Amina Ali The Rescued Chibok Girl Has Gone Missing

Last month the Nigerian media was awash with news of the return of one of the missing Chibok Girls, Amina Ali.

However her family and the Bring Back Our Girls movement are concerned about her whereabouts.

The reports about the rescue of Amina Ali were conflicted as some reported that she was rescued by the Nigerian army while another said she was found by hunters close to Boko Haram’s stronghold, the Sambisa Forest.

Regardless of how she came to be, it remained that one of The 219 girls kidnapped by Islamic militants Boko Haram was found.

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Amina Ali was found with a 4 month old baby in her possession and a man who claimed to be her husband. Her return sparked widespread joy in the Chibok community, among the members of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement, and her family.

Yet, Amina Ali is reportedly with neither of them. Neither her family nor her supposed ‘husband’ know her whereabouts.

“Even this morning people came to my house asking if I had been able to find out her whereabouts. It’s outrageous! Some people are crying! We don’t understand why the government wants to keep her family away,” Yakubu Nkeki, an uncle of Amina Ali Nkeki, told The Associated Press by telephone on Thursday.

Amina Ali was flown to Abuja to meet the President. The meeting which had full media coverage showed promises being made to ensure her rehabilitation.

However that was the last the Bring Back Our Girls movement and her family saw of Amina Ali.

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“It is now more than one month since Ms Ali was rescued and her avowed restoration process by the federal government as pledged by the president began.

Having given a reasonable length of time, our movement has a number of concerns regarding Amina Ali as well as the rest of our Chibok girls still in the terrorist enclave,” said a statement signed by the movement’s founders Aisha Yesufu and Oby Ezekwesili.