Amateur Designer Invents Nigeria’s First Ever Wooden Car

A resident of Bida, southwest of Nigeria’s largest state, Niger state has invented Nigeria’s first ever wooden car. Though on a seeming amateur level especially in terms of electrical engineering, it is still good news to know that with limited resources and of course visible dedication and hardwork, this can be a reality.

For a country that seeks diversity in her economy and proposes more of the establishment of industries, this is nothing but a good sign that Nigeria will do well as a manufacturing nation. Out of nowhere people come up with inventions you never thought were possible; or ever imagined they could  achieve, given that the technological set back in Nigeria and some other African nations has inhibited a lot of progresses in the sector.

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Skill acquisition is one way that the private sectors can be boosted. Government alone cannot provide jobs for every citizen; it has never happened in any country of the world. From acquiring one skill, inherent innovative ideas bring advancement and development to the work.

The media went haywire when they saw the raffia car, now there is also a wooden car. Lately there has been outlandish approaches to locally made automobile constructions in Nigeria particularly. Again! this is most probably a good sign. I bet Innoson Motor Ventures (IMV) started off like this; against all suppositions that it will be a failed attempt but today the story is the other way round. Earlier on, Muzzamil Umma, a 21-year-old Nigerian from Kebbi State, also built a car and engine using scrap metal materials.


It is true that this invention cannot match up to Joe Harmon’s ‘Splinter’ creation – a sleek eco-friendly wooden car that is acclaimed to be faster than a Porsche or a Lamborghini; BUT! it is a great attempt. In the absence of the technological know-how, we can say both inventors had a similar vision. The only difference is the level of knowledge and the resources at their disposal at the time. It is even more stunning that out of intuition, this local Nigerian automobile designer powered this car with a motorbike engine.

With all of these dumbfounding signals in tech-creations, Nigeria clearly has the potential to make a break in the tech-world.

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