America’s Role In HIV/AIDS Prevalence In Africa- Thabo Mbeki

Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki accused the American government for inventing the HIV/AIDS virus in their military laboratories and used as a weapon to exterminate blacks. Among the high-profile HIV/AIDS denialists, Thabo Mbeki is one of the most blunt and emphatic of his views on HIV/AIDS. Boycotting the western aid for alleviating and managing the virus, Thabo applied other means to solve the problem but unfortunately, did not work out well for him and Africa as a whole. In 2008, Thabo was criticized and blamed for his HIV/AIDS denial which led to the death of over 300, 000 HIV/AIDS Victims.

South Africa1

It is not in doubt that some Africans believe that such diseases as the Ebola and HIV Virus were masterminded by the West in order to wipe out the black race. The veracity of this assertion no one has concretely certified yet. However, Thabo Mbeki is a prominent African political figure who firmly stood by this philosophy in 2008. Over time there has been reason to doubt the motives of the white man towards the black people.

As much as modern Africa tries not brood over past racial hurts, a dent has been made, a dent which serves as a near pointer to the extreme capabilities of the west in asserting their supremacy. In other words a great number of blacks all over the world have an incredible level of distrust in the white man. Mbeki’s stand was borne out of stark distrust of the west, thus, raising such questions as, where did HIV truly come from? How is it that blacks are the core victims of the virus? Is it possible that the virus has been synthetically fabricated to hurt blacks?

From historical records, whites have done worse things to ensure the mitigation of the black human race. The Project coast of the South African apartheid era and the Penicillin experiment in the United States are enough to inform the doubts of any African, Thabo Mbeki inclusive. In his words,

“It seemed to me that we could not blame everything on a single virus.”

Mbeki is known for searching out African solutions, so it is not shocking per say that he refuted the HIV aid from the west for the same reason; worse still when there are strong suggestions that accepting help from the west is a glaring ploy to manipulate and exploit Africa. What do you expect when you are constantly dealing with people who do you favours with strings attached? He strongly believes that there has been a sort of conspiracy behind the spread of HIV in Africa; insisting that the breakdown of the immune system must have been synthetically stage-managed. As a living witness of apartheid, who can blame him for his decisions?

A mother gets antiretroviral drugs at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in South Africa in May 2012.

Due to lack of verifiable facts, failed African herbal alternatives, and the mass death of HIV infected people in Thabo’s administration, South Africans have disregarded his HIV denial theories, and in turn firmly embraced the anti-retroviral program. South Africans whose high risk cultural patterns are believed to have contributed to the escalation of HIV/AIDS, are currently the largest patronizers of the ART program in the world.

Nevertheless, there still remains an air of uncertainty over the true origin of the virus and the high prevalence rate in black communities. For instance, survey shows that about 44% of new HIV/AIDS infections in the United States are blacks. In the same vein, Most African-American people believe that HIV is not only synthetic but also accuses the American government and the CIA of being part and parcel of the conspiracy. With all of these, one can’t stop but wonder if we completely know all there is to know about the deadly virus, Are we still missing something?