The Remarkable Rise of Amiri King From Crime to YouTube Star and All About His Family

When you see this guy on his turf, you can immediately tell that comedy runs through his veins and you won’t be wrong. Amiri King’s heart pulsates with comedy and he is notable for using his YouTube channel to wow his fans with rib-cracking skits and sorrow-drowning parodies. One of his most popular comic series is My Vlog is Better Than Yours and it has recorded tons of views. At the time of this article, King’s YouTube channel has well over 300,000 active subscribers. This is no mean feat especially for someone who up until few years ago had lived a life of crime which had seen him in and out incarceration.

The YouTube Sensation Was Not Always Known As Amiri King

The popular comic star was actually christened Tony Donovan Schork at birth and he was born on July 10, 1979. It is known that he spent much of his growing up years in Louisville, Kentucky and his mother, Sharon Brown Colvin, is the only known relative of the internet personality. Not much is known about his father as King rarely talks about him.

In 1998, the Kentucky native, at age 18, became known as Amiri King. According to the YouTuber, the names were drawn from two inspirations. “Amiri”, for one, was gotten from the famous American poet, Amiri Baraka, whom he greatly admired. As for “King”, we presume the comedian wanted to spice it up with a blend of royalty. Nonetheless, Amiri’s childhood was nothing close to the glamour and prestige associated with royalty.

He Was First Incarcerated As A Teenager

King’s growing up years was characterized by many unpleasant experiences. He allegedly absconded from home as a child after he received severe beatings from his father. For most of his teenage years, he lived on the streets of Louisville where he survived by doing menial jobs like sweeping parking lots and gas stations. It was also gathered that the comic star found refuge in shelters such as Boy’s Haven, Liberty Shelter House, and Phoenix House during those periods. However, at some point, Amiri gave in to desperation and decided to lead a life of crime.

In 1985, King was arrested on charges of armed robbery after robbing a man of $10. Instead of a 20-year sentence, he was sent to a correctional facility for rehabilitation and was released after spending two years there. He would then move to seek refuge at the Wayside Christian Mission and Healing Place.

However, not long after, he returned to the thug life leaving Wayside no option but to revoke his residency. Amiri would spend the next three-plus years of his life behind bars before he was finally released in 2000 and this time around he made a solid decision to lead a clean life which led to a lot of lifestyle changes. As the opportunity presented itself, King also began moving from high school to high school, sharing his experience and inspiring lessons with other youngsters.

Amiri King Gave Up the Idea of Suicide After Watching a YouTube Video

Amiri’s ugly experiences of the past culminated in him dealing with long bouts of depression and ADHD disorder. He was hospitalized on a number of occasions and subsequently discharged. The events that transpired led him to attempt suicide sometime in 2007. According to the comedian, he had given out the few properties he owned in anticipation of the suicide. Thankfully, an acquaintance of his brought up the idea of YouTube and how the platform worked. Watching funny clips on YouTube helped him let out steam ultimately saving his life.

Shortly after his failed suicide attempt, King saw an opportunity to present itself in operating a YouTube channel. In 2008, he created his first YouTube Channel which he named RoyalMediaMafia and it didn’t take the comedian long to get a hang of the platform.

However, rather than motivational messages as we would expect, Amiri King got a liking for humor. He began posting humorous video contents and parodies which most of his viewers found very interesting

He Has Record Massive Success As A YouTuber

Barely three months after making his debut on YouTube, King became one of the most viewed comic stars on the video-sharing platform. Most popular among his videos are Chevy Silverado Parody and Chevy Silverado Parody 2. The contents have garnered over seven million views on YouTube. Asides from that, Amiri King has also collaborated with other successful YouTubers such as Peter Shukoff which paved the way for him to increase his fame on the platform.

What’s more, Amiri has been on the receiving end of a couple of awards and honors. In 2015, King won the award for Best Comedian at the LEO Readers’ Choice Awards – however the award was revoked and according to Amiri, he believes it’s because of his support for Donald Trump. Nevertheless, he has also been featured thrice on the front cover of the Readers Digest magazine.

More so, King’s RoyalMediaMafia channel has given way for his eponymous YouTube channel – Amiri King. The subscriber base of King’s new channel has grown to over 300,000. The YouTuber also maintains an active presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Asides from doing comedy and uploading interesting videos, King has also earned a couple of film and television credits. In 2014, he featured in the television show Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Rick and Ed.

The Ex-Con Turned Comedian Is Not Doing Bad Financially

Since he took to YouTube to make a career for himself, Amiri King has not only made people laugh but he has also enriched himself. He has garnered more than 300,000 subscribers on his YouTube page alongside recording millions of views for his videos. As of 2020, sources reveal his net worth to be over $250,000. Why not? With views and likes pouring in by the millions, he sure makes some dollars for every view he gets.

Amiri King has been fascinated by cars right from his early years hence it does not come as a surprise that he has spent a good chunk of his money on cars. He reportedly drives a Cadillac valued at over $90,000, as well as a Chevrolet valued at over $37,000. Furthermore, King is an ardent jewelry collector and boasts of an incredible assemblage of precious pieces of jewelry.


Amiri King is a Proud Father of Three Lovely Daughters

Contrary to popular belief, the YouTuber is yet to get married, but it is known that his partner for a long time now is the beautiful Sara Ruminski. Though details about their relationship aren’t so available, we know that there has been no news about a wedding or engagement recently.

Amiri King.
Amiri King and his family.

The couple is parents to three lovely daughters; Kennedy, Tilly, and Marcy. According to reports, all three of the girls have been from previous relationships. However, the comedian is yet to verify these reports as he has been tight-lipped when it comes to his personal life especially his love affairs. As of this writing, Amiri King, his partner, Sara Ruminski, and their three daughters live together.


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