The American Dream Broke This Black Soldier To Tears

Haven’t you ever heard that ‘men don’t cry? Well, Alix Idrache, is a black soldier who does not think the expression is correct.

At his graduation from the West Point Academy in New York, this soldier decided to be human and graced his accomplishment with tears of joy.

Alix Idrache is a Haitian cadet who on Saturday graduated to a rank of second lieutenant. Out of his 1000 classmates, Alix made it to the top 25 in the United States Military Academy. He was the regimental commander in his class and came out the best in Physics.

After his immigration to the United States, he served for two years as an enlisted soldier with the Maryland Army National Guard.

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During the graduation ceremony on Saturday, Alix Idrache let his emotion have the best of him. For a soldier, this is surprising; but as human, his tearful moments charmed the hearts of many.

The images of Alix’s emotional moments went viral on Instagram and generated about 5000 likes and many beautiful congratulatory messages.

Responding to the unprecedented reactions from the social media, Alix Idrache says he is both “humbled and shocked”. In his words, the bright and brilliant lieutenant said he was “overwhelmed with emotions” during the graduation ceremony.

“I woke up this morning and found my face all over Facebook and with it myriad of amazing comments about my accomplishments. I am humbled and shocked at the same time. Thank you for giving me a shot at the American Dream and may God bless America, the greatest country on earth.”

He said 3 things came to his mind at that golden moment-

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“The first is where I started. I am from Haiti and never did I imagine that such honor would be one day bestowed on me.”

“The second is where I am. Men and women who preserved the very essence of the human condition stood in that position and took the same oath. Men who preserved the Union in a dark period of this country’s history.”

“The third is my future. Shortly after I leave, I will report to Ft. Rucker to start flight school. Knowing that one day I will be a pilot is humbling beyond words.”

Alix Idrache

Alix Idrache