports, Amanda Head is married. She has largely kept her love life very private, but it is said that she was single for a while until she met Ryan in 2012. According to unconfirmed rumors, she met Ryan when she moved into her new home.

Like a scene out of a cheesy Hollywood romcom, it is claimed that while Amanda was working on her roof, she lost balance; and Ryan, who had been observing her from a distance, ran to her timely rescue.

They became fast friends before a relationship blossomed, leading to a wedding in March 2020. It is hard to tell anything else about Ryan.

Save for his guest role in her Disney scene come to life, there is zero information about Ryan and who he is.


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