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Robbie Wolfe is a 63 year-old American musician, reality TV personality, and businessman born on the 26th of April 1960. Wolfe gained widespread recognition for his appearance in the documentary reality TV series, American Pickers, through which he earns a salary of around $500,000 for each season. His wife is Robyn Wolfe and they have four kids – sons Jeremy and Brandon and daughters Kylie and Reagan.

Robbie Wolfe’s Biography

The former music artist was born in Illinois, United States of America on the 26th of April 1960. He was raised along with his two siblings, Mike and Beth by his mother, Rita Wolfe. The identity of his father is not known and equally, his academic endeavors have not been made public.

Based on what we have gathered, Robbie Wolfe began his career as a music artist who was associated with multiple musical bands in the 1980s and 1990s. During such time, he made contributions to the album, They Might be Giants. He also worked together with other artists like Lloyd Cole. As a result of the quality of his songs, Robbie Wolfe became fan’s favorite rock singer. He also made a wonderful display of his singing talent through his albums, Basic and Escape of which he served as the songwriter. Having been away most of the time due to his participation in musical tours, the entrepreneur’s music career met a dead end as he decided to focus more on his family life.

It didn’t take long for him to divert his skills and talents to the business sector as he moved on to establish RJ Wolfe and Sons enterprise which deals on the installation of pools, lightning as well as the construction of decks, drive pavements, among others. Although he has achieved a bloomy career in business, he also acquires a fortune from his television work, having been featured occasionally on the documentary reality TV series, American Pickers where he helps his brother and other cast members in picking expeditions and overhauling of antediluvian collections.

The series which is being created by Robbie Wolfe’s brother, Mike Wolfe who is also among the cast, was premiered on 18th January 2010 on the History Channel, produced by A&E Television Network in collaboration with Cineflix media. It showcases how the cast members who work as Midwestern Pickers travel across the United States in search of rare artifacts and national treasure that they can buy from the collectors they visit, and then sell in their antique shops which comprises of collection of Americanas of over 50 years plus, or in some cases put in their personal collections.

Robbie Wolfe
Robbie Wolfe(L) with his brother, 6Mike Wolfe(R) and Danielle(M) image source

Robbie Wolfe is known for his work on American Pickers:  Best of (2017) and American Pickers (2010), with the premiere episode, becoming the highest-rated History Channel debut since Ice Road Truckers in 2007, as it recorded total views of about 3.1 million.

What’s Robbie Wolfe’s Salary?

It’s no doubt that the popular businessman has earned a huge salary from his appearance in the highly-rated series. Nevertheless, he is yet to disclose the exact amount that he earns as a salary. From his successful endeavors, Robbie Wolfe has gathered a net worth that is estimated at $3 million as of 2019.

His brother, on the contrary, has accumulated the impressive sum of $5 million as his financial value along with his assets which include two deluxe homes in suburbans, 50’s Ford F1 which has worth in millions and 3 Volkswagon as well as his 1934 Harley VL bike. His main source of wealth emanates from his TV series of which he reportedly earns a salary of about $500,000 for every season.

Robbie Wolfe’s Wife and Family

Robbie Wolfe is married to Robyn Wolfe, his loving wife. The pair have been together for long and have also passed through rough moments during the time when Wolfe’s music career was on the rise, which was said to have contributed to him quitting his career in music in order focus on his family. The couple are proud parents of four kids; two sons named – Jeremy and Brandon, and two daughters; Kylie and Reagan.

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